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  • Translations of synechia. synechia synonyms, synechia antonyms. Information about synechia in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. synechia - adhesions between the iris and the lens or cornea resulting from trauma or eye surgery or as a complication of glaucoma or cataract; can. — “synechia - definition of synechia by the Free Online”,
  • A synechia is an eye condition where the iris adheres to either the cornea (i.e. anterior synechia) or lens (i.e. posterior synechia). Synechiae can be caused by ocular trauma, iritis or iridocy***is and may lead to certain types of glaucoma. — “Synechia (eye) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Rights-managed illustration with leader lines and labels of Asherman's Syndrome (Uterine Synechia) from the Netter Collection, drawn by Craig, Hatton. — “Netter Medical Artwork - Asherman's Syndrome (Uterine Synechia)”,
  • Cleft palate with congenital alveolar synechia. is a rare syndrome. It consists of a synechia, all. the reported cases of alveolar synechia involved. — “Case Report Cleft Palate Lateral Synechia Syndrome”,
  • Synechia. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Synechia. Side Effects of Cyclopentolate, Contact Lens Eye Infection Treatments A synechia is an eye condition where the iris adheres to either the cornea (i.e. anterior synechia) or lens (i.e. posterior synechia). — “Synechia | ”,
  • Definition of synechia in the Medical Dictionary. synechia explanation. Information about synechia in Free online English dictionary. What is synechia? Meaning of synechia medical term. What does synechia mean?. — “synechia - definition of synechia in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • In the desquamation of the synechia of the penis, whorls of cells form in the membrane and die from the inside of the whorls out, creating hollows. Confusingly, "synechia" is also used to refer to skin-bridges. — “Glossary of the Foreskin”,
  • Syn·e·chi·a n. (Med.) A disease of the eye, in which the iris adheres to the cornea or to the capsule of the crystalline Asherman's syndrome (uterine synechia) This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. — “Synechia: Definition from ”,
  • synechia definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “synechia - Definition”,
  • In medicine, synechia refers to an adhesion, usually involving the iris (see article below) but also within the uterus as in Asherman's syndrome. A synechia is an eyecondition where the irisadheres to the either the cornea(i.e. anterior synechia) or lens(i.e. posterior synechia). — “Synechia Ophthalmology”,
  • Overview: Since the early 1900s, the status of the angle has been recognized as highly relevant in the ***ysis of glaucoma. In peripheral anterior synechia, peripheral anterior synechiae, PAS, intraocular pressure, IOP, anterior chamber, angle-closure glaucoma, peripheral iris, trabecular. — “Synechia, Peripheral Anterior: eMedicine Ophthalmology”,
  • [LOCATION] You are located in menu-tree (+1) for the word-cloud of "synechia" [VIEW] The number below that words indicates the max. amount of logical connections to "synechia", that are available. — “synechia”, w9
  • Synechia definition, any adhesion of parts of the body, as of the iris to the cornea. See more. — “Synechia | Define Synechia at ”,
  • Definition of synechia from The American Heritage Medical Dictionary. — “synechia - Medical Definition”,
  • In particular, misdiagnosis of benign synechia as amniotic band is quite common, and this raises undue concern about the proper development and This appearance is caused by a combination of the fibrous synechia itself, and the complete wrapping of fetal membranes around the synechia. — “Recognizing Intraamniotic Band-like Structures on OB Ultrasound”,
  • synechia (countable and uncountable; plural synechias or synechiae) Wikipedia has an article on: (medicine) An eye condition in which the iris adheres either to the cornea (anterior synechia) or to the lens (posterior synechia). — “synechia - Wiktionary”,
  • (g) Is there even the sliiihtest change in the curvature of the cornea at the site of synechia? I would like to add a word about closed anterior synechiotomy, necessary both for pre-operative and post­operative anterior synechia. — “Anterior synechia in corneal surgery Kalevar V - Indian J”,
  • "Synechia" is the medical term for adhesions or fibrous bands that bind two ocular structures that are meant to be separate. Anterior synechia involves the bonding together of the iris and the. — “Article”,
  • Comprehensive, searchable, online resource of information regarding circumcision. CIRP is essentially divided into two parts: The Circumcision Reference Library contains technical material,. — “Circumcision Information and Resource Pages”,
  • This video made by doctor Moulay nabil gynecologist in Morrocco ()shows an hysteroscopic treatment of uterine synechia . This endoscopic procedure are currently performed in clinique la capitale at Rabat Morrocco (). — “Reality Tv Show - synechia videos”,
  • Synechia information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Synechia - ”,


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  • Image 2 Sagital
  • Figure 9 Histological examination of case 7 showed loss of ganglion cells and marked glaucomatous cupping of the optic disc A with rubeosis hyphema and peripheral anterior synechia B
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  • Gonioscopy in an appropriate condition showing closed angle white arrow and presence of a peripheral anterior synechia on indentation black arrow
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  • of the local liver became pale macroscopically The liver tissues however were still normal under the pale envelope and the rabbits developed no enterocoelia synechia and ascites
  • Photo 28 D synechia with without indentation


  • Small Pupil Vision Blue Beehler and flexible Iris Retractor. Very Small Pupil with total psterior synechia, dilated using the Beehler then kept dilated with the flexible Iris Retractors. It was a hard cataract too. Went really well, Thank God.
  • Tiny Pupil Cataract Surgery small pupil with synechia, real time topical surgery,
  • Forced and Premature Retraction of the Foreskin The intact foreskin of a young boy should NEVER be retracted before the synechia has dissolved, and only retracted if necessary before puberty. (hygiene does not count) Here's why. You must be very diligent in insisting that your Pediatrician respect your son's development, and NOT forcibly retract. STAND THERE AND WATCH! They'll do it as soon as you turn your back. Catheters can be placed without retracting, and if the boy can pass urine and his penis is otherwise healthy, there is NO need to see the glans. Get intactivist wear like the shirt in this video:
  • Hysteroscopic treatment of uterine synechia under local anesthesia This video made by doctor Moulay nabil () gynecologist in Morrocco shows an hysteroscopic treatment of intra uterine synechia with the new "Princess" bipolar 21 french resectoscope under local anesthesia. This endoscopic procedure is performed in clinique la capitale at Rabat Morrocco ()
  • Small Pupil with synechia and IFIS VB Malyugin
  • hysteroscopic treatment of intra uterine synechia This video made by doctor Moulay nabil () gynecologist in Morrocco shows an hysteroscopic treatment of intra uterine synechia.This endoscopic procedure is performed in clinique la capitale at Rabat Morrocco()
  • Phacoemulsification in Challenging cases by Dr. Sudhalkar Cataract eye having small pupil with posterior synechia and shallow anterior chamber in a glaucoma operated eye poses a big challenge for phacosurgeon. Here is the situation tackled with patients and using pupil stretching technique with Healon GV and Trypan blue to help visualization. Sudhalkar Eye Hospital.
  • Small pupil VB Pterygim Posterior Synechia SP YAG PI.mp4
  • Office hysteroscopy for uterine synechia, Office hysteroscopy for uterine synechia with GYNECARE VERSAPOINT™ Bipolar Electrosurgery System,
  • Complicated Combined Cataract Surgery with Glaucoma Ahmed Valve - Dr. Mauricio Turati Acosta Patient with previous trabeculectomy, iris synequia to the lens and cataract. We performed Ahmed Valve implant, synequiolysis, membranectomy, phacoemulsification and IOL implantation.
  • [HD] Complicated cataract after acute angle closure glaucoma HD ophthalmic surgery series by JH Lee - s/p acute angle closure glaucoma - Shallow AC with posterior synechia - Weak zonule - Full HD(1080p) is available
  • halaga by synechia
  • Intrauterine synechia after a miscarriage. Treatment. The woman was carried scraping the walls of the uterus after a miscarriage, which occurred on the twentieth week of pregnancy. The patient became pregnant with twins after in vitro fertilization. After 6 months after the miscarriage she had made flexible office hysteroscopy, during which a dense spike was detected in the uterine cavity between the front and rear stacks. The woman needs to remove adhesions, as it prepares for another attempt at IVF. Spike uterus was cut needle electrode introduced through the biopsy channel of a flexible hysteroscope.
  • Not Good Enough-Synechia (Cover) synechia . . .
  • total post synechia intermediate uveitis phaco iris hooks total post synechia intermediate uveitis in a patient with a single seeing eye eyelashes slipped from the drape during surgery
  • Hintay by Synechia *** Synechia . . .
  • Synechia This patient came in four days after waking up with a red left eye. Her primary care doctor thought it was an abrasion, and patched the eye. She then saw another eye doctor who treated a mild uveitis. VA was 20/25, and her pupil had about a 270 degree synechia. This video shows the synechia being broken with 2.5% phenylephrine.
  • Phacoemulsification in a Complicated Cataract 60+ years old female with h/o Laser PI 10 years ago. On anti-glaucoma Rx. VA CF 3M, Shallow AC, almost full ring synechie, dense cataract.
  • Pupil expansion ring with a single Iris retractor This case of a very small pupil, previous uveitis, total posterior synechia, with +6 black nuclear cataract with very shallow anterior chamber. Subincisional single Iris retractor/hook with Pupil expansion ring and VisionBlue capsule staining made the case a safer. Haelon5 was used tp break the synechia and dilate the pupil to implant the Mortcher pupil expansion ring. A Subincisional single Iris retractor/hook was put to avoid the iris prolapse due to the very shallow chamber. A Tecnis Acrylic AMO IOL was implanted.
  • NASAL SYNECHIA Removal of Nasal Synechia
  • intrauterin synechia.avi hysteroscopic removal of intrauterin synechia. Surgery wasperformed by Ibrahim Esinler, MD Associate Professor Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Division of Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Division of Minimally Invasive Gynecological surgery Video was captures and edited by MediCap 2.0 which is powered by
  • Synechia see and treat with hysteroscopy diag in Few minutes on office Patiente 36 tears old 1 chile .Stérility second 6 ans. Curetage 2 mounth before 6 weeks prenancy Oligo aménorrhée. Synéchia trat on office effondrée with 'hysteroscopy diagnosis
  • #7, 5: trabectome phaco synechiolysis, endstage glaucoma, mature cataract, iris hooks Reattachment of Descemet's detachment with air bubble Detachment of Descemet's is recognized - result of very adherent iris-corneal adhesions trabectome phaco synechiolysis, endstage glaucoma, mature cataract, iris hooks peculiar radial synechia of unknown origin (CPC or gonioplasty?) visco synechiolysis then trabectome goniosynechiolysis
  • Hard Cataract, Small pupi, Synechia, VB, MPER
  • GONIO Iris synechia at Trab.AVI Gonioscopy showing iris pigments in angle and synechia
  • christmas song by synechia
  • ESI Part 01 - Ultrasonic Biomicrocopy or UBM -- high frequency ultrasound: Introduction - Ultrasonic Biomicrocopy or UBM is a useful diagnostic tool with diverse clinical applications for visualizing subtle detail in the anterior segment. When paired with the Clearscan® cover, a single use "balloon" appearing accessory, the anterior segment, lesions side of the eye, the lid, as well as lachrymal anatomy are readily examined. The FDA certified Clearscan® makes the old gel and shell technique obsolete and overcomes limitations related to sterility, comfort and safety. The UBM is invaluable in the glaucoma patient where imaging the angle, scleral spur and structures behind the iris such as the ciliary body give information that can lead to better treatment decisions. Inspection of these posterior structures are not possible with coherent light technology. Consider the UBM for sulcus-to-sulcus measurements for the implantable contact lens as well as for determining the presence of synechia, cysts, clefts, retinoschisis and melanomas that have invaded the ciliary body.
  • Management of uptrawn pupil by Fugo plasma blade anterior capsulotomy and iridectomy - case 2.wmv Another case of pupil creation with the help of Fugo plasma blade. This a case of single eyed female patient, who had previously ECCE with IOL implantation in her left eye few years back. Vision in her other eye is counting fingers due to glaucoma changes. On examination we found very thick anterior synechias, uptrawn pupil, thick membraneous anterior capsule, YAG laser created iridotomies. Anterior capsule and iris were cut by Fugo plasma blade and a more or less centrally placed pupil was made, which helped in improvement of quality of life of this patient.
  • Synechia-Not Good Enough Part2 (Cover) this is our greatest cover... hope you enjoy it,, keep watching...
  • The Fladen Eye and Lasik Center: Narrated Complex Cataract Surgery Complex cataract surgery narrated by Dr. Todd Fladen. Surgery performed using the Alcon Infinity in patient with synechia and small pupil performed at Aultman North Center for One Day Surgery on November 15, 2007. Synechialyis performed with Alcon Provisc. Vision Blue Dye used to facilitate anterior capsulorhexis. Beehler Forceps used for sphincterotomy. Nuclear Cracker and Viscoat enhanced fracture of nucleus. Alcon Model SN60WF foldable Acrylic inserted after successful pupil dilation and phacoemulsication. For more videos and testimonial, visit and click on Testimonial Tab. The Fladen Eye and Lasik Center specializing in Refractive Eye Surgery including Lasik Laser vision correction surgery, ICL (intraocular contact lens), Refractive Clear lensectomy (exchange), PRK and cataract and implant surgery. Servicing Canton, Akron, Cleveland and surrounding Ohio communities. The Fladen Eye and Lasik Center Medical Director: Todd D. Fladen, MD
  • Sudhalkar Eye Hospital: Management of Total PosteriorSynechi Total posterior synechia with mature cataract in a narrow angle glaucoma case operated for filtration surgery before. The gentle separation of iris from anterior lens capsule under OVD protection, stretching of pupil margins to achieve dilatation, trypan blue for controlled rhexis are the prerequisites for successful phacoemulsification.
  • New bipolar "Princess resectoscope"and uterine synechia This video made by doctor Moulay nabil () gynecologist in Morrocco shows an hysteroscopic treatment of intra uterine synechia with the new "Princess" bipolar 21 french resectoscope.This endoscopic procedure is performed in clinique la capitale at Rabat Morrocco()
  • Vocal Fold Synechia Also visit for more information on laryngology topics. Resources include written definitions, multimedia presentations audio clips, and a photo gallery. Vocal fold synechia is a condition wherein a scar band tethers the vocal folds to each other. Therefore, the vocal folds cannot fully open for breathing.
  • INTRA CERVICAL SYNECHIA (ADHESIONS ).avi Intra cevical adhesions at the inlet of the cervical c*** .Dissection using office hysteroscopy and scissors bypassing the obstruction.The cavity above is completely normal.
  • My Case: phaco past trabe, large PI, post synechia this patient presented with her only seeing eye with past history of trabeculectomy. on ex: huge PI & Post synechia
  • Large persistent pupillary membrane Mimicking posterior synechia, large persistent pulpillary membrane in a child M/12 yrs. The eye was also amblyopic due to anisometropia.
  • Nanopthalmos Very small pupil posterior synechia
  • ENT: Nasal Endoscopy & Resection of Synechia of the Anterior Osteonatal Complex
  • Office flexible hysteroscopy. Hysteroscopic intrauterine adhesiolysis. The patient aged 27 years massive adhesions in the uterus was found a year after scraping the walls of the uterus at the missed abortion. Gestational age at the time of curettage was 22 weeks. It was performed crossing spikes needle electrode with flexible hysteroscopy. Three months after the intrauterine intervention became pregnant and gave birth to term healthy baby boy.
  • Cataract Surgery in Uveitic Glaucoma - Dr. Mauricio Turati Acosta Phaco + IOL in a patient with Cataract and Uveitic Glaucoma. Patient had a Secondary Angle Closure Glaucoma, Cataract and Posterior Synechia. Previously we had performed an Ahmed Valve Implant. We found very helpful the Iris hooks to enlarge the pupil.
  • Hysteroscopic treatment of uterine synechia This video made by doctor Moulay nabil gynecologist in Morrocco ()shows an hysteroscopic treatment of uterine synechia . This endoscopic procedure is performed in clinique la capitale at Rabat Morrocco ()