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  • Prints - September 11, 2001 commemorative. Each remarqued proof has a hand painted watercolor sketch on the reproduction and Marilynn Fairchild has personally inspected, signed, titled, and numbered each of these fine art prints. — “Marilynn Fairchild - Fairchild Art: Prints Available for Sale”,
  • Internationally acclaimed artist, William J. Koelpin brought an unmatched approach to the character of hunters and wildlife past and present. Remarqued as noted. — “AMERICAN SPORTING ARTS - William J Koelpin”,
  • Cemetery Dance Publications wrote a note titled Remarqued CD 50 Limited Editions. Read the full text here. — “Cemetery Dance Publications: Remarqued CD 50 Limited Editions”,
  • Elite Edition Remarqued, Signed, & Numbered by Dale. Dale Gallon has been painting historically accurate paintings since 1980. This beautiful 200 page remarqued, signed, & numbered leather bound book, showcases Dale's work and includes pieces of his art. — “Gallon Historical Art, Inc. Gallon Historical Art Book, Books”,
  • Science fiction and fantasy art, Lithographs - KF by Artist Kelly Freas GREAT MOMENTS IN MEDICINE -- "PRESENTING THE BILL" -- SIGNED AND REMARQUED ARTIST PROOF. — “Lithographs - KF by Kelly Freas at Northern Star Art”,
  • Aardwolf Publishing will have exclusive signed/numbered copies as well as the extremely limited double-lettered remarqued, book-plated edition (each containing a unique sketch from the hand of Gene Colan). Here's the details: Double-lettered remarqued edition. — “Invincible Gene Colan - Special Edition”,
  • Pencil remarqued print. A REMARQUE is a small original sketch in the margin of the print by the artist. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. See Shipping / Pricing Info if ordering a framed print via express delivery for note on shipping charges. — “Framed, Remarqued A Challenge to All-Elk | Wild Wings”,
  • John Mecray is one of the world's finest marine painters. His masterful paintings of classic racing yachts clearly convey their power and grace. Non-Remarqued Sold Out - Available from Secondary Market. Image Size - 16 3/8" x 34. — “Arnold Art featured artist John Mecray: Marine paintings and”,
  • The non-Remarqued prints are excellent prints on canvas taken directly from the original painting regular prints and are limited in edition to 350 per image. Partially PREMIUM FULLY REMARQUED ARTISTS HAND PAINTED ENHANCED PRINTS are not artists proofs and are partially Remarqued (Painted in oil on. — “Bio : Bagnolo Art”,
  • To commission a custom hand drawn limited edition remarqued print, just call our studio at 610-995-2047. See table below for some available remarques. You may purchase available completed remarques by clicking "Add to Cart", or call the studio at. — “Remarqued Prints at ”,
  • Breakout by Randall Wilson. (RMC). DHM0729RMC. Breakout by Randall Wilson. The Bismarck is seen taking the lead from the Prinz Eugen on the breakout from Bergen May 1941. Print is #85 from the signed limited edition of 1150 prints. This. — “Breakout by Randall Wilson. (RMC) - Cranston Fine Arts”,
  • Daniel Merriam - incredible art, excellent service - call us at (800) 489-7930 Remarqued. Hand Signed and Numbered #7/25. Price: $2,750. Thoughts Considered. Remarqued. Hand Signed and Numbered #7/25. Price: $1,250. — “Daniel Merriam Limited Editions and Originals”,
  • "Sunday Morning" (remarqued) by Paul McGehee. Print image size: 16" x 20". For more information, please visit Notify me of updates to Sunday Morning / remarqued (Paul McGehee). — “osCommerce”,
  • Artist's Proofs and Remarqued companions (see Print Editions, right) signed by George Artist's Proofs and Remarqued companions (see Print Editions, right) signed by George. — “Tuskegee Thunder by Robert Bailey”,
  • The 58th All American Jersey Sale begins promptly at 5 p.m., with the sale of the remarqued print, followed by the sale of the featured 80 live consignments. The remarqued print is unique in that it includes a pencil etching highlighting the Jersey cow in the lower corner of the print. — “Remarqued Jersey Print Will Sell | Hoards Dairyman”,
  • Signed by the artist and survivor Winnifred (Quick) Van Tongerloo and remarqued. Only the specially remarqued edition remains, the first 50 of 850 prints signed by the artist and cosigned by. — “Trans-Atlantic Designs”,
  • Remember. Tashmoo. City of Detroit III. Put-In-Bay. David Dows. Roger Blough. USS Michigan. The Weather Mark. — “Gallery”,
  • John Stobart - Original color lithograph titled South Street, New York 1880 (gaslight) signed by the artist and remarqued . Limited edition litho that has been sold out for many years. Produced by Maritime Heritage Prints in 1975, from the. — “Stobart John - Original Color Litho titled "South Street, New”,
  • Hand Highlighted/Remarqued. by Walter Lantz. Mel Blanc supplied Woody's voice for his first three cartoons. When Blanc accepted a full-time contract with Leon Schlesinger Productions/Warner Bros. and left the Lantz studio, gagman Ben Hardaway,. — “Biography, Art and Cartoon Cells by Walter Lantz”,
  • Bradley Jackson Studio - Originals Limited Edition Prints Open Edition Prints View By Size New Releases Remarqued Prints. — “Bradley Jackson Studio, Wildlife Artist”,
  • Limited edition remarqued , signed and numbered nautical art print by Geoff Hunt from his American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) series. X-Cart: full-featured PHP/MySQL shopping cart software & ecommerce solutions for the best ecommerce websites. — “Wind in the Rigging :: Art and Sailing Photos :: Launching”,


  • ML Snowden: "Alluvia" Bronze Limited Edition Fine Art For more information visit or call today toll free 1-800-781-2787 "Alluvia" dimensions: 20h x 28w x 38d edition size: 45 The Geological Corieum Ascension of Elements "Alluvia" Remarqued Fournier ABOUT THE WORK....... Alluvia is a sculptural poem dedicated to the evocation of water. As the first sculpture of the ASCENSION OF ELEMENTS suite, Alluvia strikes a unique elongated floating silhouette that creates a dramatic yet serene impression. Alluvia is joined by Caldera, Terra, and Aeolia to define Earth's classic elements. Alluvia takes its name from the alluvial flood plains of great rivers that have nurtured earth's civilizations. From the River Seine to the Tiber; from the River Thames to the Mississippi; from the Amazon to the Nile and beyond, the pooling, flowing waters of the deltas and shores of the earth's great seabeds and rivers are evoked in the abstract rivulet patterns that support the sculptural structure of Alluvia. A notable engineering accomplishment, Alluvia has been sculpted by Snowden into new levels of metallurgical balance. Alluvia's weight effortlessly suspended along Snowden's mathematical calculation, extends what is possible to be achieved in the science and art of contemporary lost wax bronze. ML Snowden invented the protocols and specific foundry wax that makes the casting of Alluvia possible. Ultimately for the sculptor, Alluvia is a meditation on achieving inner peace in the center of raging waters. The portrait of Alluvia ...
  • ML Snowden: "Tectonics" Bronze Limited Edition Fine Art For more information visit or call today toll free 1-800-781-2787 Terrestrial Forum "Tectonics" Remarqued Fournier Bronze Edition of 75 ABOUT THE WORK....... Tectonics was conceived and cast in 1983 as a single personal work and has been built more than two decades later as a bronze edition limited to just fifty creations foundered by the artist. It remains at the millennium, a seminal and pivotal sculpture for the art and intellectual focus of ML Snowden. Within the planes of this quarter scale work, the central meditation for the Geological Coreium has become crystallized. Here in this study-sized but weighty bronze, the sculptor's direct approach to the natural earthly sculptural mediums of clay and bronze connect to octaves of larger expressions of titanic geological phenomena. Humanitarian elements rising from abstractions within the work seem to effortlessly take shape from the warping of compressed sculptural sequences taking wing under the sculptor's hands. In this jewel-like sculpture, it is possible to divine keys to Snowden's signature sculptural style; a style marked with a sense of flowing elan and a remarkable structural ease that has come to be written through the sculptor's unexcelled compressive handwork upon mined earth materials as well as Snowden's integrated understanding of light that completes and interacts with form. Tectonics is seen to be that landmark work that has allowed Snowden to jettison beyond her direct inheritance of ...
  • ML Snowden: "Starfire Polaris" Bronze Limited Edition For more information visit or call today toll free 1-800-781-2787 "Starfire Polaris" dimensions: 40h x 20w x 20d edition size: 25 The Geological Coreium Celestial Array "Starfire Polaris" Remarqued Fournier Bronze Edition of 25 ABOUT THE WORK....... Starfire Polaris, the second sculpture of ML Snowden's Celestial Array collection, joins Meteorite as an important milestone for the art of lost wax bronze. The figurative focal point of Starfire Polaris blazes outward from concentric bands of bronze. Within this trellis of conceptual fire and light, the sculptor richly imagines the central spirit of the brilliant North Star that for millennia has been revered by humankind for the constancy of its illumination and cardinal polar direction. As a sculptural meditation on the power of light to dispel darkness, Starfire Polaris is a symbol of hope. As ML Snowden reflects, "I can remember the times I've looked up at the stars, thinking of my departed loved ones, wondering of their place in the heavens. Stars appear to cut diamond holes in the velvet fabric of evening and I shake myself from this reverie. I remind myself of the reality that I am seeing the light of stars from eons ago. When we look up at the stars we are seeing light that has traveled over vast parsecs of space. But the light still lives on and that light registers within our eyes as an enduring reality that nothing of appointed energy is truly lost in this universe." Starfire Polaris, as a ...
  • "Wahine Kai's Ohana" by Jace McTier Visit: Limited Edition Giclee Remarqued Prints available! You can view more of Jace's art by visiting: "Wahine Kai's Ohana" by Jace McTier
  • French president Nicolas Sarkozy drunk at G8 Obviously drunk. This video was recorded during a press conference held by recently elected french president Nicolas Sarkozy during the G8 summit on june 2007. This is the translation of the video from the french: reporter: I would like to show you the beginning of the press conference held by french president Nicolas Sarkozy at the end of the summit. He just had lunch with the russian president Vladimir Putin and it seems that he had more to drink than water. Sarkozy: Ladies ad Gentlemen, I apologize for my lateness, dued to the length (smiles) of the dialogue I just had with Mr Putin (smiles again)(pause). How do you want to procced, do I answer your questions? So have you got any question? (smiles). Go ahead. Yes, yes. Well, um. French tv did not release this video (this recording comes from a Belgian tv show). Sarkozy said many times during the campaign drinking goes "against (his) lifestyle" and that he never drinks alcohol. The official explanation on Sarkozy's behaviour is that he was late, had to run to the conferencea and was then breathless. Some people think it is a funny explanation since he is also famous in France for being a good runner. Thanks a lot for your hilarious comments. Please no insult whatever your opinions are.