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  • Vol. 1, Issue 23 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing, Tallil Air Base, Iraq Friday Oct. 17, 2003 TIME TO UNLOAD: The trucks of the last Red Tail Express gather in the cargo delivery area of Tallil Air Base's. — “Tallil Times Tallil Times”,
  • Tallil Airbase is located approximately 310 kilometers Southeast of Baghdad and 20 kilometers Southwest of the city of An Nasiriyah. The airfield is served by two main runways measuring 12,000 and 9,700 feet. — “Tallil Airbase”,
  • Tallil was originally commandeered so the coalition could provide lethal combat air power to the war effort and to provide theater airlift and combat search and rescue support from a forward location. The following links have pictures giving the viewer an idea of life at the base. — “Tallil Air Base, Iraq”,
  • i dunno .but gimme 2 for my time. — “iraq usa camp tallil kbr laundry photos apo ae 09331?”,
  • Tallil Times. Tallil Times. Vol. 3, Issue 1 407th Air Expeditionary Group, Tallil Air Base, Iraq Jan. 7, 2005. DFAC Shuttle Closes The zip code for Tallil Air Base has. changed to 09331. This change ef- fects all in bound and out bound mail. — “Tallil Times Tallil Times”,
  • TALLIL AIR BASE, Iraq -- Staff Sgt. James Ellis adjusts the camera in a Desert Hawk here TALLIL AIR BASE, Iraq -- A Desert Hawk returns after patrolling the. — “Desert Hawk UAV patrols Tallil”,
  • Find airport information for Tallil Airport in Iraq here. Information includes runway lengths and elevation, longitude and latitude, FBO information when available as well as private jets located on or near the airport. — “Tallil Airports and Air Charter Information - Iraq”,
  • Latest News Artillery Regiment | Headquarters Company | Stryker Brigade Combat Team | Mountain Home | Fort Wainwright | Engineer Brigade | Tallil | Brigade Support Battalion | Engineer Company | A Marine | Alpha Company | OH-58 Kiowa | III Marine Expeditionary. — “Tallil - Tag Story Index - ”,
  • Shop our large selection of tallil gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique tallil designs. Fast shipping. — “Tallil Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress”,
  • Ali Air Base is a military airbase located near Nasiriyah, Iraq. It was formerly known as Tallil Air Base. Tallil Airbase is located approximately 310 kilometers Southeast of Baghdad and 20 kilometers Southwest of the city of An Nasiriyah. — “Tallil Airbase - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News”,
  • Weather Underground provides weather information for worldwide locations, including current conditions, hourly forecasts, radar and satellite maps. Specialized weather products include severe weather alerts, hurricane tracking, ski and sports. — “Tallil, Iraq Forecast : Weather Underground”,
  • It was formerly known as Tallil Air Base. At present, the base is being used by United States Armed Forces. It is called Camp Adder by the U.S. Army; the name "Ali Air Base" is used chiefly by the U.S. Air Force; the installation, however, is still commonly referred to as "Tallil". — “Ali Air Base - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Tallil Air Base, Iraq pictures published by mdjbusmc. — “Tallil Air Base, Iraq pictures from southeast asia photos on”,
  • Tallil, Iraq. - Murals on . View waymark gallery. Sadam Mural. Tallil, Iraq. City: Tallil Air Base, Iraq. Location Name: Building 1. Artist:. — “Sadam Mural. Tallil, Iraq. - Murals on ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about tallol. Information about tallol in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “tallol definition of tallol in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Tallil Military Base, Iraq. Rising to another construction challenge in wartorn Iraq, Weston Solutions, Inc. ( WESTON®) was tasked with an accelerated and extensive design-build of Iraq's Tallil Military Base, including fuel systems, utility systems, pavement, and vertical construction. — “Tallil Military Base Construction During Wartime”,
  • The Iraqis were thought to have stored some of the CW used during this conflict in an S-shaped bunker at Tallil. A 2,000 pound bomb struck Tallil's S-shaped bunker in early February 1991—seriously damaging the bunker and partially collapsing the ceiling. — “Section 2”,
  • TALLIL AIR BASE, Iraq -- Much of the air operations have moved elsewhere, but the largest Air Force base between Kuwait and Baghdad continues to serve several missions Tallil, which served as a base for U.S. fighter jets less than 10 days after the invasion of Iraq, is still a vital link for. — “USAF Medical Service Home Page”,
  • RUSH: We have a call from Iraq from Tallil Air Force Base. TALLIL, Iraq, Aug. 8, 2005 — With a major neighborhood electrical refurbishment project getting underway in the city of Najaf,. — “Keyword: tallil”,
  • Military News and Military Information: U.S. Army, Marines, Navy, Air force, Iraq, Afghanistan, veteran affairs and DoD Military News. Blackanthem Military News Tallil has two major runways and associated support facilities, including hardened bunkers to shelter aircraft and aircraft ordnance. — “Tallil, Iraq”,


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