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  • First 150 characters of the entry text (finishing all words that are started) Marot was imprisoned for Reformationist heresy in 1526 and based his superb allegorical satire Enfer on the experience. — “Entry - Facts from the Encyclopedia on Yahoo! Kids”,
  • Top tracks from The State Secedes: This is the Long Drive, Untitled for You & more. (from the Level Plane Records website) Expose the Spies which have included, but are not limited to, the The Young Reformationist Party, The Pangean Brotherhood and most noticeably, The Black Hand Party. — “The State Secedes – Free listening, concerts, stats”,
  • Daniel Arista "Cybersecurity Reformationist" This review is from: Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Daniel Arista "Cybersecurity Reformationist" January 27, 2009. — “: Daniel Arista "Cybers...'s review of Breville”,
  • Sure you tell your "BFF" that you don't mind being alone. Heck, you might even delude yourself into believing the same. But you don't have me or your subconscious senses If you're a Trekkie, try a Star Trek forum, if you're a Celtic Reformationist, try a Celtic Reformationist forum. — “Tips for Dating On the Internet”,
  • Article from the Wikipedia open encyclopedia project. — “Counter-Reformation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Your Government, in its wisdom and ever-knowing vigilance, is attempting to identify dissident activites that could well be promoting detrimental Counter-Revolutionary Reformationist policies. If you encounter ANY of the following, call the Counter-Revolutionary Reformationist Control Group (CRRCG). — “Dissentience”, .nz
  • (1) One, which we might call a reformationist approach, evaluates the problem as a failure proposal for women's education, while Masham opposes it with a firmly reformationist one. — “Siris: Three Approaches to Social Change”,
  • Martin Luther: Religious Reformationist By: Lauren Ritchie Martin Luther was a man who wanted to serve God with all he had, baptized a Catholic at birth set him on a journey that made him consider all the possibilities and even question what he. — “How do you Catholics and Other Religious People Feel About”,
  • Definition of reformationist with German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish translations and search. Pronunciation sound files. — “Definition of reformationist”,
  • NICHOLAS KENYON, Controller of Radio 3, has had some hard knocks in recent years, not least in this column, for his network's alleged lurches in the direction of Classic FM. But of at least one innovation he can remain justifiably proud: the Arts: On air: A Russian reformationist, a Gershwin tune. — “Arts: On air: A Russian reformationist, a Gershwin tune”,
  • Whatsonwhen Whatsonwhen V2 Events, St Giles' Cathedral, St Giles' Cathedral , Mind Body Spirit Here, Reformationist John Knox gave speeches, inciting religious riots. — “St Giles' Cathedral | St Giles' Cathedral , Edinburgh”,
  • English Translation for Anti-reformationist - German-English Dictionary. — “ | Anti-reformationist | English Dictionary”,
  • April 24: Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen, Counter-reformationist Martyred By Calvinists He pursued his studies at the University of Freiburg in the Breisgau, and in 1604 became tutor to Wilhelm von Stotzingen, with whom he travelled in France and Italy. — “April 24: Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen, Counter”,
  • This book on coming next great new supernatural move movement hand of God speaks of the end-time revival harvest reformationist restorationist unity faith greater works movement. — “Index to ArkHaven website -- The Next Move of God”,
  • One couple's quest to return a mid-century bungalow to its rightful glory. This is a chronicling of a home reformation process. No theses, though. © 2010 — The Reformationist(s). — “The Reformationist”,
  • Information on worship services, Christian education programs, and other sites of interest. "Everything that is done in the world is done by the hopeful"--- Martin Luther - Reformationist. — “Boyds Presbyterian Church”,
  • Claudio Véliz adopts the provocative metaphor of foxes and hedgehogs that Isaiah Berlin used to describe opposite types of thinkers. Applying this metaphor to modern culture, economic systems, and th Véliz seeks to connect a closed, hermetic, and Counter Reformationist disposition of Iberians. — “The New World of the Gothic Fox : Claudio Veliz - University”,
  • This is the 500 year birthday celebration of a remarkable Reformationist named John Calvin. One of his more notable teachings includes the “once saved, always saved” dogma that has, excuse the pun, dogged the church ever since. It has. — “Salvation is a work out! | | ”,
  • (cur | prev) 05:41, 29 November 2010 Eickman (talk | contribs) m (21,484 bytes) (Key features of Reformationist Historicism) (undo) (cur | prev) 05:38, 29 November 2010 Eickman (talk | contribs) m (21,450 bytes) (Key features of Reformationist Historicism) (undo). — “Revision history of Historicism (Christianity) - Wikipedia”,
  • "Banish All the Wor(l)d": Falstaff's Iconoclastic Threat to Kingship in I Henry IV from Renascence provided by Find Articles at BNET Sir John Falstaff espouses a "reformationist" distrust of the image and reflects, in his powerful combination of corporeal presence and punishing rhetoric, a proto. — “"Banish All the Wor(l)d": Falstaff's Iconoclastic Threat to”,
  • An essay or paper on Reformationist Spirit of Northern Europe. The increased freedom of thought and challenges to authority that were features of Renaissance Humanism contributed strongly to the critical spirit of the Reformation. Northern. — “Reformationist Spirit of Northern Europe”,


  • Cathedrale St Pierre Where John Calvin preached his Reformationist concepts
  • .3.styl-\/-log AnthonyWilson's webcam video Fri 14 Jan 2011 . re-form verb tr & intr to form again or in a different way. re-formation noun. ETYMOLOGY: 14c. reformation noun 1 the act or process of reforming or being reformed; improvement; amendment. 2 (the Reformation) the great religious and political revolution that took place in Europe in the 16c and resulted in the establishment of the Protestant Churches. reformationist noun. reform verb (reformed, reforming) 1 to improve or remove faults from (a person, behaviour, etc). 2 to improve (a law, institution, etc) by making changes or corrections to it. 3 intrans (also reform oneself) to give up bad habits; to improve one's behaviour, etc. 4 to stop or abolish (misconduct, an abuse, etc). noun 1 a correction or improvement, especially in some social or political system. 2 improvement in one's behaviour or morals. reformability noun. reformable adj. reformative adj. reformer noun 1 someone who reforms. 2 (Reformer) historical one of those who took part in the Reformation of the 16c. ETYMOLOGY: 14c: from Latin reformare to form again. a verb that becomes a noun interesting (2_ME_)
  • "Weekend trip to Telemark" Hansanddoyle's photos, Norway A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Vrangfoss, Heddal, Uppigaard Natadal, Rjukan, Kongsberg, Norway by TravelPod blogger Hansanddoyle titled "Weekend trip to Telemark". TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Hansanddoyle's travel blog entry: "Ok, first, let's get the one quibble of this trip out of the way. It was a lot of time on the bus - 5-6 hours each day. I'm not fond of bus tours; road trips are great, but I like to get out and explore where I want to, not where the itinerary points us. Sitting on a bus for long periods of time drives me just a bit crazy. But the stops we made were all very interesting, and overall, I enjoyed this trip. Iss offers its students various weekend excursions to pick from, and this one was the only one that fit my schedule. However, I was happy to hear that we would stay overnight at an old Telemark farm, and we would see the heavy water plant that was the site of a famous sabotage operation during World War II. I'd read about that operation, and watched a recent documentary about the Hydro ferry sinking, so I was interested in seeing the locations in person. Vrangfoss - Telemark C**** Locks The first stop on the trip was the locks at Vrangfoss, along the Telemark c****. The locks were built around the 1860's, and seem to rely only on gravity and manpower for their operation. We arrived in time to see an old steamer go through the locks - the Victoria and Ibsen have been sailing up and down the Telemark c**** since the ...