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  • Disrupting the Rabblement The rabblement is the status quo, the so-called normal, the safe and secure, the default lifestyle, the settling for mediocrity. I don't like it one bit. I want to disrupt it. Come join me. Should be fun;-)
  • Me and Lyra Lyra, Calm and Sweet
  • Red Loves Scratches Itchy Boy Smiles
  • #4 RABBLEMENT "Rabblement" as realized in documentary form. Part of the MINICONCEPTDOCS series. Episodes premiere every Sunday and Wednesday on or .
  • Come and get it: The Disrupting the Rabblement manifesto is all yours Today I'm releasing my first ever manifesto, entitled Disrupting the Rabblement: How to think for yourself, live your dreams, and piss of some zombies. I hope it will affect your life in some positive way. Download it here: