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  • The process for urea production according to claim 1, wherein said operative step of recondensation is of partial type. The process for urea production according to claim 1, wherein said operative step of recondensation is of total type. 6. — “Process for Urea Production and Related Plant - Patent”,
  • However, there is no experimental or theoretical study of the migration mechanism by evaporation and recondensation. The correlation on mass transfer for evaporation and recondensation of oil (Shell Talpa 30) was developed by the laboratory-size experiments. — “Oil Migration on the Structured Packing by Evaporation and”,
  • There is no reaction - just a phase change. When heated, some of the iodine evaporates to form iodine vapor, which is purple. If you observe a purple solid, this is just small crystals of iodine formed from the recondensation of this vapor. — “Why do Iodine crystals in a test tube turn purple when heated”,
  • GROWTH OF SELF-SEEDED ALUMINUM NITRIDE BY SUBLIMATION-RECONDENSATION AND SUBSTRATE PREPARATION. Bulk aluminum nitride boules have been grown at driving rates of 0.9mm/h by the self-seeded sublimation-recondensation technique. — “MRS Website : GROWTH OF SELF-SEEDED ALUMINUM NITRIDE BY”,
  • In order to elucidate the absence of recondensation when using very low liquid delivery rates, the effect of flow rate of a sheathing gas injected in a single-pass spray chamber placed before the torch (, cavity chamber) of an inductively coupled. — “Study of the absence of recondensation with low liquid”,
  • US5860294: Recondensation of gaseous hydrocarbons. Country: US United States of America. High. Resolution. 5 pages. Inventor: Brendeng, Einar; Trondheim, Norway. Assignee: Sinvent AS, Trondheim, Norway. other patents from SINVENT AS (695164) (approx. 18). — “Recondensation of gaseous hydrocarbons (US5860294)”,
  • Recondensation of previously evapo- rated volatile species has been appealed to in many the effect of recondensation on the isotopic frac- tionation of laboratory evaporation. — “R”,
  • 5. Method according to claim 1, characterized by setting a flow-rate of the carrier gas to get a desired dew-point of the solvent in the pre-column, correlated to the temperature of the pre-column in order to give a desired vaporization or recondensation of the solvent in the pre-column. — “Method and device for the injection ... - Google Patent Search”,
  • NMVOC Recondensation – Case Study, 1999-12-09. Reports. Effects and measures related to A study on the calculation and selection of a recondensation plant for the recovery of lost. — “LIST OF MEMOS AND REPORTS:”,
  • Large-Scale Chromatin Decondensation And Recondensation Regulated By Transcription From A chromatin decondensation and recondensation, transcription, mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV), dipteran flies, Chromosome puffs, lampbrush chromosomes. — “Large-Scale Chromatin Decondensation And Recondensation”, glass-bottom-
  • For ethylene glycol and water (EGW) systems, the recondensation of vapor takes place generally in the radiator. sizes, allowing for faster recondensation of vapor and increased. — “Maintenance " Engine Cooling Systems”,
  • Translations of Recondensation. Recondensation synonyms, Recondensation antonyms. Information about Recondensation in the free As a result, recondensation occurs, the point of vaporization shifts downstream, and the length of the liquid region of the capillary tube increases; thus, an increase. — “Recondensation - definition of Recondensation by the Free”,
  • However, it will also find utility in other applications involving the recondensation of helium vapor. In some recondensers, the recondensation surface includes a vertically disposed smooth metal structure, e.g., a cylinder, on which smooth metal. — “(WO/2010/029456) HORIZONTAL FINNED HEAT EXCHANGER FOR”,
  • Definition of Recondensation. Recondensation. The act or process of Your Favorite Topics: Life Quotes - Love Quotes - Funny Quotes - Friendship Quotes. — “Definition of Recondensation”,
  • Recondite definition, dealing with very profound, difficult, or abstruse subject matter: See more. recondensation. recondense. recondite. recondition. reconditory. reconduct. reconduction. reconfer. reconferred. reconferring. reconfiguration. reconfigure. reconfine. reconfirm. reconfirmation. reconfiscate. reconform. — “Recondite | Define Recondite at ”,
  • It is a compartment of the endocytic membrane transport pathway from the plasma membrane to the lysosome. Lysosomes reform by recondensation to their normal, higher density. — “Endosome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • recondensation (plural recondensations) The condensation of a vapour following Retrieved from "http:///wiki/recondensation". — “recondensation - Wiktionary”,
  • This increment can be associated with the formation of recondensation of the LKC components as by-product of the reaction. Hence, it is important to liquefy the KC before the recondensation point was reached. The PU adhesive was successfully synthesized using polyols from LKC. — “Production of Polyurethane from Liquefied Kenaf (Hibiscus”,
  • Recondensation level of repetitive sequences in the plant protoplast nucleus is limited This paper describes not only the de- and recondensation of satellite DNA type I and 5S rDNA repetitive sequences, but it also compares the recondensation level of chromatin with the levels of oxidative stress. — “Recondensation level of repetitive sequences in the plant”,
  • A flask for standard solutions comprises a flask body and a closure cap for sealingly closing the flask body. It has in an upper part of the flask body a capillary The capillary passage acts as a recondensation zone and reduces evaporative escape of solvents upon removal of the liquid, even. — “Flask - US 5720925”,
  • Re·con·den·sa·tion n. The act or process of recondensing. — “recondensation: Definition from ”,


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  • Warm evaporation lends to condensation, re rain... York floods...again, not new...par for the course...
  • Cell division : Incomplete cytokinesis What you see is division of a rat hepatocyte in primary culture taken from metaphase (Chromosomes are ordonated by the mitotic spindle) to telophase (re-cond...
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  • Mod-01 Lec-30 L30-Cryocoolers Ideal Stirling Cycle IV Cryogenic Engineering by Prof. M.D. Atrey , Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay. For more details on NPTEL visit
  • Cell division : Complete cytokinesis What you see is division of a rat hepatocyte in primary culture taken from metaphase (Chromosomes are organised by the mitotic spindle) to telophase (re-cond...
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