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  • Donna Summer vs Patrick Cowley - I Feel Love and More (Jonnie Polyester Amalgamated Rework) This is another rough and ready rework which combines the 2 versions of 'I Feel Love' that I love the most; Patrick Cowley's remix with the live version taken from Donna Summer's 1978 'Live & More' album on Casablanca Records. Check out the part at end where she talks to the crowd and really gets them rocking... shes a real class entertainer! Note the BPM is a bit quick; it was how they performed the track in the live shows back then :) JPx
  • Donna Summer - Sand on my feet (WEN!NG'S sabulous Mix)01.rmvb
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  • Phuket Beach sabulous!!!
  • Donna Summer - It's only love (WEN!NG'S dark beat Mix)01.mpg
  • Billy and Bobby Prologue Ep. 2 The second addition to the B & B series! 8D It's totally sabulous! (Look it up, bimbos!) Billy and Bobby get a mailbox, and mail. Like, OMG! Remember to thank the mail fairy, next time you get mail.
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