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  • My crazy dog sorry for not getting the complete rabidness of this dog I'll do better next time!
  • Rabidness- The Curse Of The Catman Intro for one of the most SHOCKING! horror movies from the independant genre in ages. Watch at own risk! Actually what we have here is my acting debut. Oscar level *** if you ask me. Bud Burgy was putting together this project with some friends. I get to be Catmans first victim. If you watch closly you can actually see the fear (or giggly smirk) on my face as I succemb to the vile CATMAN!
  • RABID DOGS OVERRUN CITY? Vladimir asks America for help in Hungary's fight against wild, vicious, rabidness packs of dogs. Globo Care "Caring is Our Business" SUBSCRIBE TO US!!!