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  • Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens - Sensory Garden QLD 4215 Sensory Gardens What is a sensory garden? The world is a sensory garden. Our senses allow us to perceive & experience the world. There are five traditional sensory modes: sight, smell, touch, taste & sound. But there are other senses, less commonly talked of, just as powerful, if more subtle: the haptic sense (awareness of our body in pace), gravity, temperature, space & enclosure. All gardens simulate the senses, to a greater or lesser degree. You can design your garden to enhance this sensory panoply (the quality & nature of its spaces, boundaries, climate, materials, plants & fauna). If one of your senses is limited, you can explore other ways of making the garden full of sensory pleasures & curiosities. A sensory trail provides a similar but more a structured sensorial journey, compared to a sensory garden. Along a sensory trail, different senses are sequentially stimulated & aroused (often encouraging you to explore texture, listen acutely for sounds, experience smells & a variety of spaces. The following list, by no means complete, suggests ways of enhancing the sensory dynamics of your garden. Visual attributes: Colour, contrast, luminosity, form, shape. Colour can be used to create the mood and sense of spaciousness of your garden, as well as for accent. Colour contrast (opposite on the colour wheel), colour harmony (close on the colour wheel), and colour temperature (cool or warm colours), colour intensity are all variables that can be explored. Foliage colour ...