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  • Publicaciones de Ramón Fernández Ruiz My opinion on the matter always has been the same; it is not possible to be tried to protocolise the investigation since this implies a lost one of remarkable scientific effectiveness. — “Publicaciones Científicas”,
  • Panama lawyers - Translation of Law 9 (1984) - regulation of practice of law in Panama. General rules and ethics. Notary Publics shall not protocolise or issue documents based on minutes which have not been prepared and signed by lawyers,. — “Translation of Law 9 (1984) - regulation of practice of law”, lawyers-
  • What a wonderful post to explain to those in charge, who refuse to see these obvious truths, that you just cannot protocolise medicine like this. well when he stressed that you can't protocolise medicine like this. — “Pathologists Anonymous: Choose your own adventure”,
  • India's Only Business Fortnightly for the Healthcare Industry The centre makes continuous efforts to protocolise treatments and plans to introduce new technologies to facilitate fertilisation. — “BACC: The infertility specialists - Bangalore Healthcare”,
  • Por eso, cada vez más, el problema para la política no es ni la atención a las necesidades, ni la permisión de los goces, sino su articulación. Il revient aux psych***ystes d'opposer au sujet protocolisé le citoyen-symptôme. — “champ freudien”, ri2007
  • Andrew, You have been in Holland last year to do a workshop has there been developments in you work for instance how does your method respect the prescription that is so common nowadays to protocolise and to systematise the work so that quality can be tested and controlled?. — “interview Andrew Turnell”, solution-
  • Words that start with PR : Words starting in PR protocolise. protocolist. protocolize. protocolled. protodermal. protogalaxy. protogynies. protogynous. protohumans. protolithic. protomartyr. protonating. protonation. protonemata. protonotary. protopathic. protophloem. protophytes. protophytic. protoplanet. — “Word pr meaning. Word pr definition. Free crossword dictionary”,
  • The Plan envisages mechanisms for inter-departmental and inter- institutional cooperation and coordination that guarantee its monitoring and protocolise police actions and those of the Justice Administration, while at the. — “April 2010”,
  • But very much part of the strategy is to use this data as a launch pad if you like for the evaluation of newer biologic therapies. Well, the approach that we've taken in Cambridge is to protocolise repeat dose every 6 months. — “CME Slides Forum - D. Jayne”, ndt-
  • Genealogy Royal Noble Peer Duke Count Lord Baron Baronet Sir Database Family Tree Europe Nobility The populace of Madrid was furious, believing that it might be the commencement of a policy to protocolise Spain in the manner of Belgium. — “ - Exhibit”,
  • subscription right, capital increase, share buyback programme and protocolise and notarise the decisions by the Company's organs in which they established. — “INFORME DE ADMINISTRADORES”,
  • Started 2 years ago by andijvieblaadje. Latest reply from glitch I've tried to protocolise the "homecoming" to my 19th century étage, and after a "re-entry" lasting three days, now the anxious. — “differences in bedbug control america-europe " Got Bed Bugs”,
  • prevene prevent prevenes prevents produce product produces products propagandise propagandist propagandises propagandists prose prost protocolise protocolist protocolises protocolists proverbialise proverbialist proverbialises proverbialists. — “et”, zen6741
  • Caused by a suppurative lymphadenitis secondary to a locoregional infection of the head and neck, it is the most frequent abscess in Paediatric age. We protocolise its diagnosis and treatment in order to avoid its serious complications. — “Absceso retrofaringeo en pediatria”,
  • from ICRU on how to consistently protocolise and. report radiotherapy doses and dose distributions. All the above taken together are intended to ensure, as. far as is reasonably achievable, a high degree of accu- racy, precision, reliability and reproducibility in radia. — “SSDL Newsletter”, www-
  • What is a protocolic, definition of protocolic, meaning of protocolic, protocolic anagrams, protocolic synonyms protocolise " protocolised. Word lists: All words, By Lenght, Letter Mix, All Unique Letter. Some random words:. — “Word protocolic meaning. Word protocolic definition. Free”,
  • No evaluation of the quality of this assessment has been made for the HTA database. up of the use of this drug and to protocolise the terms of use to further ascertain the real effectiveness. — “Assessment of the scientific evidence on the use of”,
  • the 18-month period between June 30, 2005 and December 21, 2006. meant to be a compilation of all actions undertaken by Autonomous. Communities within. — “Gender Violence 2006 Report”,
  • Protestantises protocolisation protocolise protocolises protocolled protocolling proverbialise proverbialises proverbise proverbises provincialisation provincialise provincialises Prussianisation Prussianise Prussianiser Prussianisers Prussianises. — “”
  • 15:19 Purity Test : new page -- Daniel Barlow. Wednesday 26 May 2004 7:38 md5 : protocolise -- Christophe. 7:00 org-davep-dict : Dave Pearson -- Following the topic lead of other networking protocol. — “CLiki : Recent Changes”,
  • The Healthcare Commission are expected to announce those Trusts receiving inspection the Trust should protocolise the standard for Correct Site Marking using the NPSA Guidance. — “SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS TRUST Governance Performance”,
  • absolutions absolutists absolvitors absorbingly absorptions abstentions abstentious abstergents abstersions abstinences academician academicism acanthaceae acarologist acarpellous acatalectic acataleptic acaulescent accelerando accelerants. — “'tween-deck a-***horse abactinally abandonedly abandonment abbey”,


  • AuroraRevealed This is an audio-synced offline rendering of one of Apple's Quartz Composer OpenCL code sample's Aurora. It does not make any use at all of static .dae meshes. Straight out of the box, the iTunes music visualizer example, Aurora, doesn't even produce much apart from fog. The default setup is to be using audio spectrum data to dynamically generate the graphical meshes, but that doesn't even work in iTunes, although it does work AOK in Quartz Composer. By queueing a smoothed input of audio peak data, a structure is made available that allows for the production of dynamically generated meshes in iTunes and QC. This offline render has had to be tweaked somewhat to make it work in a fashion not dissimilar to how the visualizer works in iTunes. That said, Aurora's still a beautiful and inspiring piece of work, with loads of hidden extras to burden the CPU and GPU with. I've learnt loads from looking at the .qtz's structure and programmable components. Only remaining snarl up is that being based upon the parallel queueing of structures into OpenCL, there is a tendency for odd graphical artefactions and crashes when being run in iTunes [bug report submitted] :-) . It's early days in regards of OpenCL and much of what it is meant to do is not specifically intended to support graphics and graphics alone, so this is not , by any means , a typical use of OpenCL, apart from the size of the data sets that become vertices, normals and so on. Audio is a MIDI revamp of a tabulation of ...