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  • stipels present Flowers in pairs on in a short raceme Standard petal pink wings dark pink and keel much twisted Pod to 10 cm long and 3mm wide more or less straight brown
  • 2001 Hu 2000 rbcL Kajita et al 2001 atpB 18S rDNA psaA Wojciechowski 2002 supertree Lewis et al 2005 Figure 1 as a printable version PDF MILLETTIOIDS A largely tropical group recognised by the combination of stipels and desmodioid root nodules which export ureides Sprent 2000 Current


  • Alpha Twins - Smack My Derb
  • Armenian funny baby Anahit is an Armenian baby who lives in Leninakan she made her friends which is 8 year old take off her shoe and give them to her to wear her mom asks what anna will wwear she says grandma's mom asks will you ask Anna if she will wear em she asks and Anna says no and she says youll wear em youll wear em sure you will hahaha Anuulik@ 2 tarekan hay balik@ vor@ aprum e haystanum stipel e ira 8 tarekan @nkeruhun hanel ir koshikner@ ev hagnel ev erb mayrik@ harnum e inch e Annan hagnelu Anulik@ patasxanum e tatikins maman asum e hl@ harcru texx khagni tatikit koshikner@ anulik@ harcnum e khagnes Annaa ? (vor@ ira lezvov hnchum e QAKIS ? lol ) annan asum e voch isk inq@ asum e khagnes khagnes lav el khagnes