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  • Classical Trade Protectionism 1815 1914 Pedro Lains Publisher Francis Author
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  • downward pressure in commodity currencies AUD NZD and CAD and I will be looking for opportunities to buy safe haven currencies like the U S dollar the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc
  • crisis revealed a similar lack of global oversight in economic matters leading to renewed calls for a reform of existing systems of governance Photo Reuters Image 6 of 12
  • The politics of morality Every time another public office *** scandal breaks it s the same tired old political fight If it s a Democrat the Republicans demand that the sinner s head rolls and the Democrats call
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  • Quote VEEDERSBURG Ind Single dad Robert ***age Birth Rates Higher In More Religious States Quote ScienceDaily Sep 18 2009 Rates of births
  • The Great Debate Paul Blustein is a journalist in residence at the Brookings Institution He is writing a book on the World Trade Organization which will be published in September The views expressed are
  • I was able to get most of it on one page If you want to read the last few lines go to the URL in screen capture Should you decline my invitation you won t miss much When I looked up Globalization my intention was merely to instruct Not all my Readers are as smart as you But I must admit I did anticipate getting a shorter version of
  • More on the correlation between economic freedom and income Overview click to enlarge source
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  • Agrandir l image Benefits of Trade Costs of Protectionism
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  • by our neighbor and would serious hamper exports Economist have indicated the tariffs if allowed to remain will increase job losses and revenue shrinking margins in several U S sectors But the bigger news while this story may not get the air time it deserves other nations just got a wakeup call Mexico just punched the U S very quickly in economic retaliation That
  • was caused by protectionism He claimed the crisis of the 1930s was caused by deflationary macro policies and that the route out of the current crisis has to be through fiscal stimulus
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  • Apparently President Obama has imposed tough new requirements on his officials and cabinet members They must pay taxes This onerous rule has already sidelined or slandered a number of candidates or appointees for his critical posts Many wonder if such strictures are a wise move but it s hard to quarrel when
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  • Protectionism The New Buzz Word in World Economics or Not
  • their impact is less noticeable GOOD POLITICS = BAD ECONOMICS As more and more people call for protection tariffs and subsidies these incremental harms really start to add up as every industry wants their piece of the pie One can only surmise that politicians like Rendell know enough about economics to understand the ramifications of tariffs So what is their
  • the advent of the Second World War However this time around I hope we don t need to have a terrible war for politicians to wake up and start doing what is needed and not what is popular The Carry Trade Unwind May Be Over But High Yielding Currencies Can Fall Further Over the past decade and until very recently investors demand for higher yielding assets drove up exchange
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  • Protectionism who does it really protect
  • of protectionism in the English German and French speaking press has increased over the past three years This development begs the question Is protectionism an increasing concern
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  • News India Warns On Protectionism As G 20 Meeting Nears Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh left with other world leaders at a G8 summit in July
  • Free marketeer George W Bush Reuters
  • Europe today does not appear to go for a shock and awe treatment of the economy into recovery nor does it work on its fundamentals We urgently need to put our attention on tomorrow not
  • Nikkei Daily Chart Dax Daily Chart
  • CE nu vrea protectionism pe piata auto din Romania
  • как один советник китайского правительства заметил Мы все усвоили урок 30 х годов не правда ли


  • Mission statement: Protectionism My mission statement. Welcome to the channel. Thanks for subbing.
  • Money Talks: Low currencies may trigger wave of protectionism Russia's Finance Minister Aleksey Kudrin says Russia is almost immune from other countries' financial policies, and as a result, has more flexibility at global summits. He also warned that if some nations continue to weaken their currencies, it could force others to respond, leading to a surge of protectionism. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • Rules of Protectionism Bernard Hoekman discusses the lack of protectionism in recent years and the way the rules have been working
  • Protectionism in Australia Why if "free trade is such a good idea" does the statistical data paint a much bleaker picture than our politicians and leading economists paint for Australians and other English speaking industrialized nations? .au
  • Quotas and protectionism How the quota diagram is constructed when discussing this protectionist limit on imports
  • Protectionism blocks Chinese investment in US - CCTV 110218
  • Offshoring 101 - Protectionism (6 of 8) Offshoring and protectionism
  • A2 Economics: Protectionism in 9 mins (including tariff diagram) For more info plz see www.a2. In this video I look at three protectionist policies, tariffs, quotas and subsidies as well as explaining the tariff diagram and the seven arguments put forward to justify protectionism. This video is created and presented by Komilla Chadha.
  • Protectionism does not help: Anand Sharma Union Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma has raised the controversial issue of a ban on outsourcing by Ohio State and the arbitrary hike in H1-B and L1-A and L1-B by the Obama administration in talks with US officials and lawmakers. The Commerce Minister is in Washington to attend the Indo- US Trade Policy Forum meeting and met with US trade representative Ron Kirk.
  • Ecuador's new protectionism 25 Apr 09 Ecuador is facing falling oil prices and a 3.5 billion dollar trade deficit this year. In response, President Rafael Correa is imposing high tariffs on imports to protect Ecuadorian producers. Local producers are relieved, but Ecuador's neighbors are not as impressed. Al Jazeera's Mariana Sanchez reports on Ecuador's new protectionist policies.
  • China's Protectionist Policies Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: Survey shows that 71% of US enterprises in China believe that they are discriminated against in the licensing process. Companies complained about the bureaucracy and inconsistent legal treatment. Many expressed concerns about China's increasingly protectionist policies. The annual 2011 Business Climate Survey conducted by the American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham-China) found China's business licensing procedures discriminated against foreign companies. Many companies are concerned with the transparency, length, and the equality of the licensing process. AmCham-China is a Beijing-recognized non-profit organization representing US companies in China. AmCham-China conducts annual surveys among its 2600 members about the business climate in China. According to AmCham-China Chairman Ted Dean, bureaucracy has become the number one concern among members of AmCham-China. Ted Dean criticized China for lack of regulatory transparency after a decade in the WTO. He calls for "greater market access,increased transparency, improved [intellectual property right] protection and a fairer playing field". Donald Straszheim, Head of China research at International Strategy & Investment Group, believes China is trying to protect its domestic companies. "I think Beijing would simply like to have China's economy dominated by Chinese companies, not by companies from America, Europe, or Japan", said Donald Straszheim ...
  • Working in America, Protectionism and Deindustrialization I walk through a nice neighborhood in Flint, Michigan while I talk about working and seeking an income in America. I also talk about protectionism (tariffs) and the de-industrialization of America. I offer a couple of personal stories.
  • Hartmann: Protectionism isn't a lousy idea David Selig, conservative commentator vs. Thom Hartmann. So-called Free Trade is nothing but a transnational corporate gimmick that both political parties have bought into today. And the first Party that has enough guts to tell transnational CEOs "no" - and ditch Free-Trade will win big at the polls.
  • Economics - Protectionism FLAME presents to you, a comprehensive video on the topic of Protectionism in Economics. Prof. Shagun Sobti puts forth the pros and cons of protectionism. She also explains the relevance of protectionsim in today's world and gives a few examples of how protectionism works.
  • Megumi Naoi - Resisting Protectionism,Take II March 18, 2010 Location: Room 240, John Hope Franklin Center Megumi Naoi, University of California at San Diego Professor Megumi Naoi'spresentation to the University Seminar on Global Governance and Democracy, "Resisting Protectionism (Take II): A Survey Experiment on Producer and Consumer Preferences during the Global Recession." Co-sponsors: Duke University Center for International Studies, John Hope Franklin Center and Vice Provost for International Affairs For more information, visit:
  • tariffs and protectionism showing the action of tariff imposition on a diagram for economics pupils and students
  • Free Trade v. Protectionism According to Prof. Don Boudreaux, free trade is nothing more than a system of trade that treats foreign goods and services no differently than domestic goods and services. Protectionism, on the other hand, is a system of trade that discriminates against foreign goods and services in an attempt to favor domestic goods and services. In theory, free trade outperforms protectionism by bringing lower cost goods and services to consumers. In practice, the benefits of free trade can be seen in countries like America and Hong Kong. Both countries have a relatively high degree of free trade, and, as a consequence, have experienced an explosion of wealth.
  • free trade and protectionism some thoughts on free trade and why countries implement protectionist measures such as tariffs and quotas
  • The Free Trade Versus Protectionism Debate Presentations and lectures from the 1909 People's Budget Symposium, held in October, 2009 on Lloyd George's landmark budget in 1909, which gave way to significant social reforms.
  • Milton Friedman on the Dangers of Protectionism (Obama's recent tariff on Chinese imports) President Obama recently imposed a 35% tariff on Chinese tire imports to placate one of his biggest campaign contributors, the United Steelworkers Union. Obama is risking a trade war with China, our 2nd largest trading partner and also risking the stability of the international economy with this reckless move of Protectionism. President Obama may or may not know--or may not care--but the Smoot-Hawley Tariffs enacted in response to populist fear during the 1930's served to prolong and worsen the Great Depression, and the world economy did not recover until after WWII.
  • Protectionism fears cloud Obama's India visit Barack Obama, the US president, has arrived in India's financial capital Mumbai on the first leg of a 10-day trip to Asia that aims to boost exports and create US jobs. Business between the two countries totals around $40b per year and after Obama's visit the figure is expected to rise. But some local Indian companies fear there is a rise in American protectionism as US outsourcing cuts dramatically hurt their businesses. Al Jazeera's Prerna Suri reports from New Delhi, India's capital.
  • Liberal landslide 1906 election - Free trade & Protectionism Taken from the Andrew Marr documentary. In the years where only a minority had the right to vote, where the landlords ruled supreme, and the peers in the House of Lords had dominating power over the elected House of Commons, the Liberal party was swept to power by a landslide after winning the national debate with the Conservatives and Joe Chamberlain over free trade and protectionism economics. The Liberal government would last up until the main stages of WW1, and would oversee the creation of the welfare state, fairness for the trade unions, free school meals, old aged pensions, national insurance, free medical treatment and the people's budget. HH Asquith as Prime Minister, and David Lloyd George as Chancellor of the Exchequer, would change the country forever, bringing forth true democracy against huge Conservative opposition.
  • WTO warns against protectionism The World Trade Organisation has said that global trade is slowing and it has cut its estimates for growth this year from 6.5 percent to 5.8 percent. The head of the WTO, Pascal Lamy, warned against protectionist moves by governments saying: "This is not the time for go-it-alone measures. This is the time to strengthen and preserve the global trading system so that it keeps performing this vital function in the future." The forecast is much lower than last year when global trade grew by over 14 percent after a 12 percent slump in 2009.
  • DDO CON Free trade should be valued above protectionism This video is for a debate on
  • Protectionism As Method To Stop Globalization Martin Stringer (CPAC) speaks with Thomas d'Aquino on Feb 13, 2009. Mr. d'Aquino was at the time of the interview was President & CEO of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE). d'Aquino speaks on behalf of Corporate Canada and gives us some insight on how the multinational corporations operating out of Canada, feel about protectionist measures in Canada and the United States and how this effects everything they have been working towards. The Canadian government seems to be leading the cause against protectionism and has recently asked the World Trade Organization (WTO) to rule against an American food-labeling law that seems to have destroyed much of its hog-farming industry, states the New York Times. The dispute derives from an American rule requiring that food products be labeled by country of origin. The US government denies that labeling its food products is an act of protectionism, although Americans have decreased purchases of pork produced in Canada, traditionally about 7 percent of Canadian pork is consumed in the United States. No mention on how the American and Canadian consumer feels about proper food labeling so they can make the best food choices for their families.. The Canadian international trade minister, Stockwell Day, publicly criticized the rules "as so onerous that they affect the ability of our cattle and hog exporters to compete fairly in the United States." He said Canada "has no choice" but to request that the World Trade Organization ...
  • Free Trade vs. Protectionism | Richard Ebeling
  • Financial Protectionism - Bloomberg ***ysis and discussion with George Soros of Soros Fund Management. (For the Record)
  • Visa Fee Hike Latest in Protectionism The recent fee increase for international students to live, work and study in the United States is the latest form of protectionism and will prove very costly in the long run according to Simon Graduate School of Business (University of Rochester) Dean Mark Zupan. While Zupan says the move was well intentioned to raise $200 million to protect our borders, the cost in terms of jobs that won't be created will make that amount look like "chump change." Zupan says that societies that are more open to trade—whether goods or services, talents or entrepreneurial drive—prosper, and those that are closed eventually run aground. Citing companies started here by individuals from overseas like Google and Sun Microsystems or George Soros in the financial industry, Zupan warns that turning inward will have major consequences for this and future generations.
  • Lawrence W. Reed / Protectionism
  • Counting the Cost - Free trade v Protectionism - 24 Jul 09 The WTO has said that countries are facing challenges in dealing with the financial crisis and has allowed a certain flexibility to nations in protecting their economies. Samah el-Shahat explains the options between protectionism and free trade, the risks and potential benefits.
  • Ron Paul On Free Trade and Protectionism Exposing the insane tyre tariffs. Protectionism never works. Free trade always works. Work for lower tarrifs and less subsidies. Subscribe to Additional keywords sarah palin john mccain education economy bush friedman hayek ludwig von mises institute immigration health...
  • Bernie Sanders' War on Chinese Bobbleheads! In the midst of a massive fiscal crisis, a take-no-prisoners budget battle, a historically long recession, and two (make that three) wars, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) knows what really matters. He's pushing the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC to only sell bobble-heads, T-shirts, snow-globes, and other souvenirs that are made in America. After getting a letter from and taking a meeting with the self-described Green Mountain State socialist, the folks at the Smithsonian have agreed to increase the amount of domestically produced junk for sale in their gift shops. They're even constructing a new gift shop solely to products manufactured in America that will be called the Price of Freedom. During a recent trip to the National Mall, found that such nativist grandstanding plays well with the man in the street, but CATO policy ***yst Sallie James says protectionism doesn't come cheap. In fact, top-down attempts to keep Americans in low-level manufacturing jobs is a great way to ruin the economy, whether we're talking about Founding Father thimbles or higher-end electronics. Produced by Joshua Swain, with help from Meredith Bragg, and hosted by Michael Moynihan. Approximately 3 minutes. Go to for HD, iPod and audio versions of this video and subscribe to's Youtube channel to receive automatic notification when new material goes live.
  • Indian IT protests US 'protectionism' The Indian IT companies are upset by the actions of Ohio in the US, which has banned outsourcing.
  • Politics, Asymmetric Information, and Protectionism Presented by Prof. Giacomo Ponzetto (CREI-UPF and Barcelona GSE) at GSE Trobada VIII on October 22, 2010.
  • Milton Friedman - Free Trade vs. Protectionism Watch Friedman completely own this protectionist at 1:52. From Part 2 of the 1980 PBS Series ''Free to Choose''. Friedman puts forth one of the best arguments you will ever hear for why special government protection of select domestic industries hurts every other industry and every consumer. Truly free enterprise treats all businesses in all industries equally, which provides the highest quality and lowest prices, and therefore maximizes living standards and economic growth.
  • Populism, Protectionism, and China Chinese policies tilt the field and undermine free trade, according to journalist David Leonhardt. Should the US use sanctions more aggressively to enforce free trade principles and to protect domestic production? Or are the negative economic consequences too risky? This Global Ethics Corner slideshow is part of a weekly series from the Carnegie Council. For more information, go to:
  • The effects of a protectionist subsidy This video lecture uses basic supply and demand ***ysis to illustrate and explain the effects of a protectionist subsidy used by a government to increase domestic output of a product that would otherwise be imported. Such policies lead to a misallocation of resources and generally impose a greater cost on society than they provide in benefit.
  • Protectionism rant Protectionism is "rent seeking" ..aka monoploy profits for special interest groups. These "profits" are snached out of the common mans pocket. The man on the street is deprived of cheaper goods so that special interest groups can profit from his loss
  • Protectionism is bad, except for Pelosi Democrats push for a bill that would clear the road for new tariffs to be placed on China.
  • Stephen Harper On Global Governance And Protectionism Our Prime Minister Has Taken A Pledge Along With Other G8 & G20 Members With The World Trade Alliance, To Stop Any New Protectionist Measures. A Pledge Made To NOT Protect Canadian Business And Workers! Mr. Harper Insists That Canadians Want Global Governance and Global Governance Can Somehow Be Achieved Without A 'World Government' To Enforce It. Deep Integration With The United States Is The Name Of The Game And Prepares Canada & The United States To Be Inline With The New "Global Community" Where People All Across North America Can Be Good Global Citizens. It's clear that Stephen Harper does not understand what Canadians want and he is now operating far outside of his mandate. Was "Global Governance" one of the key issues he was elected on? Did he even mention this in his campaign? What Mr. Harper is talking about here is removing some of the ability for Canada to self govern. The word sovereignty can be said to mean "the quality of having supreme, independent authority over a territory" Allowing Canada to be governed on any issues globally, seems to be a step in the direction away from sovereignty. Was taking a pledge with the World Trade Alliance to ensure no new protectionist measures on your list of things you promised Canadians you would do Mr. Harper? I think not. In fact, if you ask most Canadians if they believe their own government should help protect their jobs, I'm almost 100% sure the average working person would say yes! Mr. Harper, you are working for us ...
  • Bring back Protectionism ! Bring back protectionism and save Australian industry