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  • Get yourself over to Chris Browns blog and put your name down here cause the great man is giving away his advance signed copy of Midwest Modern to one lucky reader and is teasing the
  • Console Games This week s offering from Xbox Live Arcade is Jetpac Refuelled which is you know nice and all but it s not Gyruss I thought it was Gyruss you thought it was Gyruss we all thought it
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  • worth of gameplay footage to Xboxyde The game comes in two flavors classic mode with old school graphics and a full fletched 3D mode with all sorts of eye candy Screens after the jump
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  • for range took one pilot over a group of EOKA setting up an ambush Powerless to take direct action the terrorists had disappeared by the time a patrol had been directed to the scene Refueling at Galounapetra TO give us some teeth in this type of situation bomb racks were fitted to two aircraft Each carried four 20lb bombs which were released by means of Bowden
  • Next Gen talks to Rare s Rick Burton about the process of converting classic games like Jetpac Refuelled into something today s consumers will purchase I found this bit about the testing
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  • Kong but a true re release hasn t been forthcoming until now Also there is a rather interesting looking XNA game after the jump with a YouTube video of just what this game could offer The Jetpac news comes not long after Rare announced they were focusing on an Arcade title Apparently a rating was put up on the