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  • Chain of love (jb love story ch7) UGH!! this is the third time l had to upload it... anyways here's cp 7!! enjoy!______________________________________________ l was about to close my eyes and perpare my self for the worst, when l seen a widow of opportunity open and went for it. l lifted my leg and canned the guy on my left, making him go down like a ***. "AHHH, you little brat!!" l turned my body putting all my strength in my arm and jabbed the other guy in the ribcage causing him to fall to the ground to. "YOU ***!" he screamed at me the leader (well i'm guessing) smirked and walked closer to me "looks like we're dealing with somene who has more then just a smart mouth." "your just figured that out? looks like you need a new brain more then you need a new face." l spat at him "okay, that's it!!" he ran towards me, punching me to the ground. "guys get up let's finish her off." he said the sidekicks scambled up and started to kick me, while l laid there hopeless. one of them stepped hard on my ribcage CRACK. l screamed in pain, thorwing my hands on my ribcage. "that's what you get for messing with us ***." one of them sneared all of a sudden a voice l thought l would never here again came from a distance. "LEAVE HER ALONE" l looked up and seen Carri with a tear stained face, she must felt it. "Carri," l gasped in pain "get her!" the leader snarled losing intrest in me. they ran to her and kicke her down. l wasn't able to do anything, all l could do was lay there. l heard her agonizing screams and ...
  • Warrior Cat request~ Nightstare Dude, took forever to find the file to upload. X3 i got this request off of impressive title by a fan, apparently! It was really cool to meet someone there that knew me here. Well, yeah... please, dont be like "Wheres my Request?" I am tired, have to go to A solo and ensamble competition tomarrow, and i sabbed my butt with a pencil yesterday. Yes, it still hurts. Thanksfor your concern, though! Well, here you go!! Stealthkitty, i belive. Enjoy, i hope you like the edits to my style... Tell me what you think! :D MUSIC (C) IMPRESSIVE TITLE.
  • Graphite deep in finger...need help. I was reaching in my pocket for my keys and a really shsrp pensil stabbed me in my pinky and the tip of the pencil got stuck deep in my finger. so i was wondering how I would get this out?
  • PeCa bio hazard highlight 2 (bio hazard 3) ENGLISH SUBTITLE VERSION PeCa bio hazard highlight 2 (bio hazard 3) English subbed version. Long time no see, this is soil73. I put subtitles. Also, I revised some gaps of the sound. enjoy.
  • Worsley Brehmer Sprite 's' Stitcher @ www.ppm-.wmv Worsley Brehmer Sprite 's' Stitcher The Sprite is designed to meet the requirements for a light duty wire stitching machine in printing and publishing establishments. It is compact and easy to operate. This single headed printers wire stitcher from a UK manufacturer offers saddle and flat clenched stitching up to 20mm in a user friendly machine. •Stitch Thickness: •Clenched: 19mm •Sabbed: 35mm • •Stitching wire: •Round: .016 to .035 •Flat: .032 x .018 to .038 x .031 • •Max Stitching Speed: 225 stitches per minute •Floor space: 24" x 24" •Height: 50" •Electrics for 240v operation
  • Sylar / Claire -I Miss You A Sylar Claire Video The Story Is: Claire And Sylar Were In Love But Sylar Died Because He Was Sabbed By Hiro who Claire Was Meant To Kill But She Didnt Because She Couldnt Bring Herself To Pull The Trigger, The Hatian Removes Claires Memories To Save Her The Pain. A Year Later A News Report Is On The Tv Remembering Sylar This Gives Claire Her Memories Back And She Is Distraught With What She Remembers. No Copyright Intended.
  • The Heroes of The Second World War If you want to add anything of have questions on the pictures just leave a comment. The Pictures: 1. Erwin Rommel arrives in Africa. His string of victories and military genius will earn him the nickname "The Desert Fox" 2. Australian soldiers at the Battle of El Alamein. 3. Japanese crew cheers as their planes depart to bomb Pearl Harbor. 4. The USS Arizona after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The US lost 5 Battleships, 2 Destroyers, 1 other ship, 188 Aircraft, and 2345 men with another 3 Battleships, 3 Cruisers, 155 Aircraft, and 1247 men damaged. 5. Doolittle's B-25 lifting off the USS Hornet to bomb Japan as retaliation for Pearl Harbor. The 16planes in the squad destroyed 16 military targets including 10 in Tokyo. All planes crashed in China (as planned) and most men made it to saftey though 1 man died on bail out and another 2 during the crashes. 8 of the men were taken prisoner by Japanese soldiers in China and were starved and tortured. 3 of the men were given mock trials and then sent to the firing squad while 1 other died of starvation. The final 3 would eventually make it home. 6.The "Big Three" Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill meeting in Yalta. 7.*** mass salute at a meeting. 8. Hitler after taking Paris (and France). 9. German infantry soldiers marching down a road. 10. US First Army Division landing on Omaha Beach for D-Day. 155000 Allies landed on the Normandy and about 4100 were lost. 11. Soldier of the 16th Infantry making his way to shore at Omaha Beach ...
  • I Shot The Duck Hunt Dog - Flower Girls Who Don´t Put Out Get Sabbed an awesome song
  • toxic lipstick - sabbed
  • Sapped Girls Can't Say No name says it all