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  • Henry Purcell - King Arthur - Hither this way bend Henry Purcell - King Arthur - Hither this way bend Opéra en 5 actes, texte de John Dryden The Deller Consort dir. Alfred Deller Hither this way, this way bend, Trust not that Malicious Fiend: Those are false deluding Lights, Wafted far and near by Sprights. Trust them not, for they'll deceive ye; and in Bogs and Marshes leave ye. Hither this way, this way bend. This way, this way bend. If you step, no Danger Thinking, Down you fall, a Furlong sinking: 'Tis a Fiend who has annoy'd ye; Name but Heav'n, and he'll avoid ye. Hither this way, this way bend. This way, this way bend. Trust not that Malicious Fiend. Trust me, I am no Malicious Fiend. Hither this way, etc. Let not a Moon-born Elf mislead ye, From your Prey, and from your Glory. Too far, Alas, he has betray'd ye; Follow the Flames, that wave before ye: Sometimes Seven, and sometimes one; Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry on. See, see, the Footsteps plain appearing, That way Oswald chose for flying: Firm is the Turff, and fit for bearing, Where yonder Pearly Dews are lying. For he cannot hence be gone; Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry on. Hither this way. Hither this way, this way bend. This way, this way bend. Trust not that Malicious Fiend. Hither this way, this way bend. Come, follow, follow, follow me. Come, follow, follow, follow me. And me. And me. And me. And me. And Green-Sword all your way shall be. Come follow, etc. No Goblin or Elf shall dare to offend ye. We Brethren of Air, You Hero's will bear, To the Kind and the ...
  • need help with my show I need help with my mario sprights show.
  • Fartein Valen: Epithalamion, Op.19 An epithalamion was a wedding song in ancient Greece. Here, it is inspired by Edmund Spenser's poem and composed for Arne, the composer's nephew, at the occasion of his marriage. # Let no lamenting cries, nor dolefull tears, Be heard all night within nor yet without: Ne let false whispers breeding hidden fears, Break gentle sleep with misconceived doubt. Let no deluding dreams, nor dreadful sights, Make sudden sad affrights; Ne let housefires, nor lightning's helpless harms, Ne let the Puck, nor other evil sprights, Ne let mischievous witches with their charms, Ne let hob Goblins, names whose sense we see not, Fray us with things that be not. Let not the screech Owl, nor the Stork be heard: Nor the night Raven that still deadly yells, Nor damned ghosts called up with mighty spells, Nor griefly vultures make us once affeard: Ne let th' unpleasant Quire of Frogs still croaking Make us to wish their choking. Let none of these their dreary accents sing; Ne let the woods them answer, nor their echo ring.#
  • American Puritanism (III) Featuring discussions of Puritan poetry; The Bay Psalm Book; English metaphysical poetry, including John Donne, George Herbert, Richard Crashaw; Samuel Johnson on Wit; intertextuality; paratext; Michael Wigglesworth; Anne Bradstreet; and Edward Taylor.
  • Sprightly Companions - Bid the Virtues The Force of Eloquence Concert Tour February 13-22, 2009 The Sprightly Companions take their name from one of the earliest publications (1695) written about the oboe (hautboy). The musicians met in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2008 at the International Baroque Institute at Longy School of Music.
  • Sprights Project Malawi 2010 /Video of "Sprights project Malawi 2010" -
  • Green & Red Sprights & LS20G Outdoor Lasers on snow Here you see a demonstration of our landscape/Outdoor Laser projectors including the Red & Green Spright and the LS20G. It is very difficult to see these small laser beams on video recordings by the snow and white railing make this view distinct for a change. In person you would see thousands of laser beams covering every surface up to 100 yards away in 160 degrees from the lens. The Green Spright is the new low cost stationary beam stake type landscape laser that is on sale now for only $159. This and the Red Spright have stationary beams and the Green LS20G and Red LS210R moving beam lasers are down to $550 from $995 recently. These all are becoming very popular for a wide variety of outdoor displays but especially Christmas displays. With a single projector beams can cover a whole home and yard very effectively. These are the same projectors that are in use at the Pixie Hollow area of Disneyland. You can find these and many more indoor and outdoor lighting effects by going to our web site at or emailing [email protected] or calling 530-265-8547
  • sprite quisumbing my dog rotti