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  • QsNetII performance including Bandwidth in Multi-Rails systems, Each of these computing nodes will contain multiple Quadrics QsNetII (Elan4) network adapters to deliver over 60 teraflops (sixty. — “Quadrics - Wikicompany”,
  • Thunder uses the new Quadrics QsNetII 64-bit technology to connect 1024 Intel Tiger Quad Itanium(R) II Processor servers to deliver 19.94 TeraFLOPs/s on parallel Linpack. QsNetII is supported by Quadrics software, ensuring that productions clusters spanning. — “With Thunder, Quadrics Continues to Drive Linux Cluster”, business-
  • QUADRICS RELEASES QSNETII SUPPORT FOR AMD OPTERON PROCESSOR QsNetII (elan4) high performance network products are now fully available on AMD Opteron processor-based platforms and is now. — “HPCwire Table of Contents 02/27/04”,
  • The customer documentation for the HP High Performance Computing - Cluster Platform hardware has been migrated to the Business Support Center (BSC) with the exception of the 5. Cabling Tables section listed below. To navigate to the corresponding Quadrics QsNetII Interconnect. — “High Performance Computing -- HP Cluster Platform”,
  • Quadrics announces QsNetII E-Series, performance at scale and the Quadrics, an interconnect technology provider, is to release a number of standalone switch chassis based on its QsNetII technology in the range of 8-128 way cluster configurations, the E-Series (Enterprise). — “weekly20040531”,
  • The University of Florida High Performance Computing & Simulation Research Laboratory 10 Gb/s Quadrics QsNetII, 32 server nodes, one switch. 10 Gb/s Voltaire InfiniBand 4x, 16 server nodes, one switch. 10 Gigabit. — “UF HCS Research Laboratory : Testbed networks”,
  • Bull and Quadrics have cooperated to develop high-end solutions for HPC clusters using multi-rail QsNetII On a three-rail QsNetII cluster of NovaScale servers a bandwidth of 2,541 GB/s has been measured using the PMB benchmark. — “Bull”,
  • QsNetII optimizes interprocessor communication in systems built from standard server building blocks. Its short-message processing unit permits fast injection of small messages, providing ultra-low latency and scalability to thousands of nodes. — “QsNetII: Defining High-Performance Network Design”,
  • Videos for: qsnetii. Alenia HPC Centre. 1 minute video on the installation of the HPC Centre in Pomigliano, 9 racks and 11 Bull racks, with a Quadrics full bandwidth 256 way network based on QsNetII. — “qsnetii - Zoki Videos”,
  • Overview of QsNetII (Elan4) The QsNetII network (based on the Elan4 network interface and the Elite4 crossbar) has been designed to optimize the interprocessor communication performance in systems constructed from standard server building blocks. — “The Quadrics Network (QsNet)”,
  • We focus on the Quadrics QsNetII-II network which. offers powerful communication 2. QsNetII Network Interconnect. QsNetII [5] is the current generation of the Quadrics. — “Optimizing Strided Remote Memory Access Operations on the”,
  • scalable implementation of collective operations is critical. to the performance of such applications running on. clusters. QsNetII: Defining. high-performance network design. IEEE Micro, 25(4). — “Efficient RDMA-based Multi-port Collectives on Multi-rail”,
  • Read product reviews and features of Switches, Cell Phones from in the CNET Archive. Quadrics QsNetII switch - 16 ports Entered CNET Catalog on 08/16/2005 Manufacturer: HP. — “Switches and Cell Phones - CNET Archive”,
  • Interconnect) such as an InfiniBand switch network, a Gigabit Ethernet switch network, or the Quadrics QsNetII switch network from implementation of HP-MPI may invoke low-level interconnect-specific libraries such as the Quadrics QSNetII libraries, but entirely. — “HP XC System Software V4.0”, h18000.www1
  • QsNetII is the latest interconnect technology released by Quadrics. QsNetII is supported by Quadrics software, ensuring that productions clusters spanning thousands of processors can be programmed,. — “With Thunder, Quadrics Continues to Drive Linux Cluster”,
  • home > products > Quadrics QsNetII > Specification. products BoxCluster SeriesBoxClusterDSN BoxClusterNXi SeriesRackML High Speed InterconnectQuadrics QsNetIIQuadrics QsTenG Myricom Myri10G. — “BoxCluster - The High Performance Computing Company -”,
  • As such QSNetII cluster systems can support a whole class of ISV applications for the fast-growing AMD64 ecosystem. Lower latency is a critical factor in the scalability of applications and a major driver towards the continued exploitation of clusters for HPC. — “Quadrics Sets New Low Latency Mark On AMD Opteron™ Processors”,
  • The QsNetII E-series family of switches is particularly well suited to the recently launched SGI Altix 330 entry level server. QsNetII is capable of meeting the most demanding performance requirements for some of SGI midrange server products also. — “HPCwire: SGI to Resell Quadrics Cluster Interconnect. R”,
  • QsNetII is designed for use within SMP systems — multiple, concurrent processes can utilise the network interface without any task switching overhead. Quadrics QsNetII interconnect like its predecessor QsNet uses a 'fat tree' topology, QsNetII scales up to 4096 nodes, each node might have. — “QsNet II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • Alenia HPC Centre 1 minute video on the installation of the HPC Centre in Pomigliano, 9 HP racks and 11 Bull racks, with a Quadrics full bandwidth 256 way network based on QsNetII.