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  • Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles for Wii Trailer What do you think, is it able to fullfill Capcoms promise of a game which will make us very soon so very happy or is it a slap in our faces? What do you think of the coopmode in a game which was originally a game of 2 different stories now merged into one? A masterpiece? A screwed story? What do you think about it? When I think of this coopmode.... well, my stomache starts rumoring... :(
  • Dark Poeta Vanuka Infernus - Rank B Boss - Aion - Vaizel Server - Asmodians Vanuka Infernus, Dark Poeta's Rank B Boss fight. Some dudes at the forums were rumoring about this guy, Tahabata, Anuhart and some Balaur raid bosses on the Abyss being Balaur Empyrean Lords, well I would say they are quite up to the name. Intense Healing fight, be prepared. Having the Tank call out the names of the people Vanuka targeted helped us out. Also, make sure you do not DPS if he has Reflect up. Some adds will pop up just to keep the heat going, cool them fast =D. (Me and my bad jokes -.-) Good luck on the Drops! ;) PS: Veno, see? Even you can die sometimes =P Credits go for: Acylum (Ranger) Foxell (Assassin) Torrne (Cleric) Venolisia (Templar) Vikarious (Sorcerer) Vivienne (Chanter)
  • XtremeFTS 11 18 2009 Snatch practice, suffered shoulders and knee mobility today but was anyway a good workout. Humid and cold, joints were rumoring all over.
  • Love Like You. Chapter One. § No Pov § "Nevaeh Serafino?" The doctor in the long white jacket said the name with sadness in his voice. Him, three other doctors and four or so nurses were trying to save the parents of Nevaeh from the fatal car crash that had happened not a half an hour ago. Nevaeh had been sitting in the back of the car, but unfortunately for her parents, neither of their air bags went off when the drunk driver hit them head on at 12:30 in the morning. They had been on their way home from Nevaeh's dance competition out of town. Nevaeh got up weakly, as her whole body hurt. She was already sympathetic looking with the bruises and cuts on her face and the rest of her body. She walked with a bit of a limp from the cars colliding into each other and the car crushing into an accordian-like shape. "Yes sir? How are my parents?" "Unfortunately, dear, we couldn't save them. The way the car smashed, the-" "I don't want details, please." She said, cutting him off. "I just needed to know. Thank you for your help." She continued weakly. With that being said, she turned on her heel and began to walk out the door. "But miss, there's one more problem." The doctor said, stopping her. She sighed, "Well nothing could be worse than this. What is it?" She looked at him with sympathetic eyes, awaiting the next set of bad news. "You're a minor, meaning we need to find a foster parent(s) for you. But before we get to that extent, do you have any other relatives that we could send you to?" He asked. "I'm ...
  • Resident Evil 4 Seperate Ways (Ada Vs.Bitorez Mendez) Ada hears two of the villagers talk about Las Plagas,they are rumoring in how powerful and potent it is.Ada tries to flee on foot,only to be sorrounded by crazy azz villagers,next thing she gets hit by what it seems to be a trasnquilizer dart.Wakes up and almost loses her life.This is a kick azz clip.
  • Jonas Brothers on HersheyPark's Fahrenheit rollercoaster?? [Or Justin Bieber?! lol] coaster Hershey Rumor has it The Jonas Brothers MAY have been on the ride here. Unconfirmed reports. Very unconfirmed. But they did do a concert in HersheyPark. And they are well-known to love roller coasters. So you be the judge. Can you pick them out??? [This just in: even more vaguely unconfirmed reports rumoring that Justin Bieber "may" be on this ride. May. Can you see JB??]
  • Drop Ego - Pirate Dub Working hard in the belly of the ship keeping it clean on the timber trip salt man splish splashing in my face take a swig a yum rum for old man me getting it ready in the brown board belly storms a coming up for us at sea swabbing head bobbing to big whip beat take a swig of yum rum for old man me pillage and plunder the great beyonder with one eyed earl and all his pearls boozing bamboozling great blue cruising whistling the same old tunes The waves have been drinking the wind has been thinking the captain has been singing the ship keep a creaking the same old tunes keep on drinking try to stay warm find me a woman I can't get at home keep on searching for all that fortune dreaming a woman I can finally take home Going up tip top toeing on main deck word walking round rumoring ship wreck dark sky up high falling down rain another swig a yum rum for old man me probably the last time pulling on the mast wave worked up us a water blast wood start cracking and water bubble up take a swig of yum rum for old man me years and years of hi ho cheers with the good old crew from honolu gut bust tooth rust great gold lust whistling that pirate tune the waves full of fury the wind in a hurry the captain full of worry my eyes getting blurry that old pirate tune keep on drinking try to stay warm no tombstones on the ocean floor thinking which better to sleep or swim dreaming of a woman I can finally take home
  • Is Chandler Fountain Sinking? by Chuck Durnell The Pendulum asks Elon students about rumoring surrounding the Koury Business Center Fountain.
  • Working S1 E03-Rumoring Part 2 of 3 Matt starts a rumor that another firm wants him, hoping to enhance his profile. Original Airdate:10/29/1997
  • Gandhi Rap Mr T's Endo da Year Project. It took us, like, an hour, just to convince him to do it once. He wouldnt do it twice. :-( Music:20 (Nope, didnt pay 20 bucks, and didnt steal it either, you rumoring rats.)
  • Working S1 E03-Rumoring Part 1 of 3 Matt starts a rumor that another firm wants him, hoping to enhance his profile. Original Airdate:10/29/1997
  • Armored Troopers J-Pheonix PF Lips Team episode 2 part 2 I don't know most of the characters' names (except for Kokoro, Izumi, Serena, and Grandida), or understand what anyone says at any given time. If anyone would translate anything from this entire OAV, I'll be grateful for it.
  • Adventure Thomas Veal info & Salem Pirate Faire If you can't read what's being said: ""The Adventure of Thomas Veal" is the story of Lynn's legendary pirate, T. Veal, who was entrapped inside a cave at Dungeon Rock when it collapsed due to an earthquake that hit the area in 1658. It is said that Veal arrived with three others, seen rowing away from a mysterious black-painted ship that sported no flag at the mouth of the Saugus River. The ship disappeared into the night a few minutes latter. The pirates took shelter at Pirate's Glen, located in Lynn Woods, and there they lived for some time before British soldiers raided their camp, capturing all but one. (The rest would latter hang.) Veal, who had escaped to Dungeon Rock where they had stored their supplies, made the cave his permanent homely shelter. He worked from it as a shoemaker, a common trade in the region of Lynn at the time. After the earthquake had occurred, people began rumoring that treasure had been buried with Veal. It became an El Dorado for the New England folk, of which many searched in vain. For this you tube movie, I shall need quite a few actors and actresses who can post their performance and provide me with easy access to download the video. For instance, if you posted it on a download site, please provide me with the link. Already, I have finished writing the opening script. I am currently working on Act Two. Interested? I'll reveal more information latter if there is a large enough response. Happily yours; Rosiercentral."
  • Rumor-ing 101 I'm Fiona, and I wanna teach you how to talk some smack.
  • Working S1 E02-Close Quarters Part 3 of 3 Personnel decides to verify employee resumes; Matt fixates on a pretty co-worker. Original Airdate: 10/15/1997
  • Working S1 E03-Rumoring Part 3 of 3 Matt starts a rumor that another firm wants him, hoping to enhance his profile. Original Airdate:10/29/1997