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  • RACO Panel 5: Leveraging The Lessons of Quick Victories and Defeats into Lasting Success Wednesday, May 25, 2011, The National Archives in Washington, DC. The annual Records Administration Conference 2011 (RACO 2011), the annual one-day conference on Federal records management issues was hosted by NARA. Attendees included Federal records officers, records management professionals, information managers, and information technology professionals. Panel sessions included "NARA Transformation and Agency Services: What Does it Mean for You," "How Can Records Managers Keep Up with Social Media," "Balancing Open Access to Information with Today's Security Requirements," "2011 Archivist Achievement Awards Presentations," and "Quick Wins: Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Program and Reach Customers." Additional information about the conference, panelists, and presentations are available at the RACO 2011 website:
  • Art 74_Collaboration_5_of_5_MT.flv Art 74 Collaboration lecture 5 of 5
  • crazy kids dancing The little boy in the front does not have a clue. The little boy in the red acts like he is special jumping around. The little boy int the back gets tired and stops. The litte boy in the orange thinks he is really doing it. The little boy in the black looks like he would show them up if they would stop bumping into him.
  • Consumer Financial Protection Efforts: Answers Needed (Part 1 of 2) Consumer Financial Protection Efforts: Answers Needed (Part 1 of 2) - House Oversight - 2011-07-14 - House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Witnesses Elizabeth Warren, Assistant to the President, and Special Adviser to the Secretary of the Treasury. Video provided by US House of Representatives.
  • Howard Berman supports NDAA despite it allowing martial law. At a town hall meeting in Sherman Oaks, Howard Berman (US Congressman from the 28th Congressional District of California) defends his vote for the 2012 NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act. He admits the bill has "troublesome language," and yet he voted for it in hopes of passing the Garamendi amendment that he says would clarify that citizens and lawful residents would not be indefinitely detained without charge or trial. In the meantime, he passed a martial law bill that Obama signed into law (on New Years Eve). To me, his response is skirting around the truth, saying the law is ambiguous in terms of constitutionality, then redacts saying the bill is not unconstitutional.... which is it???? Wednesday, January 4 2012 Robert A. Millikan Middle School, 5041 Sunnyslope Ave., Sherman Oaks Burrill Hall 6:30pm-8:30pm
  • How Wikileaks REALLY Works Wikileaks releases information to the media, who send selected items to media partners like the New York Times, The Guardian, and Der Spiegel. These partners filter everything through the State Department who then redacts information before everything is released. After the media releases the documents, Wikileaks releases the same redacted material. Not quite what you thought, is it?
  • FFVII - LLNIIENACMO Challenge - Jenova-BIRTH LL = Low Level NI = No Items IE = Initial Equipment NA = No Accessories CMO = Command Materia Only Six years ago, this was a very easy battle. This time, it was slightly harder, as I needed almost 500 attempts before I succeeded. No, that's not a joke. 400 of them would end early, as I didn't get the desired opening to the battle, but that's still almost 100 full attempts. So, what makes this battle so hard? Well, it's luck reliant and it's easy to make a mistake. This is the kind of battle where one small mistake can ruin everything. First, let's take a look at the attack pattern: 1. Stop 2. Nothing 3. Nothing 4. Laser (1, 2 or 3 times) 5. Tail Laser (once or twice) 6. W-Laser (1, 2 or 3 times) 7. Gas (50% chance) Repeat That's the attack pattern IF she starts at Stop. She can also start at Laser, but that's an insta-restart. The good thing about her attacks is that they're all physical, but they can never go critical, so that makes it a little less luck relaint. Stop can be used three times before she runs out of MP, and you really want it to miss at least once. Otherwise, it can be hard to survive enough Laser series before you've dealt enough damage. Of course, this depends on how many times she attacks and how many times Aerith gets to use Healing Wind. If she takes too much damage before you can cast it the second time, you might not get a third one. Since I have Aerith in front row from the beginning, the first Stop must miss if used on her. When someone gets ...
  • ID Protect Announcement Identification Protection is now a requirement for business documents. States have already passed laws which require that a business review archived documents and prevent anuathorized access to identity information especially Social Security numbers as well as Medical Record Numbers, Account Numbers, Drivers License Numbers, etc. ID Protect from Vanguard Systems reviews any sensitive document (Previously archived as well as new document) for any sensitive data which may be on a document and automatically redacts (covers the information preventing viewing) the data electronically. The integrated Audit and Quality Contol feature allows you to tailor the degree of review required based on the documents being processed and the internal audit requirements for your business. , 800-445-1418, 610-891-7703
  • Staples Managed Print Services Promo Staples Managed Print Services is a new service that allows companies to optimize their internal print environment. Recognizing the need for engaging platform to promote the service to both internal and external audiences, Staples turned to CommCreative. We developed an animated two-minute video that can be viewed online. Voiceover and onscreen text tell the story, while a paper airplane (colored Staples red) acts as a visual metaphor for the way in which Staples can swoop into an office and streamline its printing processes. The video was a big hit internally, energizing the sales staff, and is gradually being rolled out to the public.
  • 2 girls 1 cup! Sonic's reaction! Mario records Sonic's reaction by watching 2 girls 1 cup video. WARNING: Intense gross out video. 200000 views!
  • in Portland MAINE ET Redacts // uh WEATHER Balloon REVIEW OCTOBER 1989
  • jymeek n red acts a fool its all fun n games untill a beast crashes da party
  • Pro ( 4thirty ) in the Studio with SP www.4 4Thirty Recently signed a contract with Sony RED distribution RED - An Artist Development Company (formerly Relativity Entertainment Distribution) is a Sony Music Entertainment-owned sales and marketing division that handles releases for 50+ independent record labels. Successful RED acts include Insane Clown Posse, My Morning Jacket, Andrew Bird, Nine Inch Nails, Elliott Yamin, Bullet For My Valentine, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Mark Ronson, The Temper Trap, Steve Earle, Peter, Bjorn & John, Drive-By Truckers, Radiohead, Phoenix, Mandy Moore, Jason Aldean, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Passion Pit and Third Eye Blind. Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • Veritas Presents: Dick Figures - FLAME WAR! Red and Blue go "/warmode" for a video-game. RED acts like me, whereas BLUE acts like Zach. ENJOY!!!
  • TEPCO redacts manuals, reason: terrorism - valid reason or another cover up? See also: Fukushima links (Fukushima Daiichi live and a youtube compressed version): Radiation measured in water and air at Fukushima plant: Weather (radiation flow) from Fukushima: Nuclear News and Updates: fukushima- CHERNOBYL Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment By A.Yablokov, V. Nesterenko, A. Nesterenko -- Miscellaneous: Seismic links: www.emsc- www.oe- Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Fukushima: - MIT NSE Nuclear Information Hub
  • TheAngryAnon - Hey Hey Its Saturday "Black" Faces Because of idiots complaining about nothing, this show will probaly never be on the air again
  • Sonic Advance 3- Route 99 bored
  • Planets orbiting the orbits of other planets The red acts as the center point, the purple rotates the red, the blue rotates the purple, the light blue rotates the blue, the green rotates the light blue. This rotation pattern should be right but I wouldn't base any studies on it
  • US 9 at Glenwood Ave-Glens Falls, NY This signal on US 9 at Glenwood Ave in Glens Falls, NY has the side street flash red when US 9 has a green light. The flashing red light faces a car repair shop, so it doesn't really require a full stop when red. The flashing red acts as a STOP sign but it functions like a normal signal otherwise. I don't think I have seen another signal like this before. I apoligize for the sudden jolt in the beginning of the video. I was trying to put the camera on a proper place to stay still.