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  • The Reddlemen - I'm Gonna Get In That Girl's Mind ...........................................................i'm probably over using clips from this film, that's life................footage of Judy Huxtable, Esther Anderson, Marilyn Rickard and Kathy Simmonds
  • BO haxxzor and GTFO Game Clip
  • G-man p*ssing people off yet again MY CARE PACKAGE !!!!!
  • The Reddlemen - I'm Gonna Get In That Girls' Mind
  • The Reddlemen - I Can't Go On This Way
  • The Return Of The Native (The Lady Of The Lake) A video about the 1994 Hallmark Hall Of Fame presentation of the classic Thomas Hardy novel, "The Return Of The Native". Beautifully shot on location in Exmoor National Park, Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the tragic heroine Eustacia Vye, who longs to escape her rural home of Egdon Heath. She is secretly seeing Damon Wildeve (Clive Owen) who is pledged to marry the fair Thomasin Yeobright (Claire Skinner). Damon longs for Eustacia but when she learns Thomasin's cousin Clym (Ray Stevenson) is returning from Paris she sets her sights on him, hoping that he will take her away. Wildeve marries Thomasin out of spite, but Eustacia is too busy focusing on marrying Clym, only to discover once they are husband and wife that he has no intention of returning to Paris. His mother (Joan Plowright, not shown in video) is opposed to the marriage, disapproving of Eustacia, who has a bewitching power over men. Both Eustacia and Damon find themselves increasingly unhappy in their marriages, and at a country dance seem to rekindle the old flame between them. Diggory Venn (Steven MacIntosh) a reddleman who secretly loves Thomasin, tries to keep the marriages together but even he cannot weather the storms and passion that await all involved. Tragedy ensues and the doomed couple of Eustacia and Wildeve only achieve the escape they so want through death. I focused primarily on their relationship in the montage, since they have always held more interest for me than Clym, even in the book. The love ...
  • Day Late, Dollar Short by Thrones Released in 2005 on Southern Lord. Thrones is the solo project of a guy named Joe Preston. Preston has played in several sludge / doom / stoner / drone metal bands, such as Earth, Sunn O))), Melvins, High On Fire, Harvey Milk and on and on. This album is a compilation of odds and ends from Throne's back catalogue, spanning from 1994 to 2001. Songs on this album are taken from 7"s, 10"s, unreleased movie soundtracks, cassette recordings and some demos. Most of it has never been released before. All the music on here has a very low production value. Very raw and gritty and distorted. For the most part, it's a very sludgy affair, full heavily detuned bass playing, garbled vocals, drum programming and weird synthesizer squiggles and noise. Preston does dabble in some spacey, ambiance on some tracks. From beginning to end, this album is very bizarre, noisy and muddy. It's a very mixed bag affair. While some songs will pummel your ears, others are more calm, others are more palatable and upbeat. Joe even has a few cover songs on here from bands like Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, The Who, Ultravox and The Residents. At any rate, Thrones isn't for everybody. I enjoyed a few tracks on here, namely Obolus, Davids Lib, The Walk, Black Blade and Epicus Doomicus Bumpitus. The low production value will likely turn off most people. It's very murky and twisted. My guess is if your a big Melvins fan or if you have undying lust for crazy, experimental and sludgy metal, you'll dig this. I'm sure ...
  • The Return of the Native- Death Scenes The Final scenes of The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy
  • Reddlemen- i'm gonna get in that girl's mind
  • The Shades of Night - Fluc - tu - a - tion Original vinyl quality.......with a new slideshow of sixties garage bands, in order --- 006, the blazers, the brogues, the centurys, the chants x 2, the chessmen, the counts, the creations, the dark horsemen, the elastik band, 13th floor elevators, the emperors, the esquires, the far end, the go nuts, the halfways, the hangmen, the haunted, the invaders, Lawson and the four more, the monks, the mor-loks, the myddle class, the nightcrawlers, the heighbourhood children, the pastels, peck bad boys, peter wand the wolves, the poets, the reddlemen, the reekers, the reptiles, the romans, the ruins, the shag, six deep, the souls, the soup greens, the spades, the sparkles, the shadows, the mods, the sonics, the troyes, the village steps, the villains, we the people.