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  • Socialist Realism Music by Ian Boswell, Video by Nell Nordlie. Uses text from a Stakhanovite rally in Soviet Russia. Made at Macalester College in Spring '09.
  • Stalin: Economic Fun Time Made for Mr. Zegar's IB Euro Class- April 2010 DV
  • Ballad of Janek Wiśniewski in Man of Iron stanley5 provided by Stanley5 史丹利五瓦依達電影《鐵人》 1981年波蘭Janek Wiśniewski [ˈjanɛk viɕˈɲɛvski] is a fictional name given to a real person in the poem Ballad of Janek Wiśniewski. The name was invented by the author Krzysztof Dowgiałło to symbolize an 18-year worker killed in the Polish city of Gdynia by the military or police on December 17, 1970, during the Polish 1970 protests. The image of an anonymous young man's body carried on doors through the cordons of police and tanks inspired Dowgiałło to write the poem. Not knowing his name at the time, the author decided to give him a name that is typically Polish. Later it was discovered the man was actually named Zbigniew Godlewski and lived in nearby Elbląg. In 1970 he was shot dead along with some 40 other people. The legend was popularized in the late 1970s by a song by Mieczysław Cholewa, Pieśń o Janku z Gdyni, and by Jacek Kaczmarski in his Ballada o Janku Wiśniewskim (the song which was performed by Krystyna Janda during the closing credits in the Andrzej Wajda's 1981 movie Man of Iron). After the fall of communism in Poland, a street was named after Zbigniew Godlewski and another after Janek Wiśniewski. English translation Boys from Grabówek, boys from Chylonia Today the militsiya opened fire Bravely we stood, accurately we threw Janek Wiśniewski fell On a door we carried him along Świętojańska Against the cops, against the tanks Boys, shipyard workers, avange your comrade Janek Wiśniewski fell ...
  • 206 Thomas+Florian 2010.06.10 (ENG SUB) Diego flirts with Florian............ Many thanks to Kisara for the transcripts. (All rights to the pictures, music, and texts go to the original copyright holders.)