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  • many of the soldiers who were about to leave the American army reenlisted Some consider the Battle of Trenton to be an important turning point in the Revolutionary War Original 1777 Map of the Battle of Trenton
  • oath during a ceremony June 3 here Testrake reenlisted for six years Ensign Mark Brown read the oath Official U S Coast Guard photo by Chief Petty Officer Roger W Wetherell
  • work 6 months in the deck force before going to the bridge to strike for Quartermaster Upon completion of his enlistment as a QM2 he reenlisted and was transferred to the USS FEARLESS MSO 442 home ported in Charleston S C After a Caribbean cruise where he was involved with patrolling the Windward Passage during the blockade of Cuba he was
  • Mommy reenlisted and all I got was this lousey bag
  • Tiny Bubbles
  • year 1944 he was reenlisted and then seriously injured from an American hand grenade The fragments from the grenade couldn t be removed and he lived with them till he died some years ago My grandpa as young soldier in 1939
  • Sgt Louis Adams right of Hartford Ind is reenlisted by his commander Capt Brad McCoy Jan 28 while a mortar team fires a live
  • Brother Lots of smiles He always had this little quirky smile on his face And as he told his brother over the phone one of the last times they ever talked for his belief in serving America Before this explosion Ty had reenlisted
  • Download HiRes Individuals Reenlisted by Thunderbird Commander Posted 4 30 2008 Updated 4 30 2008
  • remember us being at that stage I was amazed that 16 of our 18 guests had reenlisted for another tour Their dedication was apparent and unshakable Warren R Smith Crew Chief 1962 1964 Karin and Maj Philip B Smith the Aircaft Maintenance Officer and Pilot Back Browser or Next Album Page or
  • Capt Erik Corcoran left from North Attleboro Mass shakes the hand of newly reenlisted Staff Sgt Francisco Alvarez from San Antonio during a re enlistment ceremony at Camp Taji Iraq
  • Reenlistment with an impact Sgt Louis Adams is reenlisted by his commander Capt Brad McCoy while a mortar team fires a live round for each of the five years of Adams
  • He was called into the Army Reserves in 1950 and reenlisted for 6 years the following year Robert was assigned to the 171st Evacuation Hospital part of the Fifth Army in Korea The unit was a 400 bed mobile hospital different then the Mobile Army Surgical Unit MASH popularly portrayed on the TV series Robert married Betty Dooley before he shipped
  • Matt Tim and Randy This is a picture of Matt with his brother Tim and nephew Randy in Dec 2000 Matt Reenlists This is a picture of when Matt reenlisted in April 2003
  • Posted 5 4 2006 San Diego Dec 14 2005 Aviation Structural Mechanic 1st Class Josh Leasure is reenlisted by Lt Geoff Reeves as other members of the Leap Frogs Navy parachute team
  • One hundred and fifty eight soldiers reenlisted on July 4th 2003 at Saddam s Palace in Mosul
  • Master Chief Jeff Creighton congratulates Spc Francis Rudnicki after he reenlisted for three more years
  • LCDR Ross reenlisted CTT2 Dennis Ornedorff for 4 years
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  • U S Republican Senator John McCain addresses troops during a ceremony at Camp Victory Baghdad Iraq Wednesday at which soldiers reenlisted and some were naturalized as United States
  • Base Hammer Pettengill was one of 20 Soldiers assigned to the 3rd BSTB that reenlisted during the month of March Photographer 3rd Brigade Combat Team 3rd Infantry Division Public Affairs CAMP STRIKER IQ A MEDEVAC helicopter from Combat Aviation Brigade 3rd Infantry Division flies south of Baghdad during a mission Photographer Sgt 1st Class Thomas Mills Combat
  • reenlisted in the army eventually serving over 17 years mostly as an instructor During this time I also attended small arms specialist school arctic and temperate survival schoo l desert survival school and back to Panama for instructors survival school In 1978 I became an advisor for the National Guard While in this position I further
  • Fly Army
  • the Raider Brigade deployed to the Rashid district in southern Baghdad reenlisted more than 70 percent of its retention mission in the first 60 days of fiscal 2009 said Williams FORWARD OPERATING BASE FALCON Iraq Col Ted Martin commander of the 1st Brigade Combat Team 4th Infantry Division Multi National Division Baghdad reenlists five members of the
  • Soldiers were reenlisted and naturalized as United States citizens Around 160 troops from 52 countries were given today the US citizenship during the ceremony EPA ALI AL SAADI POOL Quote Second lieutenant Rosa Mara Garcia Malea poses for photographers next to one of the fighters used by the acrobatic group Aguila in the General Academy of Air in Murcia
  • Other sources give him credit for a Spitfire kill while with the IAF as well 23 September 1952 Seems the RCAF did not frown too heavily on pilots who went to fight illegally for Israel in 1948 Some ie John McElroy came back and
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  • in U S Military history It took place on the 4th of July 2008 at the Al Faw Palace Baghdad Iraq General Petraeus officiated over the ceremony in which 1 215 soldiers reenlisted General David Petraeus the top U S commander in Iraq bottom middle photo re enlists U S military service members during a mass re enlistment ceremony in Baghdad Iraq Friday July 4
  • Twenty one Task Force 1 14 Infantry Golden Dragon Soldiers reenlisted before heading out of Kirkuk Air Base for their second Najaf mission June 18 Most of the Golden Dragons received
  • Reenlisting the
  • reenlisted for a combined 993 years and were paid nearly $1 8 million in bonuses They were also representing 38 states and 3 territories The Responsible Career Counselors for this ceremony included MSG Barry Norris Brigade Senior Career Counselor
  • whole Rio Grande country 3 In the end thirty two of the one hundred and twelve men reenlisted With the exception of one person all the men in the company were Tejano Laredo Texas around 1878
  • Sledgehammer Couple
  • Steele was discharged in September 1945 He reenlisted in 1948 and served in the Signal Corps until his retirement in 1964 He passed away in Davis California in July 1991 Steele is pictured to the left with his proud father after return from service in the 4th Ranger Battalion
  • My Uncle Wallace shown here with my mother entered the service at the end of World War II and then reenlisted to serve again in the Korean War He was part of the landing at Inchon was
  • Army holds
  • dundula school jpg
  • returning home when his four year commitment ended in November he reenlisted and returned to Iraq for a second tour telling his family that he wanted to help finish what had been started Master Sergeant Barry Baker presents an American flag to David Christoff father of Sergeant David R Christoff Jr at the Marine s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery Half my heart is
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  • the sub was and at her extensive use of brass Brown reenlisted in 1921 and served aboard the USS Seattle He later became a Washington D C firefighter and worked at National Airport WILLIAM SEEGERS October 24 1900 July 10 2007 On a sunny afternoon in the winter of 2007 I pulled up to a home nestled in a small side street on the outskirts of San Francisco where I


  • Marine Corps Reenlistment Back in 2007 I reenlisted into the United States Marine Corps. This is the footage taken on that day, footage of the day after will be posted in approximatel...
  • In Air Reenlistment: AT3(AW/SW) George Thiess My buddy earned the VFA-11 Red Ripper Junior Sailor of the Year Award and was given the opportunity to take a ride in the backseat of an F/A-18F Superhornet ...
  • Eddie re-enlisting Eddie re-enlisted today for 4 more years!!
  • Re-Enlisting After 14-Year Break Sgt. Williams re-enlisted into the Army after four***-year break in service.
  • ARCD Reenlistment Camp Perry Members of ARCD (Army Reserve Careers Division) conducted reenlistment ceremonies at Camp Perry 2011. MAJ Baer reenlisted SFC Taylor and CPT Freeman reenlist...
  • Reenlisting at Ground Zero Twelve sailors and five Coast Guardsmen reenlisted May 26 at the site of Ground Zero in New York City. See more DoD videos at
  • Reenlistment May 15, 2013 Gunnery Sergeant Eliseo E Rodriguez reenlisted into the United States Marine Corps. This reenlistment will take me to 19 years 5 months of servi...
  • AE2(AW) DeMoray Reenlistment AW2(AW) DeMoray reenlisted by LT Wash at HSM73.
  • I Reenlisted On My Son's Birthday, January 25th, 2007 I Reenlisted On My Son's Birthday, January 25th, 2007.
  • Reenlisting in Iraq I re enlisted for 2 years while i was in Iraq.
  • Tim's CG Reenlistment January 27, 2012 Tim reenlisted in the CG again during my sister's rehearsal dinner!
  • Cpl. Richard Hernandez Reenlistment Cpl. Richard Hernandez reenlisted aboard Camp Pendleton, Calif., Oct. 30. https:///15thmarineexpeditionaryunit https:///15thmeuoff...
  • Four more years - Dec. 7 2010 Reenlistment I reenlisted in the navy for four more years, December 7, 2010. I post a few good photo's and made a personal video afterwords about it. This is/was a specia...
  • [230] - PCHEZZ77 - CURLING HAIR FOR RE-ENLIST Recorded in April I am recording me rolling my hair for my Reenlistment ceremony. I reenlisted in the military for 6 more years. I'm in there--woot woot.
  • caleb is reenlisted
  • Q the Man re-enlisted!
  • Pete's Army , I Re-enlisted So I Had Whats Comming To Me.
  • Christina Gray Re-Enlisted - Woman Soldier Returns to Afghanistan B-roll about a soldier who got re-enlisted by General Dempsey.
  • SSG Lutz ReEnlistment My honey ReEnlisted December 2, 2011.
  • CM2 Miller Reenlistment Reenlisted for 6 more years.
  • Army Reenlistment Almost 300000 men and women enlisted or re-enlisted in the Army, the Army Guard, or the Army Reserve last year. See more DoD video at
  • Re-enlisting for Brotherhood This April General Petraeus re-enlisted 113 No Slack soldiers. For two of these soldiers, brotherhood was the reason for raising their right hands.
  • Steven's Reenlistment Steven reenlisted for another 4 years in the Marine Corps :)
  • SrA Carlin Leslie's Reenlistment SrA Carlin Leslie reenlisted for 5.5 more years in the Air Force.
  • Reenlistment/Skydive 13,000 Ft. Reenlisted in the Navy for 4 more years up at 13000 feet then jump out of a plane.
  • RENOIR - Reenlisted RENOIR - Now Playing in Select Cities! http://renoir-/ Set on the French Riviera in the summer of 1915, Gilles Bourdos' lushly atmospheric drama R...
  • reenlist i reenlisted fo six more years in the gas chamber with no mask, enjoy.
  • SFC Matthews re enlisted in a Blackhawks. LT Moore re enlisting SFC Matthews.. Air Assault!!!
  • kate tells belle she thinks phillip reenlisted in the marines I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http:///editor)
  • Raw Video: 250 Troops Re-enlist in Iraq 250 service members re-enlisted in the military on Veteran's Day, while serving in Iraq. (Nov. 11)
  • Soldiers Reenlist on July 4th 2013- A group of Soldiers downrange at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan reenlisted on America's 237th birthday. http:///video/295728/soldiers-re...
  • My US Navy Reenlistment 29MAR13. I reenlisted in the United States Navy today for 6 more years.
  • Dave's reenlistment Dave on his helicopter ride when he reenlisted in 2009.
  • Mass Effect 3 HD Walkthrough Episode 66 - Re-enlisted (no commentary) Pooped up the render so the last few seconds are just black screen. Show some support and leave a comment don't forget to like/fav. Subscribe for more. Will ...
  • Why I reenlisted... i'll stop being a soldier when it stops being fun!
  • Jeremy reenlistment 2012 Jeremy reenlisted today for 3 more years in the Army.. Fort Lewis Here we come!!!
  • Reenlistment on a Mi-17 helicopter On a training flight on Aug. 14, 2010, the Afghan Air Force and Combined Air Power Transition Force advisors took Afghan flight medics and advisors to Bagram...
  • 46 TF Marne Soldiers in Iraq re-enlist Soldiers from Task Force Marne re-enlisted while serving in Iraq, recognizing that even though they are putting their lives on the line each day, serving in ...
  • General Casey Mass Reenlistment Digital Conference Center, Camp Casey, Korea, December 18, 2008. Gen. George W. Casey Jr. traveled to Warrior Country to take part in the Warfighter Exercise...