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  • adderstar 0002 I know the seconds are off by a bit, but when I saved the movie file they became like that, Dearly sorry! there a whole three seconds off D= This is a preview. The real video will be clearer, have more animations, and hopefully be fixed of the three second off thing. Characters: Adderstar (Main SInger XD) Draikpaw- lightly colored tabby Tom Heathenpaw- Tom that's back shades form grey to white Spiritmoon- Black and white Tom Moonshade- black tom with white spot on lower back Russetflight- Brown tabbied she-cat with pink nose. Freefall- grey-black tom. Credit- I do not own the song 'be prepared' I do not own any of the warrior cats except Heathenpaw and Moonshade I DId draw and animate the pictures. Other cats owned by members of The Final Sunrise RP site.