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  • Overdoing the Spirituality in Spiritualness Tuesday evening rantings on really taking it too far in the New Age.
  • "Hello, this is how i feel, lol :)" - 06/26/11 SO i know ive been talking about alot of weird edgy topics dealing with religion and spiritualness, and this kinda sums it up for why. :X im just hoping to let you guys feel the same as i feel haha :) if you want to know me, follow me :)
  • Developing Positive Relationships After My Traumatic Brain Injury Dr. Kelli Gary talks about her relationship experience after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. She talks about the emotional, ***ual, and personal issues she had with developing relationships after injury and shares her advice for dealing with relationships after traumatic brain injury.
  • Dark SPACE SUPPLY SHIP Destroyed .JIM MORRISON REINCARNATED."IM daJinJ IM tHE SON &even MORE i SOn" VERY IMPORTANT Note Upload Date & READ MY TOP PROFILE PAGE COMMENT,This Time I Opened ALLThe Doors & Knocked Down The Walls Without Outside Stimulous & So I Made It ALL The Way hOMe Back 2 Da Real "Only Way Back Is Without Da Addiction 2 Crutch Matter Construct",I Became Famous Like I Did & Lived That Life So That I Would Recognize Myself & My Previous As Well As My Girl "Who Instantly Came Back In Too As A Girl Called Tam" I Went To The Extreme With Outside Chemical Stimulous So That I Would Go 2 The Extreme Wiv Inside Withiness Spiritualness This Time & Perfect Da Balance,Came Back In Instantly With A Walk In So That The Timing Would Be Right For the Blossoming Recognition Of Oliver Stones Display Of My Previous Life. Now Know More "following message i sent to person lost in the incrowd hypocrite circles of look at me on the outside everyone im a do gooder act" know this brother I Am The Atom That They & U Cannot Split & UR feeling That Force As I Push Back Ur Ego Confidence Into U Wiv My Thought Frequency Pressure Bouncing Ur Lies & Sick Vibration Back Into You From Every Angle,.U & They Feel My Power & UR Inability 2 Budge Me As The Vibration Of The Whole That In Pure Reality We Are Is Sent Into U & UR Soon To Meet That Reality At An Already Set Future Time,I Do This Exact Same Job On Every Earth Placed Planet Throughout The Infinite Universe At This Same Point,But I Always Do This Job A Little Better Every Time I Do It,Not My Ego Talkin Brother Just Statin Facts ...
  • Question for you atheists ( from Orwell to Huxley or from Lenin to Dawkins) Orwell and Huxley Google Video --------- George Orwell 1984 Aldous Huxley Audio-book ------ George-Orwell -1984- Brave new world side1 side2 George Orwell -Brave new world- Info ----- Eric Arthur Blair ( George Orwell) (25 June 1903 -- 21 January 1950 Aldous Leonard Huxley (26 July 1894 -- 22 November 1963) thanks andromedaswake .-)
  • Give Her My Love - Naggo Morris DO NOT TRUST A PERSON WHO CLAIMS TO BE HONEST AND NEVER TRUST EXAGGERATED FRIENDLINESS. THE FOOLISH ONE MAY BE KNOWN BY SIX THINGS: ANGER WITHOUT CAUSE - SPEECH WITHOUT PROFIT - CHANGE WITHOUT PROGRESS - INQUIRY WITH OBJECT - PUTTING TRUST IN A STRANGER AND MISTAKING FOES FOR FRIENDS. NAGGO MORRIS JAH GUIDE 12" FLIPSIDE PRODUCED BY THE OBSERVER - JOE GIBBS - 1980 More Info @ I would like to feature some developments to my note above that were added by one of my conscious subscribers; One Love and Much Respect to you. DO NOT TRUST A PERSON WHO CLAIMS TO BE HONEST... (...yet HONEST words won't glide off their tongue) AND NEVER TRUST EXAGGERATED FRIENDLINESS... (...for wolves do show up in sheep's clothing) THE FOOLISH ONE MAY BE KNOWN BY SIX THINGS: ANGER WITHOUT CAUSE... (never recognizing one's own flaws) SPEECH WITHOUT PROFIT... (victimizing one's own benefit) CHANGE WITHOUT PROGRESS (demising one's own spiritualness) INQUIRY WITH OBJECT (intimidating with disrespect) PUTTING TRUST IN A STRANGER (presents clear and present danger) MISTAKING FOES FOR FRIENDS (spells out true malice in the end) A FOOL can heed the warning, going forth, with blinders on... only to end up, in a worst place than when first begun... BUT a WISE MAN, hears the warning, recognizes the signs and moves onward and upwards, by their own designs. Never succumbing to the siren's cry - kissing the dangers of the past - GOODBYE~
  • Strong Women
  • Meeting with the Devil So I just finished recording this new rap, put alot work into the lyrics so it didn't end up sounding like ***. Excuse the microphone quality + the weird devil voice effect. Now let me tell you something, let me tell you bout a storybout to get this *** comin, but i can already hear your ass snoringmy words spin around so fast like the blades of a blenderi wont let crap past because im a knight, rap games defendermy lyricalness promotes spiritualness that you gain from spirits yesand also the sesh, but thats another story, one full of ***i dont have time for that, so we'll move on to the nexti met this devious man one time in a bad part of townhe starting talking to me, he had horns sticking through a dark crownhis rhymes were laid out with a perfect flowhis metaphors were way out but it was correct soi asked him where he learned, and if he could teach me how to spithe said his flow he earned, with an agreement i could learn the same ***he said, want the details? I said i dont give a damnput that pen in my hand and tell me where to sign mandotted my i's and i crossed my t's, now can i get some of yo advise pleasewith a wave of his hand and the chanting of wordsi could feel demand and the need to drop a fat ass verseyou dont know who you dealing with, but baby it dont matteryour rap game gets a lift, and i get your soul on a platteryou made a deal with a devil, but now you can rap nicebust twice, and bump your freestyle with some extra spiceyour weren't nothing but now ...
  • Ann Edmead Pt 3 Walking Proud in East London -- an LGBT oral history. Ann Edmead These interviews were collected with the comfort of interviewees in mind. They were not always under ideal recording conditions and may contain technical flaws. We hope that these will not detract viewers from enjoying the content of the material. A River Cultures Project in partnership with Positive East. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
  • Jonny Matenga - Motivational Messages Six ohhh i don't know what happened.. i seem to be channelling someone elses aura or something.. some dirty old surfer guy from raglan or something.. he has invaded my spirit. I still love you fans!! break out the *** wax!!!!
  • Healing Vs Transformation
  • The magic of Gnawa - Said Oughassal Though I lost the first performances of the Festival becaused of high season at work, I reached some of the best and enjoyed them a lot. This is Said Oughassal and his Gnawa Group. Gnawa music is one of the most popular morocain floklore. It comes from South Morocco, specifically from subsaharian area. Gnawa people arise from the wars and slavery five centuries ago, when the subsaharian falled into slavery, caught by the arabian and berebere of actual Algeria and Morocco (specially the last one) to serve at their armies and to build their fortresses and cities. They got anthems from many different origins -Niger, Somalia and others- and when they migrated (or were forced to), their cultures, instruments and music did so. Their subsharian vocabulary is quite a good proof of it. In their songs, appear a lot of non-arab expressions, some of them making reference to places or etnias from which the gnawa came, as in example "bambara", which is the word they often use to name their ancestors language and also to name a type of particular kind of song, where the percentage of african words is quite common than in other ones. Gnawa music is related with spiritualness and animic rituals of trance. Their sincopated rythms and pentatonic melodies coming from guembri (sintir), a three strings bass (at video), the tbel or drum, played with a curve stick, the hypnotic krakabas (metallic cymbals) cure and bless, get free of stress and purify those who listen, dance or sing. Call and ...
  • WASH ME Song: Wash Me Music & Lyrics: Gord Jantzen Vocals & Guitar: Gord J Slide Guitar: Rocky Jr Copyrights Gord Jantzen 2008 (( Song that I wrote about my childhood spirit and the friends I made playing the piano. Bass lines and treble cleffs )) Here it is, as follows::::: We stayed together when we were kids; We were childhood friends Played together in our younger years never to be apart World got older,Stage got Bolder we learnt to play our cards This is what life gave us and we took all for granted I played the chords You sang the solo I covered the bass lines; You took the treble cleff We were the Yin & Yang Where we can be whole again; we can be One again. Black Note ; White Note;; Semi-tone to this song. Chorus 1 Wash me on a musical score of this cerebralness Lend me a musical note of our reminse Wash me yer ancient qoutes of wisdom Wash me with yer coda lips to end this song Verse 2 We played together on the Kentucky swamp; swimming ***ly It was our time of innocence when life took us back to hippyness This was our day, hour of power; religious spiritualness Our youth was our glory, an adventure story, a mircle fountain of youth I played the chords; You sang the solo I covered the bass lines; You took the treble cleff We were the Yin & Yang Where we can be whole again; we can be One again. Black Note ; White Note;; Semi-tone to this song. . Chorus 1 Wash me on a musical score of this cerebralness Lend me a musical note of our reminse Wash me yer ancient qoutes of ...
  • Crazy white people running through a Waterfall! Experiencing the spiritualness of the Waterfall at Starved Rock after wine tasting:)
  • Only Hope, Retreat cover Only hope by switchfoot featuring Ryan Brown (amazing vocals) Grace Hath*** (wicked piano skills) Jordan Robson (slammin awesome guitar playin) performed at a talent show at a JCS retreat. a massive crowd of about 100 people witnessed this musical piece of love, spiritualness, hope, and substance! Olay!
  • "O Holy Nights?" Tracygosnow's photos around Bethlehem and Ramallah, Palestinian Territory Preview of Tracygosnow's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Bethlehem and Ramallah, Palestinian Territory Entry Title: "O Holy Nights?" Entry: "Okay, so early on Friday morning the entire group boarded a bus to Bethlehem...the birthplace of Jesus. It was cold and rainy and dreary :( We had about 5 checkpoints to get through. But on the way, I saw my first expanse of the separation wall. The site of it brought tears to my eyes, words cannot describe the pure disgust of this creation. We stopped off at a bit of the wall that boasted revolutionary artwork, complete with a Che portrait! The Palestinian volunteers tearily sang their intifada song. I also witnessed one volunteer brought to tears when we passed the outskirts of Jerusalem and you could see the Dome of the Rock. He said that it was so difficult to pass by and see this important Muslim site, yet he could not go to pray there because of the Israeli security measures. A few hours later we arrived in Bethlehem. It was not what I was expecting! I was picturing this cute little historic's just like any other city and is full of graffitied walls and garbage and cheesy souvenir shops! Our first stop was the Deisha refugee camp. This one is about 11000 inhabitants and looks like a mini city. We stopped for quite some time in a demolised home of suspected terrorists and met with the ...