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  • Ground Sulfur at Red Winery Stephen Hawkes of Hawkes Wines discusses the process of ground sulfuring at their Red Winery Vineyard.
  • Sulfuring Armaggedon Fog (live) Otargos Live
  • Aglianico block progress: Growth, Suckering and Sulfuring. The vines are growing faster and more than I expected. Regular suckering and spraying with sulfur are on today's to-do list.
  • Montepulciano block progress: Growth and Sulfuring. These vines have budded two weeks after planting. Irrigation is in place. Today: some sulfuring. The leaves are close to the ground and with June Gloom upon the vineyard, I want to prevent any powdery mildew setting in.
  • All About Biodiesel : Calculating Savings with Biodiesel Biodiesel fuel, even if you're making it yourself, can save you money down the line; learn how to calculate savings with tips from our biodiesel expert in this free alternative-fuel use video. Expert: Craydon Blair Bio: Craydon Blair has been involved in producing biodiesel since 2003. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins
  • PCB Plating Process - Printed Circuit Board Plating - PCB Fab Express is your main source for low-cost, quick turn Printed Circuit Board Assembly. Plating is the process by which copper is deposited in the drilled holes, essentially making those holes become a hollow conductive wire. Once the boards are going through plating they must be tended to by a technician. The boards are moved from one tank to another to ensure uniform plating. The boards are put into the sulfuring tank. They are submerged in liquid and are kept there for half an hour until all the excess material comes off. After that the boards are washed off, and are taken to the outer layer etch. DOWNLOAD - Free PCB ebook Thank you for watching this video. As a special gift, you can instantly download your FREE PCB ebook which shows you how to design a MORE cost effective PCB, today. DOWNLOAD - Free PCB ebook:
  • Pruning Aglianico Vines A week of favorable weather in the beginning of February 2011 is a perfect opportunity to prune my Aglianico vines (now entering their third season). This year will be the vines' first fruit-bearing year. After the vines bud out, the shoots will also be pruned and trained to help achieve the goblet shape. Before veraison sets in, the canopy will have to be sulfured regularly.
  • Irrigation modifications To ensure proper watering of my vines, I am experimenting with some modifications of my irrigation system.
  • sulfuring armageddon fog otargosfeaturing thyr live shoot with otargos at la rumeur in lille ! /otargos /withdrawn1