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  • Kieran got owned Kieran gettin mummified in tape!
  • Scotty and Lea's wedding reception Scotty and lea's wedding reception video...DANCING!!
  • Chin Chilla - Hustler Music (FULL SONG) Ye Already Know!!! Big Tune Make sure you download the song!!! download: U Zee It! Lyrics: Verse 1: god damn dis nigga jus went ahead wit dis one got a little head from dis one talkin bout the bread dunnoe i get some ni got dat butter im spreadin my piff son made a couple flips so im stackin my rich funds spittin on u niggas dat aint doin *** cuz got a couple lix from who ur *** son left it on her lips i think dripped cum uhh no homo ye i do my job but it aint pro bono chillin on da block man smokin on dolo buddy u get shot not talkin bout a photo oh no aint sayin im dat nigga loso im fabolous infact enough for ur hoe though i say that she gave a nigga blow joe please ***][ they aint no reason dat u gotta trip so chorus: baby u dont need to be cheesed at me cuz im jus outhere movin my zips n, countin my chipz n im doin more advances im movin to the top zip to a pound phone always blingin so dat piff gone move no sleepin late night creepin yee look verse 2: i roll blunts my piff cant fit in it u roll spliffs with no piff in it i like cess brown like cinnamon gets me leaned so i fall into a dream again yes i cant believe what im hearin and so i copp some trees till feel im blem and i stock my cheese and heres my spend money and its gone in a week my friend here i am styll might win no omg no will i am flow goes hard scores a 10 seen dis beef slued her friend push it deep out again showin how i got it man u can do it i promise man now gone do it no ...
  • Cornerstone Roots- Visions Cornerstone Roots Rehersal
  • Reamz - Luke Got Slued - Part 2 Well I haven't got a video for this one but it's more about the lyrics rather than the video. Any way big up to BP and *** PC!
  • Travis Greenlee and Homeslice- I Love You So Capt Nicks 7-12-07 Block Island
  • rolando slued rolando mc from the ganja crew ***in murked
  • Ra Slued
  • Travis Greenlee and Homeslice- Montana Capt. Nicks 7-12-2007 Block Island
  • Maisie & Company Maisie's first week with the pack.
  • Troy Wharf haha Chris yu got SLUED! we got our revenge gayface x love from YA MUM (and sister)x
  • Travis Greenlee and Homeslice- Feel Fine/Promise Land Two songs, 2nd dope reggae tune, Capt. Nicks, Block Island, RI
  • Local Movie When boredom came, this was the product Because of the bad video quality of youtube, here are the subtitles: Here we find the local hobo in the local park reading the local paper. Oh my! The local wind has taken my local paper. Whats this? The local wallet with the local $50 bill? I hope no one steals this as i marvel at it. Oh no! The local robber on the local bike. *shriek* SWIPE! Oh no! The local stick! Whatever shall i do now? Oh look, the local phone. Lets see, Ladainian, Larry the cable guy, Lebron James, Lil' Bow Wow, Luke Skywalker...oh look, the local sheriff. Sorry im late. The local robber he...he took my local fifty. He fled to the local tree. Give me the local bow and arrow son. BWAHHHH AH-BLAHH SHTASHO! You dropped this. Oh Thanks. Oh no. I think he went up the local stairs into the local garage. UH-BWAH Where did he go? Oh no! *gunshots* I've run out of ammo. Very nice. I have been dreadfully slued. I found your local fifty. Hoover damn! Sikhism!
  • video-2010-04-13-19-14-45 This video was uploaded from an Android phone.