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  • This long-awaited sequel to The Ultimate Sniper reveals the cutting edge in sniping tactics and technology, including night sniping, suppressed sniper weapons, .50-caliber rifles, winter sniper warfare and advanced sniper fieldcraft. Major John. — “Sniping and Sniper Books, Videos - Right Hook”,
  • Definition of sniping from Webster's New World College Dictionary. snipes any of various shorebirds (family Scolopacidae) with a long, slender, flexible bill used in probing for food, esp. — “sniping - Definition of sniping at ”,
  • Sniping definition, any of several long-billed game birds of the genera Gallinago (Capella) and Limnocryptes, inhabiting marshy areas, as G. gallinago See more. — “Sniping | Define Sniping at ”,
  • Sniping is the term used for bidding on an item just before the auction closes For sniping to be possible / useful the auction needs to have a fixed end time, this allows the sniper to bid in the last few seconds and leaves other bidders unable to respond. — “Sniping”,
  • Play sniping games online at Games Lunatic. Cool flash sniping games including the clear vision series, sniper assassin games and the sift head series featuring vinnie all under one easy to access category. Visit and play the best sniping and. — “Sniping Games | Play Sniping Games Online | Games Lunatic”,
  • ShopWiki has 61 results for sniping, including Auction Bid Snipe/sniping/sniper/snip Software For Ebay, Super Sniper 16X42 Fixed-Multiple Sniping Rifle Scope, Sniping at Bois Grenier 1914, and Firetrap Sniping Top. — “sniping”,
  • The term sniper was first attested in 1824 in the sense of the word "sharpshooter".[2] The verb "to snipe" originated in the 1770s among soldiers in British India where a hunter skilled enough to kill the elusive snipe was dubbed a "sniper".[2]. — “Sniper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Sniping is the act of covertly eliminating targets from a concealed or distant position. Snipers often rely on stealth and nearby cover; sniping is rarely performed from an open or conspicuous location. The most popular sniping weapons are the. — “Sniping - Halopedia, the Halo Wiki - Halo 2, Halo 3, ODST”,
  • Definition of sniping in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of sniping. Pronunciation of sniping. Translations of sniping. sniping synonyms, sniping antonyms. Information about sniping in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “sniping - definition of sniping by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Video game battles, ladders and tournaments Joining the site is completely free and once signed up you can enjoy the many features of Pro Sniping. — “Pro Sniping”,
  • Beginners are often thrilled and terrified to discover the concept of "auction sniping" on eBay and the many services that exist to help you do it. eBay veterans generally yawn at sniping and realize it doesn't affect eBay all that much. Here's. — “Sniping on eBay: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - eBay”,
  • CoD4 Ultimate Sniping Guide - Techniques A huge CoD 4 / CoD WaW / CoD MW2 site with weapon stats, perk descriptions, CoD4 maps, COD4 cfgs, COD4 servers, forums for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC platforms, Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty World at. — “CoD4 Central | CoD4 Ultimate Sniping Guide - Techniques”, cod4
  • While sniping was both a recognised military practice and hobby (the hunting of birds or big-game) was known to date back at Big-game hunters such as Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard worked hard to transform the quality and practice of sniping within each army. — “First World - Encyclopedia - Snipers”,
  • Build your own FREE website at Share: Facebook | Twitter | Digg | reddit. Combat Tactics - Sniping. — “Sniping”,
  • It's primarily close range sniping, which is the most intense practice. If you can learn close range sniping, you can certainly apply this skill to long ranges, except for ranges in which leading is required. When you find yourself in games where everyone is sniping, you'll. — “Halo 2 Sniping - Halo2 Wiki - Halo 2 Multiplayer Guide, Maps”, h2
  • is a Neopets help site that provides Neopets users with all the tools they need to make NeoPoints, including Neopets freebies, Neopets games, and Neopets dailies. In fact, sniping can be one of the easiest, most time-effective ways of making quick NP. — “ - Sniping Like Pro”,
  • . snipe — verb [intrans.] — make a sly or petty verbal Copyright © 2010 | Powered by WordPress | Theme zBench | Valid XHTML and CSS. — “”
  • Guide to eBay software and services. Auction software categories include sniping, ad creation, seller tools, auction management, monitoring and searching. — “Articles " Sniping FAQ | The Auction Software Review”,
  • the act of bidding on an item on ebay literally seconds before the auction ends. This prevents anyone from outbidding you while also ensuring that The art of sniping usually requires two people, spotter and shooter, the spotter usually finds the target and does calculations for wind speed,. — “Urban Dictionary: sniping”,
  • Sniping is the largest cottage industry which has sprung from the success of online auctions. Sniping works on a simple practice. The system is designed so that an automatic bid is placed a few second. — “Sniping - M/Cyclopedia of New Media”,
  • During the Peninsular war Tom Plunkett of the 95th Rifles sniped a French general, and in the siege of Sevastopol marksmen in rifle pits' ahead of the siege lines sniped Russian soldiers who exposed themselves and fired into the embrasures of guns. — “sniper: Definition from ”,
  • Placing a high bid in the closing seconds of an auction-style listing is called "sniping" within the eBay community. Sniping is part of the eBay experience, and all bids placed before a listing ends are valid, even if they're placed 1 second before the listing ends. — “Getting outbid”,
  • Are you hyped to snipe? Ina Steiner runs down the various auction sniping tools available to bidders today and includes a comparison chart for pricing. — “The Nuts and Bolts of Online Auction Sniping”,