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  • Tallgrass Beef- Listen to the Cows with Bill Kurtis Tallgrass Beef Company, located in Sedan, KS produces grass fed/finished beef right here in the USA. Raised humanely and without hormones, sub-therapeutic antibiotics and never fed grain, Tallgrass Beef is the healthy humane answer for consumers. Try our beef today and experience beef the way it was meant to be.
  • Bad Stuff plus Good Stuff is No Good for you: Margarine with Omega-3 Fatty Acids Research inconclusive about mixing 'fountain of youth' oil (aka Omega-3 Fatty acids) with 'bad' oil (aka margarine). Please tell me what you think: do you think we should force people to eat good stuff with their bad stuff, or let the taxpayers figure out all their health costs are paying for an epidemic? alpha-omega trial Omega-3 fats offer no protection against heart disease--study I just wanted to post the above-link and respond to it saying that the article is misleading and outright wrong! The American Heart Association uses 1000+mg per day as a therapeutic dosage. The alpha-omega trial used subtherapeutic doses of 400 mg in patients where their medical conditions especially heart conditions were well-controlled with other medications. All the Alpha-Omega trial shows is that a sub-therapeutic low dosage of omega 3 with margarine shows no beneficial effect during the study period.
  • Rescue of Spent Egg-Laying Hens and Duck.ON.09 Video documenting condition of Canadian "spent laying hens" - birds used in the egg industry, who've spent their lives completely deprived in the severe confinement of a battery cage so small they are unable to fully stretch their limbs.