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  • PS3 Slim "Rumor Monger" Commercial (HD) Here is one of the commercials to promote the recent release of the PlayStation 3 Slim. Website: Forums forums.e- Twitter
  • Rumormonger in the Mirror The rumormonger takes a look at himself in the mirror!
  • Dear Playstation - Rumor Monger (nigerian censored version) This version of the Rumor Monger ad was censored after some time due agresive statements for the nigerian people. Bad, Kevin, bad! :P Sorry, couldn't do a compilation like the first All Dear Playstation Commercials ModNation Racers Playstation Move
  • keven butler for president part 2 1080p rock on kb
  • 2 BS Rumors Solved in 31 Seconds... 3 WEEKS AGO! We have been totally upfront about the entire process and the major hurdles we have been addressing. IF ANYONE, is upset and wants a refund please contact David at Opencurrency com. That being said I am tired of the trolls and spammers, I have blocked 20 people in the past week from spreading the RUMOR that we are selling our silver and that the medallion is not a full troy ounce. Now that the rumor monger has been proven wrong AGAIN maybe he will get a life and provide real value. I doubt it... I will continue to take the extra second out of my life and whacka-block trolls and spammers. At some point one has to wonder if these guys are getting paid to troll and upset the physical silver market? After all running paid ads on my videos and spreading rumors sounds a lot like a disinfo agent. So if we are going to spread rumors, are these guys working for Blythe Masters and JP Morgan? For those that want to continue to support men that have been at the forefront of this battle and own a truly awesome 31.1 gram 1 FULL troy ounce Silver Bullet Silver Shield Medallion you can order at
  • Let's Play - Persona 2: EP - The Rumormonger Nekomata Upon inspection of a golden cat statue, Maya donates 1000 yen at a time to the statue for hopes of some reward. The reward is being able to get some rare rumors from a Nekomata holed up in Kuzunoha's bathroom.
  • Dear Playstation - Kevin Butler and the Move Kevin Butler brings the Move from the Future. He also mocks Natal and the Wii xD Sorry, couldn't do a compilation like the first All Dear Playstation Commercials Rumor Monger (censored version) ModNation Racers
  • Let's Play - Persona 2: EP - Meet Ellen and Nate Based on the information and photographs from Sneak, the team tries to contact the resistance members through the power of rumor. As expected, journalists and reporters flood the meeting place. So Maya and Katsuya wait outside to contact (in this case) Ellen. Inside, Baofu and Ulala cause a commotion that prevents the media from exiting. After all the chaos, the team meets at Nate's penthouse suite to go over their plans. In this case, the team goes with Ellen to Sumaru TV. However, you do have the ability to choose Nate. It all depends on the rumor. I chose Ellen because this is a New Game+ that I played with Nate last round.
  • Fearless Vampire Killers - Change/A Rumor-Monger/Keep on Thinking/Misunderstanding Japanese ***. Album is "Go Ahead Make My Day - Smashing Odds Ness 2" comp; 1989 I do not own or claim to own any of this.
  • Breaking News Flash . Taxes on Burial Plots 2.wmv, Latest Government proposal.Taxes on Burial Plots. People are rising up in protest.. Baptist church takes advantage. From your Rumor Monger.
  • My PS3 Rumor Monger PS3 TV Spot Trailer PSN
  • Kevin butler ps3 commercial (rumor monger) one of kevins ps3 game syustem commercial
  • Andrew Breitbart confesses to relationships with young girls Rightwing rumormonger Andrew Breitbart confesses to CNN: "I have relationships with girls who are quite young, girls who are sitting on my weiner, monitoring my nuts."
  • Rumor and Commentary
  • Let's Play - Persona 2: EP - Panther of Club Zodiac With the tip from Anna, the team moves into Club Zodiac. Supposedly, Jokers are being detained in the back room of the club by the Taiwanese Mafia. However, the door is password protected. A little ultra-violence from Baofu certainly clears that up.
  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PSP) - Playthrough ~ Part 27 | Routine Shopping This is getting tiresome, more shopping, more rumormongering. Well, we've discovered the 5th rumormonger at least.
  • Chinese Yueju Opera- Love With a Fairy Carp-Scene-5 Cast:XU Yulan(徐玉兰),WANG Wenjuan(王文娟) Male role:XU School(徐派) Female role: WANG School(王派) JIN Chong: Why are that man and woman in a hurry?Tell me. Servant: Yes,seems like Mr.ZHANG and Mistress. JIN Chong: Did you see clear? Servant: Yes I did. JIN Chong: Chase them back immediately! Madam JIN: Today is a happy day.I'm drinking with my daughter accompanying me.We have already pulled out the nail from eyes to drive the poor out! Mudan: Hearing that I feel great joy and hilarity.Mother I toast you for the merriment. Maids: Masteress and Mistress,please see the lantern. Maid1: It's a as-one-wish lantern I made to wish you have a bright new spring. Maid2: It's a Number-one-scholar lantern I made. Madam JIN: To wish my daughter to marry a handsome Number One scholar! JIN Chong: It's so loathsome! Madam LIN: Why are you in such an anger? JIN Chong: It's the scoundrel ZHANG Zhen,who had been driven out by us,was so bold enough to see lanterns with my daughter on the street. If it's known by others,our family reputation is ruined. Madam JIN: Our daughter is right at home.How could she be on the street? You were dim-sighted and must mistook someone else for her. JIN Chong: I saw clearly.How can I mistake anyone else for my own daughter? Servant: Master,they are chased back! JIN chong: Take them to me! JIN Chong: You son of ***!How dare you lure my daughter out after you were expeled and ruin her reputation? Come on,tie him up with rope! Carp: Oh no,father...(pretend to ...
  • Rare film of a Rumormonger! Here we see a rare film of a Rumormonger found away from its home planet!
  • Candle PS3 TV Commercial HD1080
  • Alex Jones Slams Bill Cooper Alex Jones shows his true colors by slandering William Cooper on his radio show. Notice how he goes nuts the second he hears the name "Bill Cooper". Alex Jones didn't know Bill Cooper, they've never met face to face. They've only talked over the phone and Bill was only on Alex Jones' show one time (in 1998). How would he know if he got 'falling down drunk' or even drank at all? Alex Jones, you are full of ***. He claims in this clip that he had to hang up on Bill in that interview because of the profanity that he used. The interview is on my channel in my playlists, listen for yourself. He's a liar. Bill was murdered and not around to defend himself anymore but since Alex has already made this claim when Bill was alive, this has already been addressed and Cooper has called him a boldfaced cowardly liar. The reason Alex is angry is because he's a con job and Bill refused to go on his show after he listened to a few of Alex Jones broadcasts, learned what Alex was about and attempted to verify the bull*** he spreads. After Alex picked up Y2K and created mass hysteria he really started attacking Bill because Bill did a series on his radio show regarding Alex Jones and Y2K. The series focused on Jones' unbelievable behavior and fearmongering on his December 31st 1999 broadcast in which he went completely out of his head and claimed that Russia had launched intercontinental missiles with multiple warheads at the United States of America and actually panicked millions of ...
  • A Major Award 2007 Film Racing 12 Hour Competition Entry. Theme: A rumor. Surprise element - action: Looking in a mirror *Award for Best Original Music Score - Boston 2007 Roy Sansom http
  • Shin Megami Tensei Persona 2 Eternal Punishment OST Nekomata Rumor Office Nekomata Office Rumor
  • PS3 Montage TV Commercial HD
  • The Akward Silense - Run Interface Rumormonger Here is a song I wrote. You can listen to it if you like. I hope it is pleasing.
  • Legend of the Five Rings - Before the Dawn card list Card list and visual spoiler for the Legend of the Five Rings set "Before the Dawn", as show at Trade Cards Online: Legend of the Five Rings Before the Dawn: A Champion in Court A Dragon's Favor A Gentle Word A Simple Yari Advanced Warning Akodo Ashiko...
  • Kevin Butler for president part 2 re-do umm yeah here ya go
  • KEVIN BUTLER FOR PRESIDENT part 1 1080p HD credit to sony and Kevin butler MAG vp first person shooter relations artist spotlight modnation racers god of war 3 funny awesome i consume a healthy amount of suckas online every day candle uncharted 2 grandma ratchet and clank future a crack in time weaponologist KEVIN BUTLER FOR PRESIDENT credit to sony Kevin butler and windows movie maker E3 2010 dear PlayStation 3 psp Marcus rivers interviews mlb rumor monger all montage
  • Karar Oi Louho Kopat [Bangla & English Lyrics HD] Karar Oi Louho Kopat (Those Iron Gates of Prison) by Kazi Nazrul Islam. ( Nazrul wrote this song for the Bengal nationalists fighting against foreign occupation. ( (Sang by Renaissance) Those Iron Gates of Prison [Karar oi louho kopat] Kazi Nazrul Islam Translation: Sajed Kamal ========================= Destroy those iron gates of prison, demolisth the blood-stained stony altars of chain worshipping! O youthful Shiva, blow your horn of universal cataclysm! Let the flag of destruction rise amidst the rubble of prison walls of the East!! Play the music of the festival of Shiva! Who's the master? Who's the king? Who is it that punishes the truth of freedom? Ha! Ha! Ha! It's a laugh-- God is to be hanged? Rumor-monger-- who teaches this pitiful "trugh"? O you forgetful Madman -- shake -- shake the prisons with your forceful cataclysmic pulls! Send your Haidari call, play your war-drums-- call Death towards Life! There, the Baishakhi storm is dancing-- are you just going to sit through your days? Let's see you shake up the foundation of that terrible prison. Kick - break the locks! All those prisons-- set them on fire, burn them down, uproot them forever! Courtesy: Sajed Kamal. Kazi Nazrul Islam: Selected Works [Dhaka: Nazrul Institute, p 128; 1999]
  • Rumormonger vs. the Stairs The rumormonger is getting around just fine! Until...
  • Dear Playstation - ModNation Racers with Kevin Butler Kevin Butler is the new coach Sorry, couldn't do a compilation like the first All Dear Playstation Commercials Rumor Monger (censored version) Playstation Move
  • New Playstation 3 SLIM commercial - It only does BOOM! New PS3 commercial in the new Slim campaign
  • PS3 Commercial "Desperate Dad"