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  • Bought for £25 000 in May 2007 at 0 miles
  • Log in and Download Otherwise Join Now Psd Plus Membership As you know we run a premium membership system here called Psdtuts+ Plus that costs $9 a month or $22 for 3 months which gives members access to the PSD files for
  • For the Sydney heads This is And they are both on the same night and in the same street So why not make a night of it
  • Parent Directory thin gif 23 Feb 2001 17 40 2 2K sampled gif 23 Feb 2001 17 40 5 8K voroskel gif 23 Feb 2001 17 40 6 6K
  • sampleD gif
  • 015 sampled jpg
  • The toolbox may also produce new data samples from our Markov model by running through it in a probabilistic way A graphical view of the data sequences can also be provided A sequence sample distribution of observations and hidden states from the mendelHMM model with two genes 4 phenotypes and 9 genotypes
  • Dシンプル10 14 800円 税込
  • chsshirt sampled draft1
  • 遺言書の検認の申立書 1 2
  • Higher resolution 142 kb
  • rsz 1Sampled E jpg
  • sampled jpg
  • Here is one of my favorite image its actually the only one that was sampled more than once per pixel My second favorite clamps values against 500 Here it is
  • Belda D Media ha lanzado Sampled Landscape una nueva especial para crear sonidos y texturas tipo cine Tiene varios instrumentos entre los que se encuentran flautas boles tibetanos campanas vientos percusiones atmosféricas voces etéreas y muchos más Se encuentran disponibles para
  • Sample Volume Data Red Giant Star 23MB zip file
  • 2sampled starbk jpg
  • 遺言執行者選任の申立書 1 2
  • Paids Sampled version no background png
  • Adaptive super sampling 1 790 304 rays cast 188 57 seconds to render Adaptive super sampling Intensity proportional to number of rays cast per pixel
  • If you click the different pictures you will see the full version They are shown from most recent Would you like some more tea Clean Cup Move Down
  • Mila Demina все записи автора +
  • sampled sites jpg
  • 遺言書の検認の申立書 1 2
  • Sample Program PNG RBT
  • 遺言執行者選任の申立書 1 2
  • من لغات العالم تستعمل استعارة لوصف مكان يرتاده الكثيرون فيقولون ان هذا المركز هو مكة المتسوقين او ذلك المطعم هو مكة المتذوقيين او ان هذه هي مكة محبى البيره و هكذا شركة ابل كمبيوتر استخدمت هذه الاستعاره
  • good way to get back started was to post about the weekend in St Louis Andy Sapp rolled into St Louis to compete in his first NOPI event for 2007 He ended up qualifying 13th on Saturday After battling the WhipLash truck in the top 16 he advanced into the top 8 Then while the track was soaking wet he was able to take down the Maxxis 240sx and move into the top 4 Kenji was
  • 1 Raw image data 700nm channel 2 Extracted electropherogram data presented as a virtual gel image Next the data are resampled using the de smiling curves to stretch or squish each lane to compensate for artifactual
  • LEGO logo gif 07 Feb 2004 04 55 2k Thumbs db 13 Jan 2004 12 37 29k spatial standing rad > 13 Jan 2004 12 37 143k proof of concept mov > 13 Jan 2004 12 37 17k
  • SampleD jpg 61 38 KB 2006 10 26 20 58 题二样图
  • └ Re 5 再研磨 kuboya 08 04 30 Wed 15 05 1011
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  • Photo distorted using Imager Transform2 http bugbear blackfish org uk ~bruno imager test sampled jpg What the distortion would look like with spline16 interpolation
  • 防毒軟體分別以最大設定及預設設定偵測樣本d 圖示為最大設定及預設設的誤報率 防毒軟體分別以最大設定及預設設定偵測樣本e 圖示為最大設定及預設設的誤報率
  • I have a premade Im about to throw up for sale it may take me a bit to edit colors but if you like the layout itself Id be willing to do the edit sample My God I never liked alot of boxes but That s beautiful O O stunning my dear stunning we ll I just might buy that so please do edit the colors to
  • Click here for a map jpeg of the precincts that will be surveyed on Election Day Click here for an MSWord file that contains the precinct list and assignment procedures
  • sampled func gif
  • sampled6nq jpg


  • Ahmad Jamal - I Love Music Sample track Pete Rock used to make NaS's The World is Yours!! This is the full song enjoy!!! Samples start @ 4:58- The world is yours (Pete rock) 5:40- Me or the papes (Dj Preimer)
  • 50 cent - Places to go hot slideshow =D From album: 8 Mile
  • As Sample As That: Who Sampled What (Part 8) 8th part of my sample video series...
  • Kid Rock - All Summer Long Live Live performance from Kid Rock at Rock am Ring
  • Making a Sampled Beat in FL Studio Here I go showing how I made a sampled beat in FL Studio. Lemme know if you got any questions or anything. MPC Skin: Classic Plug ins Classic Compressor:
  • FL Studio - Sampled Beat Part 2 - Audition - Warbeats Tutorial From This is the second part of a two-part tutorial. In this section we take the samples we chopped in part 1 using Audition and arrange them in FL Studio.
  • Kendrick Lamar -The Heart Pt. 2 Feat. Dash Snow I Could Not Find This Song On Here So I Thought I'll Upload It. The Intro Track For Kendrick Lamar's Dope Mixtape Called OD (Overly Dedicated)
  • As Sample As That: Who sampled what (Part 7) As Sample As That: Who sampled what (Part 7) Titles: 1. Barrington Levy "On the telephone" - Afu-Ra "D&D Soundclash" 2. Black Ivory "We made it" - Nas "Revolutionary warfare" 3. Camel "Air born" - Hi-Tek "Music for life" feat. Nas 4. Bernard Wright "Haboglabotribin" - Snoop Dogg "G'z & hustlers" 5. Friends of Distinction "Crazy Mary" - The Away Team "The shining" 6. George Benson "Face it boy, it's over" - Ed OG & the Bulldogs "Love comes & goes" and DJ Jazzy Jeff "Love for da game" feat. Baby Blak & Pauly Yamz 7. Jean Plum "Here I go again" - Mobb Deep "Win or lose" 8. Love Unlimited "Share a little love in your heart" - Finale & Spier 1200 "One sound two feet" 9. The O'Jays "Cry together" - AZ "Mo' money, mo' murder (Homicide)" feat. Nas Credits instrumental: Cunninlynguists "The park"
  • Discovered: People Who Sampled Daft Punk Download: Tracklist: 01. Busta Rhymes - Touch It (Technologic) 02. Kanye West - Stronger (Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger) 03. Teriyaki Boyz - HeartBreaker (Human After All) 04. Janet Jackson - So Much Betta (Daftendirekt) 05. Gorillaz - Dare (Revoltion 909) 06. Bi (Rain) - My Groove (High Life) 07. Play-N-Skillz ft. Lil Jon, Bun - One Mo' Gin (One More Time) 08. Boyz Noise - My Head (Para One Remix) (Burnin') 09. Wiley - Summertime (Aerodynamic) 10. Will.I.Am - Got It From Her Mama Remix (Around The World) 11. BanYa - Extravaganza (Burnin') 12. Bashy - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger) 13. Joey Riot - Hypnomatic (Technologic) 14. The Chemical Brothers - Believe (Face To Face) 15. Da Skunk - Hot Box (Hatiras & Macca Vocal Mix) (Burnin') 16. Hoffman - Stomp Da Disko-Tek (Ian Pooley - Chord Memory (Daft Punk Remix)) 17. Soulwax - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (Soulwax Shibuya Re-Remix) (Oh Yeah, Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Scratch, Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You, Teachers, Rollin' & Scratchin', HBFS, Arodynamic, Rock n' Roll, Revolution 909) 18. Busta Rhymes - Touch It Remix (Technologic)
  • Morgan Heritage - Brooklyn & Jamaica - original with lyrics tapeversion - because somebody asked ..... Intro: Oh! Nuh bodda ask mi bout what I don't know (Don't Know) Ask mi bout how di yutes flow (How di yutes flow) It's a reality show (Rockers in the jukebox) Verse 1: I don't know nothin much about Beverly Hills I don't know about working for the system I don't know about life on Miami Beach But know a little bout the streets Chorus: Just ask about Brooklyn, and how the ganja move in the street And when your poor you cant sleep Ask mi bout Brooklyn, where everyday another bites the dust True so much gunshot a buss Just ask mi bout Jamaica, where life is gettin harder And if you ever come on yah Ask mi bout Jamaica, whether policeman and soldier Nuh stop charge man fi murda, so Verse 2: Nuh bodda ask mi bout things that I don't know Ask mi bout reality and I will show Show you just how di ghetto yutes flow This is real life livin a nuh puppet show We don't know about owning yachts and fancy cars But where we come from those who show off becomes victims Cause in the ghetto everyone is a superstar And everyone is packin heat Chorus: Just ask about Brooklyn, and how the ganja move in the street And when your poor you cant sleep Ask mi bout Brooklyn, where everyday another bites the dust True so much gunshot a buss Just ask mi bout Jamaica, where life is gettin harder And if you ever come on yah Ask mi bout Jamaica, whether policeman and soldier Nuh stop charge man fi murda Bridge: Cause it's hard yeah (This life) it's not a pretty ...
  • Dr. Dre - Lil' Ghetto Boy [Verse One: Snoop Doggy Dogg] Wake up, jumped out my bed Hung in a 2 man cell wit my homie Lil 1/2 Dead Murder was the case that they gave me Dear God, I wonder can you save me I'm only 18, so I'm a young buck It's a ride, if I don't scrap, I'm getting stuck But that's the life of a G, I guess Ese's way deep, shanked two in they chest Bests run 'cause brothers is dropping quicker Ugn, too late, damn, down goes another nigga Bouncing off the walls, throwing them dogs Getting a rep as a young hog It ain't nuttin like the street life Betta be strapped wit yo clip, cuz ain't no fist fight So I guess I gots ta handle mine Since I did the crime, I gots ta do my time [Chorus: Dat Nigga Daz] Lil' ghetto boy Playing in the ghetto streets What'cha gonna do when you grow up And have to face responsibility [Verse Two: Dr. Dre] Now, I'm 'trolling the dove, sitting on swoll 27 years old, off on parole, stroll I'm back up on my feet wit my mind on the money That I'm making as soon as I touch the street Things done changed but it's alright Remember they used to thump but now they blast, right But it ain't no thing to me 'Cause now I'm what they call a loced-assed OG The little homies from the hood wit grip Are the ones I get wit 'cause I'm down respect trip Nigga, I'm bigger than you, so what'cha wanna do Didn't know we had a 22 Straight sitting behind his back I'm grab his pockets and then I heard six caps I fell to the ground wit blood on my hands I didn't understand How a nigga so ...
  • Smooth Hip Hop Sampled Beat Follow Me On Twitter http Check out my soundclick for over 100 beats to download
  • As sample as that: Who sampled what (Part 2) Titles: 1. Lyn Collins "Put it on the line" - LL Cool J feat. Keith Murray, Mobb Deep, Fat Joe & Foxy Brown "I shot ya (Remix)" 2. The Isley Brothers "Footsteps in the dark" - Ice Cube "It was a good day" 3. The Gap Band "Yearning for your love" - Nas feat. AZ "Life's a ***" 4. Mtume "Juicy fruit" - Notorious BIG "Juicy" 5. Rick James "Mary Jane" - Da Brat "Sittin' on top of the world", Redman "Smoking Buddah" 6. Sylvia Striplin "You can't turn me away" - Junior MAFIA "Get money" 7. Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross "Stop, look, listen (To your haert) - Shaquille O'Neal feat. Mobb Deep "Legal money" 8. Isley Brothers "For the love of you" - 2 Pac "Burry me a G" 9. Unlimited Touch "I hear music in the streets" - Rampage the last Boy Scout "Take it to the streets" 10. Myra Barnes "The message from the Soul sisters - Lil' Kim feat. Puff Daddy "No time" 11. Renee & Angela "I'll be good" - Foxy Brown "I'll be"
  • TLC - Fanmail 1st song off the "Fanmail" album. (circa '99)
  • Bob James - Nautilus Sampled by Run-DMC in "Beats To The Rhyme" (RIP Jam Master Jay). Also sampled by Eric B & Rakim, Public Enemy, Naughty By Nature and too many others to name... NOTE: This video is posted for review purposes only, and as such is protected by "fair use" provisions of US copyright law. Please leave your review of this work in the comments section.
  • MF Doom - Licorice Track 14 of Special Herbs - The Box Set Collection. : : : : : : I have the entire box set collection along with the correct tracklistings. I plan on uploading the rest of the collection, but if you have any questions or requests just leave it a comment.
  • ZZ Top - Live From Texas www.eagle- ZZ Top, the "little ol' band from Texas", have enjoyed enormous success on a global scale since their breakthrough in the early seventies and then their groundbreaking albums in the mid-eighties. Now for the first time one of ZZ Top's legendary live performances has been filmed for release on DVD. The tracklisting spans their career from early tracks such as "Waitin' For The Bus", "Just Got Paid" and the classic "La Grange", through their eighties blockbusters including "Gimme All Your Lovin'" and "Legs" (complete with furry guitars!) and up to more recent hits like "Pin Cushion". Filmed in their home state of Texas in front of a wildly enthusiastic audience, this DVD captures ZZ Top at their very best.
  • Menahan Street Band "Make the Road by Walking" Live Recorded by NYC TV live at SummerStage on August 17, 2008, during Daptone Record's season-closing revue. The performance also marked the live debut of the band, which is made up of members of the Dap-Kings, Budos Band, and El Michels Affair, among others, and lead by Dap-King and Budos guitarist Tommy Brenneck.
  • Pixies - Boston Club Date www.eagle- After 10 years apart, the Pixies reformed in 2004. This is taken from the second release in our Club Date series and features the Pixies in the intimate Paradise Club in Boston. Featuring four of their classic tracks - Where Is My Mind, Debaser, Tame, & Gigantic; this is a fantastic performance in intimate surroundings that shows the Pixies at their very best.
  • Bobby Caldwell - Open Your Eyes w/Lyrics Bobby Caldwell - Open Your Eyes Lyrics: I see you in a lonely place How can you be so blind You're still regretting The love you left, left behind Oh darling I've seen you go through the changes Sitting alone each night Are you expecting to find the love Love that's right Darling open your eyes Let me show you the light Girl you'll never find a love that's right Darling open your eyes Let me show you the light Girl you think you're so wise You're so wise There are times When you'll need someone I will be by your side I take my chances Before they pass, pass me by Oh darling There is a light that shines Special for you and me You need a look at the other side You'll agree Darling open your eyes Let me show you the light You may never find a love that's right Bio: Bobby Caldwell's live performances are always electrifying! Drawing from his vast repertoire of rousing R&B, intimate smooth jazz stylings, and big band songs, Bobby has the ability to entertain at any venue, for fans of all ages. In Japan and throughout Asia, he enjoys a feverish popularity, selling out shows and achieving gold and platinum status for his releases in those countries. In addition to heavy touring, Bobby starred as Frank Sinatra in the David Cassidy/Don Reo theatrical production "The Rat Pack Is Back" in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bobby received rave reviews for his performance, both from industry critics and from his loyal fans. Bobby has been featured on The CBS Second Cup Café, The Tonight Show starring ...
  • As sample as that: Who sampled what (Part 4) Titles: 1. Just-Ice "Cold gettin' dumb" - Redman feat. K-Solo "It's like that (Big brother)" 2. John Dankworth "Two piece flower" - Gang Starr "Above the clouds" 3. Billy Paul "Let's fall in love all over again" - Gang Starr "Moment of truth" 4. The Mysterious Flying Orchestra "Shadows" - Gang Starr "Skillz" 5. Stan Getz & Luis Bonfa "Saudade vem correndo" - The Pharcyde "Runnin'" 6. Bob James "Shamboozie" - Rakim "Guess who's back" 7. Patrice Rushen "When there is love" - Mobb Deep "Temperature's rising" 8. Clifford Brown "Yesterdays" - KRS One "MC's act like they don't know" 9. Gap Mangione "Diana in the Autumn wind" - Jaylib "The official" 10. Catalyst "Uzuri" - The Fab 5 (Heltah Skeltah & OGC) "Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka" 11. Quincy Jones "Razzmatazz" - GZA "Legend of the Liquid Sword"
  • Flowie Beats - Sampled Beat 1 (Mpd32) Just making a beat. Mpd32 + FlStudio. I know there is a problem with timing its all about latency on my asio driver. :| If you would like to spit on any of my beats just msg me. /flowiebeats SAMPLE "Under My Wings by The Smith Connection"
  • honkyoku for sampled bassoon Honkyoku (本曲, "original pieces") are the pieces of shakuhachi or hocchiku music played by mendicant Japanese Zen monks called komusō. Komusō played honkyoku for enlightenment and alms as early as the 13th century. Honkyoku is the practice of suizen ("blowing Zen"). The Fuke sect which originated this practice ceased to exist in the 19th century, but a verbal and written lineage of many honkyoku continues today, though the music is now often practiced in a concert or performance setting.
  • Bizarre Foods - Spain 6/6 Andrew Zimmern's gastronomic tour of the world continues with a trip through Spain where he chows down on suckling pig brains, bull testicles, and everything in between!
  • Original eminem songs that were sampled
  • Sampled Beats 2Pac (Lost Souls) / Lil Jaye - FL Studio (prod. by Valentine) hey guys, 2 sampled beats i recently made. a (1) 2pac sample and a (2) lil jaye sample. hope u like them ;) plz rate, comment oder SUBSCRIBE :) edit: the lil jaye sampled beat is sold!! cheers ExtraTags: lil wayne hip hop barak obama chris brown rhianna awards grammy grammys dance Mr. Carter Feat. Jay-Z A Milli Got Money Feat. T-Pain Comfortable Feat. Babyface Dr. Carter Phone Home Tie My Hands Feat. Robin Thicke Mrs. Officer Feat. Bobby Valentino Let The Beat Build Shoot Me Down Feat. D. Smith Lollipop Feat. Static Major La La Feat. Brisco & Busta Rhymes Playing With Fire Feat. Betty Wrigh You Ain't Got Nuthin Feat. Juelz Santana & Fabolous Dontgetit 2pac tupac shakur 50 cent biggi diddy dmx mike tyson wwe Timbaland xzibit nelly eminem slim shady akon mario kanye west Lil Mama featuring Chris Brown T-Pain;Lil T-Pain Shawty Get Loose Rap Music Video Lil Mama g-slide gslide tour bus Lip Gloss hip machinima animation game movies news comedy gta grand theft auto videos funny hop dance rap soulja boy crank that huey kanye ciara 50cent rihanna Lil Mama Lip Gloss hiphop hip hop dance krump rap soulja boy crank that huey kanye fergie ciara 50cent rihanna beyonce Urban Music News Pop Rihanna Lil Mama Jay-Z Ne-Yo Good Girl Gone Bad l mama chris brown tpain t-pain shawty shorty get loose low flo rida with you kiss bet dance michael jackson Ludacris ft Young Jeezy - Grew Up A Screw Up Ludacris ft Young Jeezy - Grew Up A Screw Up (Chopped and Screwed) ludacris young jeezy grew screw ...
  • *** U & SAMPLED & LEFTOVA KALUP LINZY KALUP LINZY (Sampled & LeftOva *** U) Exhibition Loop Written, Directed, and Edited by Kalup Linzy Kalup Linzys Sampled and LeftOva & *** U for Proenza Schouler On the Occasion of Pitti W-Nº4. A Project of Fondazione Pitti Discovery. Produced by Art Production Fund. Make up by Aidan Keopg and Bryan Campbell for MAC. In a multidisciplinary practice that includes videos, performances and music, Linzy creates satirical narratives inspired by television soap operas, telenovelas and Hollywood melodramas. He performs, most often in drag, in a series of memorable recurring roles. The artist serves as writer, composer, director, cinematographer, editor, and actor—and, in a distinctive strategy, also voices and overdubs the dialogue of multiple characters. At once comic, raunchy and poignant, Linzys unique narrative music and videos fuse dramatic intensity with melodramatic irony.
  • As Sample As That: Who sampled what (Part 3) As Sample As That: Who sampled what (Part 3) : 1. Ahmad Jamal "I love music" - Nas "The world is yours" 2. Mayada El Hennawy "Aloly ensi" - Aaliyah" More than a woman" (DELETED) 3. Enoch Light "A little fugue for you and me" - Beatnuts "No escapin' this" 4. Buster Williams "Vibration" - Big L "Put it on" 5. Ronnie Laws "Tidal wave" - Black Moon "Who got the props" 6. Galt Macdermot "Space" - Busta Rhymes "Woo Hah (Got you all in check) 7. Raymond Scott "Lightworks" - Busta Rhymes & J Dilla feat. Talib Kweli & Q-Tip "Lightworks" 8.Daedelus "Experience" - Madvillain "Accordion" (DELETED) 9. Gentle Giant "Funny ways" - Madvillain "Strange ways" (DELETED) 10. Abdul Halim Hafez "Khosara" - Jay-Z "Big pimpin'" 11. Charles Aznavour "Parce que tu crois" - Dr. Dre feat. Xzibit & Eminem "What's the difference" 12. Nina Simone "Sinner man" - Talib Kweli "Get by" 13. Ennio Morricone "Uccellacci e Uccellini - EPMD feat. Redman,Method Man & Lady Luck "Symphony 2000"
  • Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa-Rollin' Up Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa-Rollin' Up ***SUBSCRIBE*** ***SUBSCRIBE*** ***SUBSCRIBE*** ((TIE ent.))
  • Kanye West all sampled songs this video shows different classic songs sample by kanye west all credits go to
  • S4K Kurzy Piano 16 Mb sampled for KORG TRITON and M3 Demostration Keyboard: KORG TRITON and M3 Patch: S4K Kurzy Piano, Kurzweil Piano 16 Mb sampled sounds Performed by S4K www.space4
  • SAMPLES USED BY RAPPERS 14 Hip Hop Classics and The Music They Have Sampled ps. sorry for including Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby in this selection, but this video is on sampling so.... TRACKLISTING 1- Run DMC - Peter Piper 1- Bob James - Take Me to the Mardi Gras 2 - Wu-Tang Clan - CREAM 2 - Charmels - As Long As Ive Got You 3 - Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full 3 - The Soul Searchers - Ashley's Roachclip 4 - Geto Boys - Mind Playing Tricks On Me 4 - Isaac Hayes Hung up on My Baby 5 - Dr. Dre - Nuthin But a G Thang 5 - Leon Haywood - I Wanta Do Something Freaky To You 6 - Special Ed - I Got it Made 6 - The Ripple - I Don't Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky 7 - Sugarhill Gang - 8th Wonder 7th Wonder - Daisy Lady 8 - KRS-One - Step Into A World 8 - Mohawks - The Champ 9 - Tupac - California Love 9 - Joe ***er - Woman to Woman 10 - Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day 10 - The Isley Brothers - Footsteps In The Dark 11 - Dr. Dre - The Next Episode 11 - David McCallum - The Edge 12 - Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby 12 - Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure 13 - Biz Markie - Just a Friend 13 - Freddie Scott - You Got What I Need 14 - Dana Dane - Cinderfella Dana Dane 14 - Brick - Dazz
  • Ja Rule feat. Case - Livin It Up (Video) Ja Rule feat. Case - Livin It Up
  • 8 Bit Weapon - GameBoy Rocker www.8 High Quality Stereo 8 bit music.
  • Wattstax - Jesse Jackson - Primal Scream - Come Together Jesse Jackson's opening speech at Wattstax. Sampled by Andy Weatherall, for Primal Scream - Come Together
  • Reason Tutorial: Granular Timestretching of Sampled Sounds Tutorial making use of Reason's NN19 Sampler to simulate the effects of timestretching and granular synthesis by increasing the length of a sound without changing it's pitch. . Sound design info, patches for hardware and software synths, interviews and tutorials at
  • How To Create Custom Sampled Drumkits w/ SliceX in FL Studio View the SliceX Sampling Guide here: Learn how to create custom sampled drumkits with SliceX in FL Studio.
  • The Chemical Brothers - Got Glint Track: Got Glint; Album: Surrender; Artist: The Chemical Brothers; Year: 1999
  • FL Studio - Sampled Beat Part 1 - Audition - Warbeats Tutorial From This video is Part 1 of a two part tutorial on sampling with Adobe Audition and making a sampled beat in FL Studio.
  • As Sample As That: Who Sampled What (Part 9) 9th part of my samples videos
  • Santogold - Lights Out Artist: Santogold Song: Lights Out Album: Santogold Lyrics Lights out, shoot up the station tv's dead where's there to run? watch everybody come undone (Lights out) we'll make it easy we'll make it run one life they see now, how'd they get one? still I'll wait another run Don't worry don't got to worry man I got you tight Don't worry don't have to worry till I hit the lights Wiped out, no concentration they got us baskin in a stole I watched your *** head lose it all (Wiped out) they ain't gone see me that's what I want a casualty but I have more fun and I know what it's about Don't worry don't got to worry man I got you tight Don't worry don't have to worry till I hit the lights I'm still here shaking my head the way you care to come forth I can't do what's down my head there's no place to run. Don't worry don't got to worry man I got you tight Don't worry don't have to worry till I hit the lights aah ah ah aah aah... Don't worry don't got to worry man I got you tight Don't worry don't have to worry till I hit the lights Don't worry don't got to worry man I got you tight Don't worry don't have to worry till I hit the lights aah ah ah aah aah...
  • DJ Shadow - Napalm Brain / Scatter Brain DJ Shadow - Napalm Brain / Scatter Brain Label: A&M Records (UK), Mo Wax Catalog#: 540-607-2, 540-607-2 Format: CD, Album Country: UK Released: 1996 Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop Style: Instrumental, Breaks, Downtempo, Abstract Credits: Artwork By [Sleeve Designed By] - Ben Drury , Will Bankhead Engineer [Assistant] - Automator, The* Photography - B Plus Photography [Montage] - Will & Garney Bankhead Producer, Engineer, Written-By, Mixed By - DJ Shadow Notes: The tracklist on the inlay doesn't assign numbers to the three "Transmission" interludes so it only runs from track 1 to 13 while the CD actually has 16 indexed tracks as given below. Green sticker on jewel case front gives artist, title, label and catalog number.