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  • hydrogen andrija puharich water fuel cell pantone meyer CARL CELLA hi here is the design of andrija puharich water fuel hydrogen injector of 1970 stanley meyer tweaked it .it uses radiolysis electrolysis and "SUPER HEATED STEAM"(1600 times normal)under pressure, heavy water (deuterium oxide)snow and hail best . IMPLOSION ENGINE 180 DEGREES OUT OF PHASE (FIRES AT BOTTOM DEAD CENTRE AS HYDROGEN WILL IMPLODE.SUCKS PISTON UP LIKE THE PISTOL SHRIMP IMPLODES ITS PRESSURE BUBBLE TO CAUSE SONIC SHOCK WAVE TO STUN ITS PREY) 12V DC BATTERY THEN AC CURRENT by way of a 1200 watt inverter or a rewound alternator,magnatron (steam resonator) to make processed water (placed in a stainless steel positive charged tank) MAKES NEGATIVELY CHARGED WATER ,(then a 4 bridge diode to transform back to dc but at much high a voltage with a blocking diode) a porous ceramic substance to reduce flow of steam water inside injector to build up pressure of collapsing molecules.. ,make plasma ignition ,and no air filter BUT YOU PLACE A EVAPOURATIVE COOLER IN HERE (quenching circuit) (daniel dingle says this ) redesigned diesel injector or spark plug,tip cut off to earth to outer case of plug(but isolated from engine block). made of palladium/gold..platinum coated titanium better cathode. hit it with a plasma ignitor,will make a steam engine basics BUT HYDROGEN. tesla coil effect/lightning strikes , ,THIS IS A NANO SIZED VERSION OF CARL CELLA DESIGN... in a modified diesel engine. vacuum downstroke of the engine. (resonance will always be exact by placing a switching diode ...
  • Bob Boyce 27 Years HHO Part 1 Presentation at the hho games and exposition Feb 2009 For more details go to
  • 3/28/2011 -- question from Dutchsinse to 'nuclear professionals' - March 28 = ANSWERED two answers.. both concur.. see the below RE video .. down below this video.. also READ ON! update 610 pm CST march 28, 2011.. question ANSWERED! read below www.h2 Hydrogen explosions Fukushima nuclear plant: what happened?The terrible news of the natural disaster in Japan has pointed all eyes to the safety of nuclear power plants. The extremely serious accidents in the Japanese nuclear power station at Fukushima involved a number of hydrogen explosions. Hydrogen is not part of the normal means of operation of a nuclear system. The huge earthquake and following tsunami triggered a series of events that lead to the explosions. The German Hydrogen ad Fuel Cell Association, DWV, compiled a comprehensive explanation of what happened in Fukushima's nuclear plant that you find below. As a result of the Japanese incident China suspended new nuclear plants on March 16. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on March 14 the closure of older nuclear plants. EU ministers, at a special meeting in Brussels on March 15, discussed the introduction of safety "stress tests" at nuclear power plants in Europe. EU Commissioner Oettinger commended the safety standards currently in place in EU countries, but at the same time told German media that Europe must consider a "foreseeable future" without nuclear energy. When a nuclear plant runs normally hydrogen is nowhere to be found at or near the nuclear fuel rods. Cooling of the fuel is done by means of water. Small amounts of ...