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  • Kid slamming his head The title says everything.
  • Juancho Head smack 2 old edit, not fake.
  • heel whip 4 stair head bang OUCH!!!heelwhiping a 4 set, fall on head
  • CJ close feeble samo 14 CJ almost there but not a full roll away.
  • "The Rain Comes and Goes So Quickly Here" Krb2g's photos around Sandycove, Ireland A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Sandycove, Ireland by TravelPod blogger Krb2g titled "The Rain Comes and Goes So Quickly Here" Krb2g's travel blog entry: "This morning we got up and had breakfast (toast with jam) at our hostel. Then we straightened up our room and set off for Sandycove to see the Martello Tower in which James Joyce lived and which Joyce featured in Ulysses. To get there, we walked through St. Stephen's Green, a beautiful park with flowers, a lake with swans, fountains, and a number of statues, and Grafton Street, a pedestrian shopping district that butts up against Trinity College. We saw the statue of Molly Malone at the end of Grafton Street. Then we took the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit, a train line) south along the coast. We got some great views of the Irish Sea on the train. After we got off at Sandycove, we walked for about twenty minutes to the tower, which is right on the sea. It was originally one of a series of towers called the Martello towers constructed by the British to guard the Irish coast from the threat of invasion by Napoleon. Joyce lived in the tower in 1904 and then set the first scene of Ulysses ("Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead...") there. Around the tower, there's a little bit of sand, and, though the ocean is rocky, there were a lot of people swimming. There were also a lot of sailboats. The tower houses a small museum, with a variety of Joyce first editions, copies of letters related ...
  • Yep, i can scooter fakie. For Rob Eaton!! :D Camera's a tad dodgey , that why there's slo mo's. /store for all your scooter needs! they've just got some pegs (£8.99 a pair) instock, get them whilst their still there! tricks in order: scooter fakie to bar out manual to whip to cross foot, cross foot double whip long scooter fakie 1/2 heel whip to scooter fakie, double whip bar to manual to scooter fakie to 1/2 whip out bar to manual to scooter fakie to switch, switch whip body varial out whip to scooter fakie (L)
  • new scooter sesh new scooter, all right im awsome its a stock and it rocks, my toe hurts like it got stabbed because of komandrew!!!!! IM PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bri flip geln brier skatepark
  • Alex Doing a Really Long 50-50 First off if you hate you might as well not skate cause theres no point skateboarding if you're gonna take it serious, aight homeslice? Alex doing one really long 50-50 on a curb in Morgan Hill, check it cause he sends it flying hiiiighhhh! SURF THE CONCRETE!
  • Friend pop shoviting the greek gap This other dude that i met thats way better than me pop shoviting this huge gap at santa monica high school after he landed it though he knocks the wind out of himself my landing on hid ribs on the ledge. Hes 12 and been skating for 4 years. ive only been skating for around 2 so i guess thats why hes better than me. He also looied the 14 stair first try at SMHS Paul Rodriguez nollie tre'd this gap and switch big heeled it too. When i was there, PJ Ladd just showed up and started skating which was so cool.
  • nink mv
  • Scooter Sesh SF
  • Dirt Ramp Face Plant Big air, big fall.
  • media vcd.mpg
  • Parkour Just a parkour miss
  • cody warm-up session @ santa monica high cody skating santa monica high school
  • 12 stair head slam wanta fanta
  • Jakson Richards - Woodward West - Week 8 - 2010 Woodward west yaaayayayayayyayayyayyayyayyayyaya yaaaaay yay ya yay yaay yaaay yaaaay yaaaay
  • F#@ked up Fridays #5 Head slams...HEAD SLAMS
  • My First Rotorwhip!!! Me And Agge Scootering. And this is my first rotorwhip.
  • Bails Bloopers and Mishaps random clips that i have
  • Colin Young vs. Gilcomstoun 10 Colin gets broke trying to kickflip Gilcomstoun 10, next time pal... Filmed by Simie Check out my blog:
  • woodward five block slam chad shows us how to slam on a five block... pretty tight for a 7 year old he ened up getting it a few hours later
  • Al Flip "heel whip inward scooter flip" Am i the first to do this?!
  • Bennett stair head butt
  • The new sport: Stair luging my friend tries to go down the stair head first but fails lol
  • heel whip catch (scooter) down in west valley alex heel whip catch four stair
  • heelwhip my first heelwhip
  • 10 stair head smash A skater takes a massive ten stair drop but completely messes up his timing and ends up landing head first onto the concrete below.
  • how to do a heelwhip I teach you how to do a heelwhip
  • pat_porfolio about my stuff
  • Stair Head Dive Jumping down the stairs for £1
  • pat_nink our music video
  • 11 Stair bail and ollie jake jones hits his head and steven acevedo lands it