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  • ML2267 rev A Gopher Gold Animation Gopher Gold : Description A new twist on crossing stenoses Tapered threaded distal tip engages stenosis to support passage Gold-plated tip for bright radiopacity Tightly braided backbone for enhanced torque without breakage Sealed polymer jacket allows infusion of medication
  • MTA FILLAPEX Inglês - MTA based root c*** sealer MTA based root c*** sealer Double syringe with self-mixing tips Paste/Paste Excellent radiopacity Easy handling Great working time: allows long endodontics treatments Only root c*** sealer that promotes cementum regeneration
  • Venus Diamond Flow - Presented by Dr. Ross Nash Dr. Ross Nash reviews Venus Diamond Flow, the newest flowable composite from Heraeus. The benefits of Venus Diamond Flow are: high radiopacity, high flexural strength, low flexural stress, improved handling, polishability, and shade matching with Venus Diamond Nano Hybrid Composite. Indications for flowable composites include: enlarged fissure sealants, as a cavity liner for Class I and Class II restorations, Class IV restorations, minimally invasive Class I, Class II, and Class III restorations, repairs of direct and indirect resorations, and for splinting of mobile teeth.
  • Septodont - N'Durance Cristal The proven science of Nano-Dimer conversion technology® creates enhanced, long lasting composite properties. These enhanced properties provide low volumetric shrinkage while simultaneously demonstrating unprecedented high monomer conversion, ensuring extra durability and biocompatibility of restorations. Due to its increased translucency, N'Durance® Cristal provides high esthetics, creating a naturally beautiful smile. N'Durance® Cristal has excellent handling properties. It shows a "soft-on-demand" consistency due to its superior thixotropic properties. It is easy to use, will not slump and polishes beautifully. The high radiopacity allows the clinician to easily differentiate tooth structure from the restoration without guessing, resulting in better control and post-operative follow-up. N'Durance® Cristal is available in 7 of the most popular Vita® shades plus Incisal. It is a perfect companion to N'Durance® Universal Composite and N'Durance® Dimer Flow.