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  • Lyrical With me Comment please A lyrical performed and danced by Anna and Elin from their dancegroup Can't Help That (CHT) Sum 41 - With me
  • The New Kids chp.2(in description box) Next week at the house(not there new one) Miley:*comes running over*Nicky Nick:Ugh why does she have to follow me Kevin:*Laughing*I think she has a crush on lil ol nicky here Nick:Shut up*Runs to the car before she sees him* Miley:Wheres nicky Joe:Hes at the store with our new dad Miley:K tell him i said bye and give him this tell him to call me whenever he wants*Gives him paper* Joe:*gives nick paper* Nick:*rips it*oops that means i cant call her *At the new house* Denise:Here it is boys Joe,Frankie:Go running inside Nick,Kevin:*Walk in* Nick:Wow this is huge Kevin:Ya Nick:*Looks around*Hey mom im gonna go walk around the neighborhood Denise:K bring your phone Nick:I alwas do*Walks outside after claiming the room farthest away from joe and frankie so that he can write his music in peace* Kids in the nieghborhood:*Give him looks like you dont belong here* Nick:*Ignores the stares and walks around* Kevin:*Drives up in his red mini cooper*Hey bro want a ride im going to get somthing to eat Nick:ya sure Boys on street:*Give them evil glares* *At McDonalds* Nick:I already dont like the neighborhood Kevin:Just give it time Nick:K Kevin:So hows the music coming along Nick:good i like it and i tryed to get the room farthest away from frankie and joe so i could get some peace while writing it Kevin:ya i did the same thing when i was still living there Nick:ya Some guys:Who the heck are you guys kevin:we just moved here nick:sadly another guy:hey guys back off Some guys:whatever ...
  • What is That cht
  • What is That cht
  • What is That cht
  • Hiphop Because of you Fell free to comment whatever you wanna comment A hiphop performed and choreographed by Anna and Amanda from their dancegroup Can't Help That (CHT) Our shoes get stuck sometimes in the floor cuz the floor sucks! In the beginning we do a very much impro thing that wasn't expected at all Ne-Yo - Because of you
  • What_is_That-cht.WMV
  • Calabash Films: Stories from the street... Calabash Films () share inspirational stories from three former homeless individuals who have turned their lives around. Created for Church Housing Trust (), a UK based homeless charity. Meet Michael a former alcoholic, who lost everything. At his lowest point he was eating out of bins. He's now a support worker in the hostel where he was used to be a resident, helping other people like himself get their lives back together. Hear from Tegan, who left home in her ***s because of family problems and ended up nightly on a park bench, a terrifying experience. She describes how when she first took a bath at the hostel she left the bath water black. Finally there's Matt, a family man, who used to be in the Navy. After leaving the forces he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder. His life collapsed and he ended up on the streets. With therapy and a fresh start in the hostel he's now looking forward to being a normal Dad again. The film was created to be embedded in Church Housing Trust's site to educate people about their work and encourage donations to this worthy cause. Calabash also advised them on their ongoing digital strategy for marketing their film. Our Director Nick O'Meally was extremely impressed with the work that CHT does..."It's really amazing to know that there are individuals and organisations out there working so hard to help those vulnerable members of society, that we all too often ignore. I interviewed some ...