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  • Arabeske/Arabesque This act created by Tunga 1996. Video made Friedrich Stadt Palast Berlin. The ac is protected as "Arabeske" MUZEG Nr. 1026, "Arabesque" Markeninhaber Tungalag Hasochyr Urkunde Nr.; 301 17 631 copyright include artistic works, videos.
  • Cosmos (코스모스) - EP10 - The Edge of Forever (영원의 벼랑 끝) 칼 세이건 코스모스 - 영원의 벼랑 끝 Cosmos by Carl Sagan - The Edge of Forever Episode 10 of the 시리즈 Korean, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Indonesian, Turkish and Estonian subtitles are available with the CC button.
  • HUNDEBISS NIGHT 20 HUNDEBISS NIGHT 20 ═══════ MERCOLEDI 24 FEBBRAIO ═══════ MUTANT APE FECALOVE ═══════ 10 PM ═══════ SECRET PLACE MILAN ═══════ info: [email protected] http ═══════ MUTANT APE (UK) Mutant Ape is the insane noise project by Yorkshire, UK resident George Proctor. George runs the Turgid Animal label, which since 2005 has been the go-to place for harsh noise, power electronics and other demented spuzz releasing over 500 CDs, CDRS, cassettes, LPs, 10s, 7s etc. He has been releasing Mutant Ape sounds wherever and whenever establishing his classic yet contemporary noise/horror vision of lust and spectacle as one of the premier scum artists of the last decade *** Yorkshire, released on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace Label, is Mutant Ape at its most corrosive delivering from track to track occult ambience to skin shredding power drug electronics. Disgust, depression, defilement and demolition are all here for those of you who demand only the best in carnal crud. www.mutant- FECALOVE (ITALY) Nicola Vinciguerra. Carrara. Demenza. Guantini di plastica. Pantaloni slacciati. La sua mano. La tua faccia. Le sue note raffinate. Un orgoglio tutto italiano. ═══════
  • SubCom Cutaway Cutaway illustration of an elegant solution for heating or evaporating any type of non-combustible liquid using submerged combustion... the more corrosive, dense, viscous, etc. the liquid the better. Lots of advantages over boilers: up to 99% efficient, no heat transfer surfaces to foul, no dilution of the liquid (like in steam injection), no operator certification is required b/c it is not a pressure vessel, etc., etc.
  • Cosmos Episodio 10 parte 2/7 Episode 10: The Edge of Forever Contents: 1. Opening 2. Big Bang The origins of the universe, the Big Bang theory 3. Galaxies Types of galaxies 4. Astronomical Anomalies Galactic collisions, quasars 5. Doppler Effect The Doppler effect 6. Humason Life and work of Milton L. Humason 7. Dimensions The four-dimensional and closed universe 8. The Universe An infinite universe vs. a god 9. India Creation myths, esp. Hindu cosmology 10. Oscillating Universe Contracting and re-expanding vs. ever-expanding universe 11. VLA The Very Large Array in New Mexico, dark matter, the multiverse hypothesis 12. Cosmos Update 10 years later Milky Way is perhaps a barred spiral galaxy. Galaxies strung out along odd, irregular surfaces. Source: Episodio 10: El filo de la eternidad Contenido: Los orígenes del universo, la hipótesis del Big Bang. Tipos de galaxias, colisiones galácticas y quasars. Efecto Doppler, vida y obra de Milton Humason. El universo cuatridimensional. Dios contra un universo infinito; mitos de la creación, cosmología hindú. Contracción y reexpansión contra expansión eterna. El Very Large Array de Nuevo México, materia oscura, la hipótesis del multiverso. Fuente:
  • Speedball 5: Tour De Trance vs Speedball - Phoenix speedball 5 is started! ru ready? lets dance lol
  • SubCom Technical Presentation What submerged combustion is, how it works, and benefits of the SubCom industrial liquid heating / evaporation system compared to traditional technologies (eg boilers).
  • Sheila 71 - Les rois mages - 'intellectual's' interview + 'arty' perf. A must-see document + the best popular French song of the last 50 years. Listen, and watch ! , loveable Sheila being dragged into long and convoluted sociological and 'symbolics' questions, quite typical of the euro-intellectuals' manners of that time... Denise Glaser herself was heading a one-of-a-kind (very) independent short TV program on Sundays, end of morning called 'Discorama', on musical topics she freely chose, loosely connected with music-hall actuality. In fact, confronting the by then popular and commercial princess Sheila was being already, she slightly over-acts her own character, of the 'alambicate intellectual', with discrete humour and Sheila cheerfully plays the game. There is complicity on the screen, between the rather un-educated but far from an idiot Sheila, (principled certainly) never hung up (complexed) about it all, neither would she be about her popular singer's "job", her two feet eternally well planted into ground (and by what a pair of legs !!!!) ; and the openly ultra-raffinate, but in fact quite 'punky' Denise Glaser, 'Sirius-esque' always more than ready for a good non-conventionnal coup, whatever the direction or whom with... Some elegant hommage then, of the 'intelligentia' to the people's darling, in the process... So here we go for a slice of surrealism, 1971 French TV style, with Sheila first answering the long 'sociologics and symbolics' very Glaser equatorial questioning with a : "Well, all this seems very simple." ... and the ...
  • Kumatozz - Live @ Speedball #3 (1) Speedball #3 party @ Raffinate Club (Novosibirsk, Russia), i'm spinnin DeejayBee & Sketchy tune "Walk Away" (feat. LouLou)
  • Lou Reed on September Songs Performing "September Song"
  • Tim Royko @ Yamabooki Club pres. Dunhill Dpt. Waiting For #1 Playing "Waiting for" Remix @ Yamabooki Club, Cologne / Germany
  • Tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe | Delerium Masters of Photography Tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe (1946 - 1989) 20th Death Aniversary (1989 - 2009) "The sulphurous praise of shapes" Music: Flowers Become Screens by Delerium Featuring Rani Kamal, from "The Best of Delerium" Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. This is just a tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe and Delerium. So if anybody has a problem with this video, please tell me and I will take it down immediately. Robert Mapplethorpe (Long island, November 4, 1946 - Boston, March 9, 1989) was an American photographer, known for his highly stylized black and white portraits, photos of flowers and *** men. The frank ***ism of some of the work of his middle period triggered a more general controversy about the public funding of artworks. Mapplethorpe was born and grew up as a Roman Catholic of English and Irish heritage in Our Lady of the Snows Parish in Floral Park, Queens, New York. He received a BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where he majored in graphic arts. Mapplethorpe took his first photographs soon thereafter using a Polaroid camera. In the mid-1970s, he acquired a Hasselblad medium-format camera and began taking photographs of a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, including artists, composers, and socialites. In the 1980s he refined his aesthetic, photographing statuesque male and female ***s, delicate flower still lifes, and highly formal portraits of artists and celebrities. Mapplethorpe's first studio was at 24 ...
  • Kumatozz - Live @ Speedball #3 (2) Speedball #3 party @ Raffinate Club (Novosibirsk, Russia), i'm spinnin DeejayBee & Sketchy tune "Walk Away" (feat. LouLou)