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  • Bring on The Fire - by Detrimental - Studio Video "Bring on the Fire" is Detrimental's first single. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, the band focuses on a pure hard rock sound and high energy show. The video was shot April 25th and 26th, 2010, during the studio sessions for their EP _The First Dose_.
  • HoN Gank Montage - The SGCountryClub Montage of the best ganks in a 5v5 game of HoN. Uploaded by Rescindment. FYI: None of us are particularly good, but the ganks in this vid were pretty amusing, so I thought i'd upload it. Any information regarding HoN Camera mode: Featuring: Clan Tuesday, the HoN wing of the SGCC. Because tuesday is a verb. Rescindment, Shadowcause and TouchMyPeniz.
  • Foreclosure Sale Date Rescindment The boys are talking about a recent short sale with the brilliant minds at OneWest bank. BPO disputes make Fred cranky.
  • Take-back This is a rescindment of "Hymen still intact after ***," my previous reply to: "Well, I had almost *** with them. Because neither time the hymen broke."
  • Rescindment - by Detrimental - Live at The Stockyard Cafe Detrimental playing their original song Rescindment at The Stockyard Cafe in Cincinnati, Ohio. This video is a compilation of footage from the pre-CD release show on 07 Aug 2010. If you're interested in the song and would like to hear it without the quirks produced during a live recording, check out the band's EP, The First Dose. This is not the official release video for Rescindment. Check back here or on the band's official pages in the coming weeks for more information on that and other projects. Facebook - MySpace -
  • Entwine - Original Song Original Song co-written by myself and the guitarist of White Rain, Mikey Timms. Vocals are mine, the music was written by him and coded by a friend of ours (who also did the editing) seeing as neither of us are really that great at piano =p. As for the image, it's just an image I randomly made on photoshop, nothing significant. Also, sorry for the clicks at the beginning, we forgot to edit them out!
  • Javed: Pak Govt vs British Raj Javed Chaudhry - host of Kal Tak program in Pakistan - compares and contrasts the caliber and effectiveness of Pak Government with the British Raj. Unlike the English, Pak govt has proven itself to be very weak and ineffective by rescinding its own orders. PLEASE READ MY COMMENTS ON THE VIDEO BEFORE WATCHING.
  • LORFORY: RESCINDMENT AND DECLINEMENT OF "Operation" PLANNED FOR 3/8/2010 "l" rescind and in NO WAY (legal, humane, and religiously) CONSENT TO THE "Operation" THAT HAD BEEN PLANNED FOR 3/8/2010. ANY "Signature" GIVEN IS AS OF "NOW" NUL AND VOID
  • The Reveling "A Recurrent Rescindment of Self" Live in Brooklyn 9/5/10 Williamsburg, NY based action punk outfit The Reveling performing "A Recurrent Rescindment of Self" Live at the Lone Star Bar in Brooklyn on 9/5/10