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  • Alayna video Alayna is 3 and has lyme also. She's a lot more talkative now that she's had some treatment. This is on the lighter side. It makes me laugh but I'm her mom. :)
  • Skin Problems and spirochetes Patient's skin clears after getting rid of oral spirochetes
  • Electromagnetic frequencies stun spirochete bacteria Video brought to by courtesy of Dr. William Nordquist, DMD. In this video we see 1000 Hz cause slowed activity of Lyme disease spirochetes. Observation at 1000X, oil immersion, phase contrast. The spirochetes in this video are not (as far as we know) Lyme disease spirochetes - they are oral bacteria which Dr. Nordquist finds in the mouths of many patients with periodontal disease. IMPORTANT Note that in this video, there are many other moving organisms and substances. These other substances will not be effected by the frequencies. Focus ONLY on the spiral shapes, the spirochetes, in the screen. The slowing of their motion is subtle but after you watch the video several times it will be unmistakable. This researcher will be working on additional videos like this one. He is also publishing a book, due out in January, entitled "The Stealth Killer: Is Oral Spirochetosis the Missing Link in the Dental and Heart Disease Labyrinth?" Look for the book at in January of 2009. Video courtesy of Dr. William Nordquist, DMD.
  • Oral Spirochetosis or Lyme Disease
  • nasty bugs in your mouth—spirochetes Clustering spirochetes in a child. Spirochetes cause disease in man. Oral spirochetes have been found in the brains of alzheimers patients, in the plaques of heart disease patients, and are perhaps the link between gum disease and heart attack. The spores of spirochetes have been found in virtually all coronary artery plaques.
  • Cape Cod Healthcare - "Lyme Disease" Alan Sugar, MD #4- Better Health Minute Cape Cod Healthcare - Alan Sugar, MD, Medical Director of Infectious Disease Clinical Services for Cape Cod Healthcare discusses Lyme disease and its symptoms. Tick bites and their appearance are discussed.
  • Treatment of Oral Spirochetes with a Nd:Yag laser Dr John Lin and Dr. Bill Nordquist are treating oral spirochetes with a NdYag laser. They came up with some unusual results. Dr. Nordquist's book, "The Stealth Killer: Is Oral Spirochetosis the Missing Link in the Dental and Heart Disease Labyrinth?" is available from . You can keep up with Dr. Nordquist's latest work on his blog: .
  • Lyme Disease or Oral Spirochetosis A husband, wife and their child is diagnosed with Lyme disease. The all had oral spirochetes in their gingival sulcus. Is it Lyme disease or Oral Spirochetosis?
  • Amoeba in highly diseased mouth. This view of an amoeba in a highly diseased mouth is indicative of long neglect of oral hygiene. The spirochetes shown may well be the injurious agent in heart dis