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  • The UP Red Cross Youth UPRCY is a duly recognized university wide service oriented student based organization in the University of the Philippines Diliman and a member council of the
  • by the previous indigenous population Groups occupying different rivers have begun to drift apart linguistically and culturally as a consequence of reduced interaction After Henley 1982 Figure 4 2 Seriated sequence of the Tucuruí Phase Rio Tocantins The pottery was classified into four undecorded types distinguished by differences in tempering material and four decorated
  • for MCs Half head and thorax of a wild type fly dorsal view mCs omitted Black circles below symbolize MCs seriated in posterior to anterior order except that some are grouped cf Fig 2 6 for key P=posterior A=anterior D=dorsal V=ventral M=middle The double helix spans the ~100 kb achaete scute Complex near the tip of the X chromosome Arrows denote
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  • Hikers sitting on the edge of the volcano crater rim after a good hike The seriated edge of the rim trails to the left towards the north under the watch eye Mt Adams 7 26 2006 10 14 10 AM
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  • that the same location was reoccupied by phases belonging to different traditions has a modern counterpart in the reoccupation of prehistoric sites by contemporary groups e g Balée 1987 Figure 4 10 Seriated sequences derived by interdigitation of levels of straffgraphic excavations d two sites on the central Llanos de Moxos identified by the vertical bars at the left
  • 20 Urban Addition Flat Pattern Symmetric and Seriated Arrangement


  • Dance Bailalo - Kat Deluna We did not practice the steps. we just suddenly thinked of the steps right on that day!. but the outcome shows that we are seriated. LOL .. ENJOY THE SUMMER! :)