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  • Night in Gales - Of Beautys Embrace This song is top notch melodic death metal out of Germany. Artist: Night in Gales Song: "Of Beauty's Embrace" Album: Towards the Twilight (1997) I share this only because Night in Gales are a great band and this is a way to possibly get some people into their music. If I need to take this down just contact me.
  • Dark Tranquillity - In Tears Bereaved From the album "Skydancer" (1993). Lyrics: Beautiful, oh web of stars that looms amid the sons of Earth Enfolds me in thine sylvan arms that unity's vehement charms befalls a weary son of Earth Beautiful, in tears bereaved in sylphlike sadness, left to bleed Bewailed upon a bed of thorns, impaled, a heart, on sorrow's horns A seeker's ode to thee I read My tearful soul thy mourning heed The stream that leaves thine open wounds; A life-blood licked by hungry hounds No verdant balm to soothe our wounds Wherefore betwixt two worlds I'm torn Ere thralled by sin I'll die - forlorn This slumbering world of shallow fools may one day clasp the cosmic Hell lest journeymen by Earthen rules bring forth the truth for which Angels fell To the earth and sky and sea I call that thou may answer me; Father of Nature, of beast and mankind, my soul for thy love, my tears for thy pain ...An Eden in fire, what lives shan't remain For when I live under a different sky, beneath the ethereal hills the clouds passing by Remember the time of which I cried to be part Remember these words, for they have flown from my heart.
  • He Ti Shang De Sha Gua wth does one who never gives a *** about any mando songs upload a mando song for? for love, i sincerely made this. during the last comprehension and appreciation of classical chinese love poetry class, my sylphlike mistress, fwchen, brought this song up and shared it with me. and yes, it's all about love this song was basically learned by ears, i watched its vid clips on youtube over and over after getting home from school. *** my index fingernail that is never gonna recover. he ti shang de sha gua, composed by chen qiu who graduated from NCCU looong time ago, was telling a lovely scene on our campus. as its title means the dork on the bank in enlgish, taking a short walk along the riverbank used to be a traditional date on our campus here goes the story of its lyrics: while i was waiting for you on the riverbank, it just started raining slightly i really wanted to return and bring an umbrella but i feared that i missed you tho the drizzling rain was chilly, i hoped it not to wet your hair still in the rain, i kept waiting and searching for you from evening till late night there was only a dork on the bank worried about you
  • Night in Gales - Intruder. Night in Gales - Intruder. Made by : Lucifer and DarkyLord Enjoy the music ;) "Enjoy the Metal \m/(By Lucifer)"
  • Ladi6, Go Get It, Live the Pavilion, Ireland 'Bang Bang' is the first single of The new Ladi6 Album; The Liberation Of... Out Now! Download here: The New Zealand soulstress, our Ladi of hip hop and Queen of the features. Time Is Not Much is a result of 3 and a half years in the studio carving out this incredible album. Time Is Not Much CD A year on from the release of her long-awaited and deeply personal 2008 debut album Time Is Not Much, and Ladi6 (Karoline Tamati) is on top of her game. Aided and abetted by her musical partner Parks, the 27-year-old has established herself as one of the country's pre-eminent musicians. Her ability to blend jazz, reggae and soul vocal styles with razor-sharp socially conscious lyrics has cultivated her an enviable reputation as New Zealand's leading live performers. She has rocked stages at New Zealand music festivals such as Rippon, Vodafone Homegrown, Big Day Out, Parihaka Splore, Music Mountain Matakana, Rhythm and Vines and Womad. The words "in demand" no longer do her justice. The top-ranking soul sister has taken her Pacific style to foreign shores, performing in Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom. In recent years her sultry voice has graced tunes by Kiwi acts Shapeshifter, Fat Freddy's Drop, Pacific Heights, 4 Corners, Scribe, Opensouls, Solaa, 50HZ and German musician Sepalot. Top that off with support slots for international performers Talib Kweli, Ohmega Watts, Freddie Kruger The Roots, De La Soul, 50 Cent and Alicia Keys and it's abundantly clear ...
  • Mr D flip FAIL The delicate and sylph-like Mr D goes for another back sommy attempt, whilst Horace and Mr Sawyer spot. Errors: Didn't jump UP enough. forgot to look at mark on opposite wall and flung head back too early. Jump didn't travel backwards enough. Better luck next time!
  • Isaac Aesili & Deva Mahal - Red Horizon (Bulletproof Remix) Soundtrack To Forever EP 2010
  • Cerisiers Roses et Pommiers Blancs in eng, it means cherry pink and apple blossom white. it used to be the most famous strip music in traditional taiwan society. but i'm so dizzy tonite that i successfully screwed this song up. then why did i still upload it? 1st, i'm sleepie. secondly, i hope no notes remind you of some other *** cha cha. oh cha cha cha, my sylphlike lady.
  • Night In Gales - Sylphlike
  • Ladi6 ft. Verse Two - Gold Ladi6 featuring Verse Two - GOLD
  • Night In Gales - Perihilion From the 1998 album Thunderbeast LYRICS! through thousand razorages i carried the mark of yet another thousand tragedies we are the chaosdeath warriors spat from damnation's feverthorndreams the glorious plague is ours ! ...fed by the warslut's travesty the mark that, in rapture and pain, once bejewelled the skyslave's robe a lightshroud woven of embers and scars ever to burn, fever to bring... perihelion... slaughtered 'neath the horizon's whore we..we kill the stench of heaven..we kill...!!
  • Sylphlike - Solaa cover Kate MB Whitireia Music Performance assessments..
  • Shropshire Union C*** - Tyrley Wharf From Tyrley Top Lock the Shropshire Union C*** makes its way south for 17 miles over a series of Telfords finest cuttings and embankments before another lock is encountered. On the Tuesday morning we arrived we found long queues of boats in both directions all apparently waiting to fill up from the slowest and leakiest water point on the cut. We were also most impressed by the sylph like young man winding his boat using a rope and the towing path rather than the winding hole he was moored opposite. Takes all sorts dunnit? Docile ***!
  • Chemtrails Lake Rotoiti, New Zealand, Dec 2009 Have no fear people. Make and distribute orgonite if you are worried about chemtrails and electromagnetic pollution. There are various theories as to its operation. Ionisation is involved converting the positively charged pollutants to harmless neutral ionic states. The introduction of the orgonite cloudbuster's sweet energy seemed to trigger the chemtrails in the immediate area, as previously I had only seen them towards Rotorua. This has occurred many times worldwide - ie orgonite is introduced to an area then the spraying is increased. It seems to be a psychological game as much as anything. Admittedly limited observations in Rotoiti though as I don't live at Rotoiti. I do visit often. I've seen it happen in Auckland too. Why don't you try for yourself...? As a couple of images show, Sylph like creations appeared in the trails wake. See also .nz and for original photos
  • Sylphs. .... UFO? CAN ANYONE OUT THERE MAKE IT SLOW MOTION?? my computer sucks, and I cannot do that. It is Suuuper Quick. You have to take a Close look and/or Pause and Play. So I went outside to take a quick video of the pretty "Sylph" like clouds. When I went in to take a look at the video, I noticed what seemed like a couple of UFOs in the shot. What do you guys think? UFOs 0:00 1:02 1:09 (In between the power lines) 1:46 2:58 3:01 maybe?
  • EVIL HORDE METAL FEST 2007 Basten Birthday [email protected] Oberhausen (Germany) on 14-12-2007, feat. Motorjesus, Deadsoil, Night in Gales(the exclusive Show feat. the original "Sylphlike"- Line-Up of 1995!!), Butterfly Coma, The Very End, Secluded, In Blackest Velvet and The Horus Heresy! Doors will be 17:30, Tickets 5 euro AK only!
  • Zai Na Yao Yuan De Di Fang Orz. i'm gonna have a series of weird music if my sylphlike missy keeps sharing chinese love songs during her class. this is a qinghai folk song composed by luobin wang. the most interesting part is that the last verse reveals a dude's deep wish which is to be a lamb whipped by his lady. in this song, the dude wants to be with his lady so much that being a whipped lamb still doesn't stop his desire. however, bon jovi's if i was your mother is the true great song. i wonder why so few ppl in taiwan listen to bon jovi's songs.
  • Night In Gales - From Ebony Skies (acoustic version) Acoustic version
  • TrueBlood Season 2 Episode 11 Frenzy TrueBlood Season 2 Episode 11 "Frenzy". All hell is literally breaking loose in BonTemps Louisiana. Maenad MaryAnn has the majority of the townsfolk under her spell. Orgies, mutilation, debauchery, cannibalism, and ultimately human sacrifice, all for the sake of preparing tribute to "the god who comes". In an effort to free the town of MaryAnn's influence, Vampire Bill pays a visit to the queen of the vampires SophieAnne Leclerq, portrayed by the sylph-like Evan Rachel Wood. Ms.Wood is an absolute scene stealer. When she speaks the lines written by the wonderful Alan Ball, you can tell they are as sensually enjoyable for her to say as it is for the listener to hear. Visually stunning, her skin is flawless, and she rocks her wardrobe like a '40's era hollywood goddess. And i love the way the character teases vamp Bill [all in good fun of course]. HBO will air "Frenzy" again at 6:00pm Sunday September 13, 2009 [it can also be seen on-line in it's entirety at In A Lather, [please click the link below]. Hi i'm sookie, and at my site In A Lather in-a- i give my take on my fav shows that i hope are favs of yours too. Occasionally i'll have interviews and/or video of the shows themselves. Hope you'll visit often and please feel free to comment.
  • Solaa 'Sylphlike' Feat. Ladi6 /solaamusic Solaa's music video for the second single from their debut album 'Steps in Time'. Sylphlike features the lovely Ladi6. Directed by Mark Trethewey & Produced by Fish N Clips, Graphics by Mark Trethewey & Askew1 Music by Solaa, Lyrics by Isaac Aesili. Made in New Zealand 100% Aotearoa - Check out and /solaamusic
  • Night in Gales - How to Eat a Scythe How to Eat a Scythe by the Metal band Night in Gales. It's taken from the album named Nailwork which is really good. Support the band, buy the album if you like it. Lyrics: stardrugged upon that worm's back the casketcrew is in for the show of psychophonics from below down the sunpus course for a word of all that never was stoke up the silvermouthmachine and snatch its terrortongue with a grin gonna give you some more killing ink some more unlight and i'll show you how to eat a scythe throatkickin' bladefood at astrospeed with a tombwormsmile ink to rain and rain to ink all planetflesh to poisonsoil down the sunpus course for a word of all that never was stoke up the silvermouthmachine and snatch its terrortongue with a grin gonna give you some more killing ink some more unlight and i'll show you how to eat scythe
  • Marianna Tcherkassky and Frank Augustyn - Giselle Pas De Deux Marianna Tcherkassky, former ballerina with ABT, and Frank Augustyn, former principal dancer with The National Ballet of Canada and Boston Ballet, perform the pas de deux from act II of Giselle. The lifts Augustyn performs with Therkassky in this are the most beautiful in any Giselle pas de deux I have ever seen. Marianna Therkassky is ethereal and sylphlike in this. Hilary Cartwright is Myrthe.
  • NIGHT IN GALES - "razor" (1996 7" version) melodic death from germany, taken from the "hymns of the underground compilation" (orig. released as RAZOR 7" on MDD 1996)