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  • FUNNY GUYS IN WHITE YOYOYOYO ME AND MY FRIENDS WANTS TO TELL U HI R EMAILS R [email protected] . [email protected] and were searching for vanessa hudgens email and miley cyrus zac efron and mostly ***
  • All That Remails, Become the Catalyst Off of the album The Fall of Ideals in 2006
  • RANTHAMBOR.DAT there remails only a few tigers in India. Hunting of this animal for money is very commom. We should save this animal for the nature and the forthcoming generation.
  • Vital Remains @ Milestone in Charlotte 07-07-07 Dave Suzuki rippin it up as always!! I ***ing love this, everyone was yelling for this song! All hail Vital Remails!
  • Dybeck sword video This is a reconstruction of a viking sword found in Dybäck, skåne, Sweden. The original hilt is made from gilt silver and what remails of it today can be found at Historiska riksmuseet in Stockholm, in the Gold exhibit, item 4515. Also see this link to the item at that museum: The sword blade used for the reconstruction is the Hanwei Tinker Viking Sword Blade - OH2419. The hilt parts are of cast bronze from Mercia Sveiter, set VSFSET01. The handle is made from birchwood and covered with 0.5 mm brass thread, original used gold thread butr since this reproduction is bronze and not meant to be excessively expensive I used brass. I'll probably replace the brass with bronze to match the rest of the hilt. The hilt is inlaid with niello, a black contrasting color in the recesses of the reliefs, on museum item 4515 it's noted in the conservation report that it had niello but it was removed during the conservation process to show the gilding.
  • The Ullulators - The Full Itself Remains from ' Share a clam with the ullulators'cassette (better days)1985 The Ullulators... Gavin Griffiths, Joie Hinton, Generator John, Nick Van Gelder, Jane Bradfield, Kay Springer, Chambers & Andy Ull. Formed in 1985. ' Share a clam with the ullulators' was their first 90 minute cassette album released via Better Days Distro & sold at gigs, mixing heavy spacey dub, trippy psychedelics, feverish cosmic freakouts and experimental soundscapes for lost pilots in need ofthe authentic taste and smell of Stonehenge, Club Dog and many free festival/squat parties. myspace |
  • Snowmen....Featuring Vital Remains Snowmen!NOTE: Music by Vital Remains
  • Niagara Visit - Nostalgic 2006 !!! Natures boundless majesty.... Nothing but memory remails ......... Pradosh Kumar Tripathy ......................
  • Bro. Eraño G. M***o's Wake This Line was from New Era University which is about 1Km away from the Central Temple in which Bro. Eraño G. M***o was interred. You can view the Central Temple from afar. The line was even twice as far since the crowd had to go around the campus and around all the floors of the three buildings. We was at end of the line by 11pm and got to see Bro. Eraño G. M***o remails by 2pm the next day!
  • Raddloff Lumber Cable wisconsin remails of an antique mill. I'll miss ya Frank :( SOME FOOTAGE OF MY CABIN AND THE NEIGHBORS BARN AND I BELIEVE THE OLD SAW MILL BEHIND MY OLD HOUSE
  • Joust Cleveland Inflatables Jousting is an awesome way to create a competitive atmosphere and remails popular at after-prom, graduation parties and military celebrations.