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  • Charlie the Redecorator My puppy decided to redecorate the kitchen while I was at work.
  • Cake RE-Decorator We expected Aidan to absolutely destroy his cake.....instead, he calmly leaned over to sample the sweetness. He also relocated the bow-decoration before deciding that it clashed with the overall presentation!
  • My lil redecorator! This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Chompetition: The Sleevettes (redecorator) Recorded on March 15, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • 150 Gallon South American Aggressive Cichlid Tank This 150 gallon tank we found on Craigslist for $100 and then rebuilt and stained the stand and hood. They are on a big canister filter which works well except when they dig in the substrate and blow sand right into the intake. There are a group of 4 Firemouths, a wild caught Nicaraguan, a Tiger Oscar, a breeding pair of Jack Dempseys, a male Severum, a Lima Shovelnose Catfish, one male crossbreed that we think might be a Convict/Firemouth that has paired up with the littlest lady firemouth. There is also a decorative blue lobster and a 12" Highfin Leopard Pleco. They are on real sand with polished river rocks that we collected ourselves and they have MASSIVE pieces of real bogwood in there for shelter (as well as tannin). There are a number of live Amazon Sword plants in there, but the Oscar is a redecorator and they all nibble on them from time to time so they're nothing more than roots. They eats large cichlid pellets daily and are supplemented with a few cubes frozen bloodworms and mysis shrimp every other day. They get about a dozen small feeder fish every month or two which is very entertaining to watch (especially the Lima Cat). They enjoy the odd cranefly that lands in their water as well as any earthworms we dig up in the flower beds.
  • Gwen the Redecorator As usual, Gwen is suspicious of the camera, then decides to fuss with the beds. As usual, Roy is not impressed.
  • "Jesus' View of Me" (Poppy Smith in Oman) Guest speaker of MWF (Muscat Womens Fellowship) in Muscat, Oman in November, 2010
  • Home, Interior design, 561-479-2290, Boca FL - 33433 Professional! 561-479-2290, Interior design, Home, Boca, FL 33433. , ASID, Condo, Decorator, Home, Interior Designer, Interior Designers, Lang, Palm Beach, Redecorator, Renovation, Robb Stucky, Boca, Boca Raton, Palm Beach. CB, Interior design, 33433, 5614792290, Florida
  • CC room redecorator 12-17-08 My pug ChingChing re-arranging their furniture..AGAIN
  • "God, the Great Creative Redecorator" (Poppy Smith in Oman) Ghala Church November 2010 special guest speaker, Poppy Smith!
  • Annie Bruno HGTV Audition This is Annie Bruno, Interior Designer and Home Redecorator.