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  • Macrophage NP Neutrophil PE pseudopodial extension of Macrophage 13 500 X
  • always perforated by numerous vertical fine pores and is in connection with the peculiar internal pseudopodial cone podoconus Pl 51 figs 5 13 Pl 81 fig 16 Pl 91 fig 5 Pl 98 fig 13 The pores are separated by small vertical highly refractive rods opercular rhabdillae these become intensely stained by carmine and are either evenly distributed over the
  • microscopic in size stained slides of these protozoa s are prepared for observing their structure Living specimens are studied under the microscope for ciliary and pseudopodial movement ii Rhizopus the bread mould is a fungus Its structure and its stages of life cycle can be studied from a lab culture of the bread mould iii Hydra is a cnidarian It is difficult