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  • snob n. One who tends to patronize, rebuff, or ignore people regarded as social inferiors and imitate, admire, or seek association with people Snobbism is a defensive expression of social insecurity, flourishing most where an Establishment has become less than secure in the exercise of. — “snob: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Snobbism - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Find translations, definitions, and pronunciations for snobbism in the Spanish-English Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “snobbism - Spanish-English Translation and Pronunciation”,
  • Karl Lagerfeld new snobbism. Karl Lagerfeld's Masstige' Line Is Coming To Macy's. by Julia Rubin | 4:15 pm, November 23rd, 2010. Remember when Karl Lagerfeld forwent his eponymous label's Fashion Week show in favor of working on his "masstige" line?. — “Karl Lagerfeld New Snobbism | Styleite”,
  • Along with Susan Mernit, I wonder whether there isn't some reverse snobbism afoot, with Jeff Jarvis and Rafat Ali criticizing the recent Online News Assocation conference because of lack of buzz. — “Reverse Snobbism? - BusinessWeek”,
  • Jazz, and all of her readers, felt this point of view is literary snobbism and that, yes these might not be the most enriching works, but as long as people are reading something, we should be pleased. I know this is a popular viewpoint with schools and parents, too. — “Cultural Snobbism " XUP”,
  • snobbism. 4 comments. Leave a comment. Add to Memories. Share this! Link. Profile. mrdankelly snobbism. snow. social networking. soft drinks. space madness. spam. spanish. spiderman. sports. — “Ghostwriter in the Machine Gun”,
  • The Toronto Sun's everyman columnist, Mike Strobel, had some lampooning fun with all of Toronto's major newspaper wine critics (including his own) the other day. He took our most silly descriptors and made mock of them. Things we say like "petrol Wine snobbism turns up in strange places. — “Wine snobbism turns up in strange places - ”,
  • Margo Howard Lifestyle Columns - The Prejudice of Snobbism Advice> Dear Margo> The Prejudice Of Snobbism. Recently. Morals, Ethics and Friendship Dear Margo: I have a close friend I've known for 10 years, and every Friday night we get together for Shabbat with other good friends and family. — “The Prejudice of Snobbism by Margo Howard on - A”,
  • Every novel chosen for the One Book, One Denver reading program has its admirers and detractors. But the latest selection, Dashiell Hammett s classic But the latest selection, Dashiell Hammett's classic detective story "The Thin Man," has unlocked a new genre of One Book criticism: literary snobbism. — “Mysteries often get a bad rap - The Denver Post”,
  • Literary snobbism doesn't actually hurt those of us who are its targets who write books What literary snobbism does hurt is the public--people who are taken. — “MoonScape - Literary Snobbism: a rant”, e-moon60
  • William Rothwell notes "the simplistic contrast between the 'pure' French of Paris and her 'defective' French of Stratford atte Bowe that would invite disparagement."[2] The disparagement is an element in the snobbism. Snobbism is a defensive expression of social insecurity, flourishing most where an. — “Snob - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of snobbism from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of snobbism. Pronunciation of snobbism. Definition of the word snobbism. Origin of the word snobbism. — “snobbism - Definition of snobbism at ”,
  • snobbism (uncountable) A snobbish attitude, particularly in relation to art or high culture. 1964, John Gassner & Sidney Thomas, The Nature of Art[1], page 22: This question of the part played by culture in a civilisation prompts the similar question of the role of snobbism. [edit] Synonyms. — “snobbism - Wiktionary”,
  • Search for "snobbism" in: Student Thesaurus. Rhyming Dictionary. Browse words next to "snobbism." One entry found for snobbism. Main Entry: snob·bism. Pronunciation: snäb-iz-m. Function: noun : SNOBBERY. Pronunciation Symbols. Copyright © 2007 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. — “Definition of snobbism - Merriam-Webster's Student Dictionary”,
  • That food has always been, and will continue to be, the basis for one of our greater snobbism does not explain the fact that the attitude toward the food choice of others is becoming more and more heatedly exclusive until it may well turn into. — “Cornelia Otis Skinner quote- That food has always been, and”,
  • At 25 years old, André Bazin boldly calls into question the cinema press, considering the momentum of popular taste, the complacency of film critics, their arguable following among readers and audience, and the snobbism required for a militant critical judgement. — “SCREENVILLE: Bazin on Criticism - 1943”,
  • A reader writes: "Should I tell my parents to take a hike? I want to maintain a good relationship with them and my boyfriend, but they're making it difficult. Dear Margo: The prejudice of snobbism. — “Dear Margo: The prejudice of snobbism”,
  • : authentic, unique and off the beaten path. News, forums, cartoons & comment from ; politics, finance, music, editorials, how to, tech An Appalling Example Of Reverse Snobbism. Some people wrongly assume that lovers of classical music are a bunch of elitist snobs ,. — “An Appalling Example Of Reverse Snobbism - The Horn”,
  • Snobbism: Snobbish resources and information at . — “Snobbism: aristocracy, elite, or a celebrity worshipper”,
  • Snobbism definition, condescending, patronizing, or socially exclusive; snobbish. See more. — “Snobbism | Define Snobbism at ”,
  • Translations of snobbism. snobbism synonyms, snobbism antonyms. Information about snobbism in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. Forgive my snobbism, but if Liverpool fail to reach the knockout stages of Europe's premier tournament - as now looks likely - I'd sooner Rafael. — “snobbism - definition of snobbism by the Free Online”,
  • A community about snobbism. Tag and discover new products. Share your images and discuss your questions with snobbism experts. — “: snobbism”,


  • Plastic Tree Cell sub This song was probably too hard for me, to translate but whatever xDYou have to turn the subtitles on if they are not turned on. Oo No stealing please, and if you think something is wrongly or could be better translated just write it on comments and I will think about it. [This translation has NOT been Mugichari-fied yet.] -------------------------------------------------------------------- Tozashi kitta kokoro ni asa wo Warai taete iku hi ni hana wo Mikansei na tsukiyo ni yume wo Hikensha no boku ni denkyoku wo Fukanshou no me ni wa namida wo Higekiteki na kanojo ni emi wo Hashirisatta kage ni hikari wo Iro no nai sekai ni wa enogu wo Anaguramu na shikou ni imi wo Sunobizumu shisou ni uta wo Bakuteria ni shijou no ai wo Kizuguchi ni wa tada kuchizuke wo Itsu kara dakke? Nanimo kanjinaku natta Nande nan dakke? Umaku waraenaku natta Zutto eien ni shinjireru mono ga aru no? Itsuka eien ni shinjireru mono ga aru no? Tameiki ni wa kyousou no hibi wo Chinmoku no tensen ni koe wo Rijinshou ni wareta kagami wo Furasuko no bara ni wa kodoku wo Fukanshou no me ni wa namida wo Higekiteki na kanojo ni emi wo Hashirisatta kage ni hikari wo Iro no nai sekai ni wa e no gu wo Anaguramu na shikou ni imi wo Sunobizumu shisou ni uta wo Bakuteria ni shijou no ai wo Kizuguchi ni wa tada kuchizuke wo Itsu kara dakke? Nanimo kanjinaku natta Nande nan dakke? Umaku waraenaku natte Zutto eien ni shinjireru mono ga aru no? Itsuka eien ni shinjireru mono ga aru no? Zutto eien ni shinjireru mono ga ...
  • zoo - native zoo from Snobbism(2004)
  • The Snob: Discussion Problems in Group Living (1958) A snob is someone who adopts the worldview of snobbery — that some people are inherently inferior to him or her for any one of a variety of reasons, including real or supposed intellect, wealth, education, ancestry, taste, beauty, et cetera. Often, the form of snobbery reflects the snob's personal attributes. For example, a common snobbery of the affluent is the belief that wealth is either the cause or result of superiority, or both, and a common snobbery of the physically attractive is that beauty is paramount. Snobbery existed even in mediaeval feudal aristocratic Europe, when the clothing, manners, language and tastes of every class were strictly codified by customs or law. Chaucer, a poet moving in the court circles, noted the provincial French spoken by the Prioress among the Canterbury pilgrims: And French she spoke full fair and fetisly After the school of Stratford atte Bowe, For French of Paris was to her unknowe. William Rothwell notes "the simplistic contrast between the 'pure' French of Paris and her 'defective' French of Stratford atte Bowe that would invite disparagement." The disparagement is an element in the snobbism. Snobbery surfaced more strongly as the structure of the society changed, and the bourgeoisie had the possibility to imitate aristocracy. Snobbery appears when elements of culture are perceived as belonging to an aristocracy or elite, and some people (the snobs) feel that the mere adoption of the fashion and ...
  • SOUNDCHECK: Modartt Pianoteq 3.6 + Youtube Soundcheck. The piano I use is a Yamaha GT + an external Pianoteq 3.6 synthesizer. A fantastic instrument which I really recommend as *practicing* and *studying* instrument for any pianist, even professionals. The recording is a Chopin Mazurka (op 56 no 3) which I recorded yesterday (see my channel for the "original" recording). This is the same recording but now uploaded with much higher sound and video quality. This is an attempt to prove that the "bubbling noise" I have heard (and many others) in my previous recordings is not the result of a poor instrument but rather Youtube compression/distortion. There is still a slight trace of youtube compression artifacts in this recording, but now on a tolerable level. I am a little annoyed that just mentioning the word "synthesizer" seems to trigger hostile comments from many musicians, showing strong dislike for any non-acoustic instrument. This could be just based on ignorance (not knowing the enormous development of piano synthesizers during the last years) or just plain snobbism. I consider the work by Modartt (the french company making this synthesizer) be a real gem, it is a state-of-the art tool for actually creating music on a keyboard. Maybe not suitable for the concert hall, but for any kind of serious practicing work.
  • Snobbism What is wrong with people??
  • "The Seaport Village and Missions of" Bogna's photos around San Diego, United States A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to San Diego, United States by TravelPod blogger Bogna titled "The Seaport Village and Missions of..." Bogna's travel blog entry: "POLSKI: Obudziłam się i oczy miałam lepkie od ropy. Czułam taki światłowstręt, jakbym miała wściekliznę. Pierwsza moja myśl była taka, że nie dam rady dziś wyjść z domu. Pomyślałam jednak, że to mój ostatni dzień w San Diego i ostatnia szansa, żeby coś jeszcze zobaczyć. Wyszłam na dwór i odruchowo zamykałam oczy, nic nie widziałam. Szłam jak pijany zając. Oczy łzawiły mi nawet w cieniu. Jakoś dotarłam do Missions of San Diego - mojego pierwszego celu na tamten dzień. To tam powstały pierwsze misje na zachodnim wybrzeżu USA, co w praktyce oznaczało tzw. "cywilizowanie" Indian. Piękne miejsce, pełne jakiejś tajemniczej atmosfery. Spędziłam tam ponad 2 h. Następnie udałam się w stronę dzielnicy "Little Italy", czyli Małej Italii. Miała być pełna uroku, kafejek i miejsc dla turystów. Szczerze mówiąc - rozczarowałam się. Zabawiłam tam tylko ok. pół godziny, po czym stwierdziłam, że pojadę w jakieś ciekawsze miejsce. Wsiadłam w trolej i podjechałam do Seaport Village. Był to snobistyczny mini-port z jachcikami i kafejkami dla turystów. Całkiem miłe, bardzo nasłonecznione miejsce. Przez długi czas siedziałam w cieniu i miałam nadzieję, że siła słońca zacznie maleć wraz z upływem dnia. A gdzie tam! Chyba około 17 zdecydowałam, że zamiast Gaslamp - podobno super dzielnicy z cyklu "musisz to zobaczyć ...
  • The world's most expensive bottled water The world's most expensive bottled water ....nice package. The world's poorest people pay the highest prices for water, and often receive polluted or contaminated drinking water, a UN-affiliated water commission reported. The World Commission on Water for the 21st Century surveyed water vending in 16 developing countries and found that the poor pay on average 12 times more per liter, mostly to independent vendors who sell tap water in small jugs or buckets. Meanwhile we create this kind of artificial snobbism. Salud!