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  • Dolla Dyl "No Hands" freestyle dis on Shoepac Tanner was acting up, So Dolla decided to take it out on Shoe, he means no hard feelings its just that he has trouble sleeping and you woke him up. This is a freestyle, remember when listening to this song. No hands by waka flocka is the beat
  • Shoepack Part 1 Researchers trek deep into the wilderness to learn the secret behind a mysterious and very remote Northern Minnesota lake.
  • Cozy and NaNa Kids R Silly
  • Cozy & Nana Sill 9 year olds
  • Hyphy (Parody) Shoepac, Dalton Brocka Flame, & El Pollo Loco Dalton Brocka Flame, Shoepac, and El Pollo Loco showing off the best dance moves in the world and how they get "Hyphy." Easily the best dance video ever made, and quite possibly the greatest thing ever caught on film. This is MAYJAH!
  • mInD COntROL #3--2PAC mInD COntROL #3--2PAC mINd COntROL- IN COmpany & ROLl'n WIT TH33 liGht--MI ABba & MI EMAH--101010101 1+1 =2PAC-- PAC= p0l1+1cal AcTIoN COmMitteE--1. A moccasin or soft SHoE DesIGnED 2 B WOrN insIDe a b00t.--amERICa/Us --GOn gET A shoePAC up ur A55--- 101010101- PAC(G0vernMENt,poLItiCS & DIplomaCy) PAn-AfriCanist C0ngr355-- --talKING 2 MI ABba & EMAH--hEAR da FL0od gATES of heAVEn oPEN--PEN= priSON of hELl-- talKING 2 MI PARentz-- YodHeyWavHey & EMAH'EARth--mi EMAH & HEr CREW LV MUsIC..MI EMAH SAY PUT 50M3 MUsIC ON, EYE SAY-- EMAH WHT YAH WON'na hEAR, sHE SAY MI SON....2PAC....
  • Chopin - Valentina Igoshina - Étude Op. 10, No. 3 This is Valentina Igoshina playing Chopin's Étude in E Major, Op. 10, No. 3. Apologies about the editing!
  • Russia rap vid $40oz$ (starring shoepac) for history project cody josh shoepac
  • Silly Kids Nana & Cozy still at it!