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  • FEAR Community Novel This is the 'randomising' of the names video for the FEAR 2 Project Origin Community Novel over at /forum, so you all know it was fair. Apologies for the tired random rambling throughout - i'm sleep talking. Sorry if I get your names wrong. d2r, Project Wiggy, Vinni, Revange, Adrianna, Tayta Malakai, Rekteha, Shmuck, Killa Swag.
  • Shaun Randomising on his Guitar i decided to record Shaun randomizing on his guitar. I also used a trial version for a converter so i apologize for it popping up on the video.
  • Chinese Bird & Flower Painting Plum Blossom & Bug Practice Chinese Calligraphy too. Sometimes i like to ose a few hours at the end of the day making Plum Blossoms.It's all practice, but the end of it all is that...... you have to sit there and paint the five petals of every flower. And in this the meditation is wonderful. You literally see nothing but the brush tip and those circles. And there's a mental randomising isuse that takes place and I love that thoughtful nothing that happens when you focus inwards in this way. I dont care that they are wonky, or that they are not all evenly created and differ from left paper to right paper.... im out to prove nothing. I am literally what I am and I have only seeen the works of masters from 1560ad and thisis my work from their inspiration. I bet they never knew I would be here 700 years later looking at what they painted from a world that knew nothing but Donkeys, horses, fish in the rivers and clouds in the skies. Brutality, you died if you starved, illness wasnt exactly something with many cures.... but they survived never the less. Plum Blossom & Creepy Practice Chinese Bird & FLower Painting PLUM BLOSSOM AND CREEPYCRAWLIY PRACTICE
  • TI-84 Plus Dancing Kirby V2 The new version, including optimized code, user defined methods (lol), another dance move and an improved pattern. Aiming for movement around the screen next, followed by randomization of the moves, then randomising each part (ie the two hands and the two eyes).
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!RICK ROSS AND TINIE TEMPAH IN GHANA??!!!! vlog i made! hope you like the video! rate comment and subscribe if you like my video's and want more! :)
  • Slow-mo Footy WTF! Randomising before jamberoo
  • V-log 17th March Me randomising about life, the universe and Star wars RPG.
  • the randoomes messin Here are therandoomes in thier second stupid video
  • Shayne & Darrian Having a Rock Off Or so he thinks Shayne is on the right, Darrian is on the left.
  • Coffee Drinking Has Biochemical Benefits For The Body Part 1 http Coffee, despite its not-so-healthy reputation, has been quite consistently linked in the scientific literature with benefits for health including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia. See here, here, here, and here. While the research regarding the effects of coffee on health is voluminous, the great majority of it comes in the form of so-called epidemiological evidence. Such studies can identify associations between things, but that's about all. If there were 20 studies showing that coffee-drinking is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, say, then that still would not be enough to conclude that coffee protects against cardiovascular disease. It might turn out, for instance, that coffee drinkers happen to exercise more or eat more healthily than coffee abstainers, and these are the real reasons behind the association between coffee drinking and reduced cardiovascular disease risk. The best test of an causal link between a foodstuff and health is a randomised controlled trial -- preferably placebo-controlled. In this case, this would mean randomising a group of people to drink coffee or placebo (ideally an inert coffee-tasting beverage) over a period of time. If the coffee drinking group turned out to be less likely to succumb to cardiovascular disease (assuming the two groups were essentially the same in other respects), this would be very good evidence that coffee consumption does indeed reduce ...
  • Poi Random Generator Here's a clip from a program I wrote that generates random CAP/flower type patterns. It'll keep going and going, randomising the parameters at semi-random time intervals. With just a basic set of input, it can do all the basic flowers, cat-eyes, isolations. When I can work out how to translate it into something web friendly, I'll put it online - so it can be different every time viewed! I've also considered making it interactive, and putting it into 3D and accounting for a person being in the middle of it, but that's a lot of extra coding - so who knows if it will happen.
  • Runescape randomising in camelot lol here this has to be the record for teleporting to camelot!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i was very bored and came opon this i thought i might record it for the craic enjoy lol
  • Operation Sealion overview Me randomising but discussing Operation Sealion. I also read Fuhrer directive 17.
  • Carepackage FAIL carepackage: calm down, i'm still randomising (Y)
  • The Etchings Of Peep, Entry 1 Peep Randomising his thoughts in video form.
  • the randoomes randomising Were just a bit chatty
  • Win32 Console Pong, C++ Part 2 First assignment in my computer programming course. Done! Added menu, scoring, and AI from my last video. As with my last video it looks a lot smoother when you're running it than on this video. AI player is on the right side of the screen, it works by calculating where the pong will land as it is approaching the right side of the screen, then it does some silly randomising so it can sometimes miss, I didn't do the math but it's around a 1/7 chance that it will miss. I was controlling the paddle on the left. Normally the AI is a bit harder than this. 2 Player mode works as you would expect. I used to have a 'speed-up' feature that would speed up the game slightly every time the pong hit a paddle, which made the game a lot more fun, but it didn't work on every computer so I had to scrap it. : \ You can play by downloading the .exe here: SOURCE CODE is no longer available, but you can send me a message and try to convince me. Music: Masashi Hamauzu - Will to Fight Next up, Space Invaders!
  • Luke and Lewis' Day Out Me and lewis had a day randomising in cambridge, with the aid of jaro
  • Sheffield Renewables Competition Randomising Machine A short film showing the seriousness with which we take picking winners when we have competitions every now and then.
  • Dodgy Animation #1 The story of a man who climbs throug a window, into a bizzare world of chocolate mousse and cornstarch. Toffee Kiosk not included. Change Places! For more information, message us. Produced by Finnwierdo and co Lyrics to song: ____________________ Where has he gone? Why was he here? Banana goat mustard and cheese I see a fox Someone's old sox Randomising this song I sing I waste your time Sweetcorn and Lime _______________________ All thanks go to Ollie
  • my bro in willy wonka play my lil bro at a perfomance for willy wonk
  • Contemplative Ring-Modulated Partials Contemplative Ring-Modulated Partials is an original electronic composition primarily composed on the Korg R3 synthesizer, and utilising extensive use of the 8-step arpeggiator and randomising sequencing functions. The work also features extensive use of double ring-modulated waveforms. Double ring-modulated effects produce some rather unexpected groans, warbles, wheezes, rumbles and squawks - due to the sum and difference effect acting twice on the source oscillator waveforms. The main sequence was composed using dual timbres each set to operating with dual triangle waveforms. Each waveform was ring-modulated by the second oscillator, processed with stereo delay, then further ring-modulated using a sinewave in note mode and adjusted until an interesting effect was achieved. The two timbres were each treated in this manner, then fed to the master reverb effect. The sequence was composed at 104 bpm and played using the 8-step arpeggiator set to random mode. Some steps were muted to create variety in the passage. The second sequence was created in the same way as the first but with different transpose settings for the timbres. Different oscillator ring-modulation settings were used for the individual oscillators, and different pitch settings for the second ring-modulation effect. Again an 8-step randomised arpeggiation sequence was called into play. The last sequence was created like the second sequence, but with lower filter cut-off and high-resonance to induce self ...
  • Anjelica's Birthday Party part #2 jose dancing as well.. actually he dance all the time really lol!~aweeeesome! elparty estuvo ostiaaaa! weeeeeee and just randomising around the party lolz miren a lester! weee lol lmao
  • Game Development - Result 6 Today was a rough day, headache and I shoudl've slept a few hours more. But even though I got a crude form of "Fog of war" up and running, also added my first building with an area of effect which is healing the nearby troops slowly. Oh yeah, I added random running for the enemies, so they run around their spawnpoint unless their mentalstate is brutal, then they roam the entire map. A few bugs there where the randomising, but I'll fix it. Oh yeah, I got a main menu now too!
  • megz and lulu megan and lulu randomising like wooplas.
  • chopin mazurka 67 nr2 Played a bit too fast en with too little speed randomising ;)I have been practicing the mazurka for 2 weeks. Even thought i can play it without errors when not recording, i can not yet do it when i am recording. So i guess a better one will follow, but i seem to be a stress chicken when recording. But i have just started doing that.
  • Web cam intro I finally got the cam working! Here's me randomising about stuff
  • Traffic - Composite This is a random drawing of three clips which form my infinite video piece Traffic. Obviously this clip is just under two minutes but the real thing just plays until you press stop, constantly randomising the clip to be played. 4 2 3 1 2 2 4 2 3 5 5 4 3 2 4 1 4 4 1 5 4 5 1 2 1 2 5 3 4 4 3 2 5 4 3 4 4 2 3 2 3 2 1 3 3 2 3 3 2 3 4 3 5 1 2 1 5 3 5 2 3 4 1 1 4 5 4 2 3 2 5 4 4 1 3 1 5 1 5 5 5 5 3 2 4 4 5 5 4 3 2 3 4 2 3 3 5 3 3 5
  • Eye ot the Tiger Lucy, Jenny, Beth and Alex randomising to eye of the tiger! haa!!
  • Random Day in French! randomising in french i suppose haha lol
  • Scripted bends #1 Chris Cunningham's Rubber Johnny run through a databending script. This one looks at the results of randomising numbers
  • Random Random video The random Ryan randomising it up
  • Desdink (ZynAddSubFX improvisation) This one has really no point in particular - just made a bell-like patch (PAD synth engine with a stretched harmonic profile etc.) on ZynAddSubFX and improvised on it. Well, actually three times - first without recording, then recording it and accidentally deleting it ;) Laptop qwerty with some velocity randomising.
  • The most randomising thing you will ever see...ever the title says it all
  • Worldwide Cosplayers Photo journey: 1st Receiver!!! Thank you to all those who expressed interest in the project!! With the help of the randomising program, I finally selected the first receiver!!!!! Asakura Haruto, please email me your mailing address and other details ^_^ Go brainstorm on how you wanna decorate the scarf naos!!!! If you wanna have the chance to be the next receiver, you can try going to and leave a comment at the announcement entry =)