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  • prosopographia. pro-so-po-graph'-i-a. from Gk. prosopon, "face" or " He is a monster both in mind and in body; whatever part of mind or body you consider, you will find a monster quivering head, rabid eyes, a dragon's gape, the visage of a Fury, distended belly, hands like talons ready to tear,. — “prosopographia”,
  • ShopWiki has 744 results for Attica, including Prosopographia attica (Latin Edition), 18x24 Historic Map Attica Indiana 1869 Fountain County, Harajuku Lovers Women's Attica Boot, and Ride Attica Vented Cargo Pant Mens. — “Attica”,
  • Names: Lexica, Prosopographies and Corpora. The Classics Centre, Oxford, Monday-Tuesday 10-11 January personal names in ancient and mediaeval texts - whether as names (lexica), as persons (prosopographies) or within texts (corpora). — “Inscriptions of Aphrodisias Project: Inscriptions of”,
  • collection of biographical sketches: a collection of biographical sketches used by social and political historians studying a particular historical period [Mid-16th century. < modern Latin prosopographia "writing about somebody" < Greek prosōpon "face, person"] pros·o·pog·ra·pher noun. — “prosopographies definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Individuals' History in Modern Hellenism -"PROSOPOGRAPHIA" The main objective of this project is the creation of a prototype, continuously evolving, electronic database, which will provide access to information regarding individuals (intellectuals,. — “Information Systems Laboratory: Projects, PROSOPOGRAPHIA”,
  • Definition of prosopography in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of prosopography. Pronunciation of prosopography. Translations of prosopography. [from New Latin prosopographia, from Greek prosōpon face, person + -graphy]. — “prosopography - definition of prosopography by the Free”,
  • Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. Ebook and Texts Archive > American Libraries > Prosopographia attica. — “Prosopographia attica : Kirchner, Johannes Ernst, 1859”,
  • Prosopographia imperii romani saec I. II. III. 1897-98. CLASS Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften web site on the Prosopographia Imperii Romani for addenda and an index. — “bio_persons.html”,
  • The Prosopographia Ptolemaica. The Prosopographia Ptolemaica is one of the long-standing research projects of the department of Ancient History at the University of Leuven. The automatisation of the Prosopographia Ptolemaica has been greatly advanced through a grant of the Kiessling Stiftung in 2008. — “Prosopographia Ptolemaica”,
  • Search engine that finds the best buys from among 150 million new, used, rare, and out-of-print books for sale. Includes textbooks and international titles. Prosopographia MacEdonica: From 148 B.C. Until the Time of Constantine the Great. — “: ISBN list [e3baa5d1]”,
  • Search the Prosopographia Ptolemaica. Filter on project : find by name Search for numbers in the published volumes of the Prosopographia Ptolemaica. — “Prosopographia Ptolemaica”,
  • Peeters international academic publishers Leuven official website presenting online catalogue, online journals and online bibliographies The data are incorporated in the database of the "Prosopographia Ptolemaica" and offer a diversified view of the Greek presence in Egypt between 323. — “Prosopographia Ptolemaica. Tome X: Foreign Ethnics in”,
  • Prosopographia Ptolemaica. From DigitalClassicist. Jump to: navigation, This page was last modified 19:00, 23 December 2006. This page has been accessed 1,125. — “Prosopographia Ptolemaica - DigitalClassicist”,
  • Werner Eck, Matthäus Heil, Johannes Heinrichs, Prosopographia Imperii Romani Saec. The second edition of the Prosopographia Imperii Romani, launched in the darkness of 1933, had survived the Third Reich -- as had, against all *** intentions, both its founding fathers, Arthur Stein and Edmund Groag. — “Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2009.12.15”,
  • The collection of Deir el-Medina shabtis housed in the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy. Museo delle Antichita Egizie /ccer/apps/prosopographia/prosopo.asp?trans=xaj-m-tr. — “Shabtis in the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy”,
  • prosopographia. prosopopeia ligacrygist. prosopsikathomaiphobia. prospaztic. Prospect prosopographia isn't defined yet. permalink: Share on. Send to a friend. your email: their. — “Urban Dictionary: prosopographia”,
  • prosopography n. A study, often using statistics, that identifies and draws relationships between various characters or people within a specific early example of prosopography was the series of volumes of Prosopographia Imperii Romanae, edited by P. von Rohden and H. Dessau,. — “prosopography: Definition from ”,
  • Prosopographia Imperii Romani (2 ed.) Grand lexicon of names of the Roman upper class entire Prosopographia Ptolemaica (all known persons from Ptolemaic. — “Encyclopedia”,
  • Prosopographia heroum atque illustrium virorum totius Germaniae by Heinricus Pantaleon, 1565,In officina Nicolai Brylingeri edition, in Latin. — “Prosopographia heroum atque illustrium virorum totius”,
  • Prosopographia Imperii Romani saeculi I, II et III (PIR), Berlin, 1933 - I 636 Prosopographia Imperii Romani saeculi I, II et III, Berlin, 1933 - . (PIR2). — “Julia (daughter of Drusus the Younger) - Wikipedia, the free”,


  • Domesday Book In the year 1085, King William I who had ruled England for almost twenty years after his victory at the Battle of Hastings, was holding a meeting his officials and the bishops. According to the words of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, "the king had great thought, and very deep conversation with his council about this land; how it was occupied, or with which men. Then sent he his men over all England into each shire; commissioning them to find out "How many hundreds of hides were in the shire, what land the king himself had, and what livestock upon the land; or, what dues he ought to have by the year from the shire." Also he commissioned them to record in writing, "How much land his archbishops had, and his bishops, and his abbots, and his earls;" and though I tell at too great length, "What or how much, each man had, who was an occupier of land in England, either in land or in livestock, and how much money it were worth." He had it investigated so very narrowly that there, was not one single hide, nor a yard of land, not even an ox, not one cow, not one pig was there left, that was not set down in his record." The record the chronicle spoke of is the Domesday Book, a great survey carried out by the officials of the Norman king, which allowed him to understand which land and resources he owned, and what was owed to him by other landowners and people. Two volumes were produced, providing over 832 folios of information that is astonishingly comprehensive for its time. In parts of ...
  • Digital Humanities Sampler, Part 4 Part 4 of four videos showing pilot projects at the cutting edge of research in digital humanities. Recorded at the National Endowment for the Humanities in September 2010, at a meeting of project managers who received start-up grants from NEH's Office of Digital Humanities. These are the individual projects, in order of appearance: University of California, Berkeley - Berkeley Prosopography Services: Building Research Communities and Restoring Ancient Communities through Digital Tools University of California, Berkeley - The Early California Cultural Atlas University of Chicago - Cinemetrics, a Digital Laboratory for Film Studies. University of Georgia - Telecollaborative Webcasting: Strengthening acquisition of humanities content knowledge through foreign language education University of Maryland, College Park - Professionalization in Digital Humanities Centers University of Oregon, Eugene - Oregon Petrarch Open Book University of South Carolina - University of Virginia - New Digital Tools for Restoring Polychromy to 3D Digital Models of Sculpture University of Washington - Collecting Online Music Project Washington State University - Mukurtu: an Indigenous archive and publishing tool
  • Chris Lewis, King's College London We interview Chris Lewis of King's College London about the project "Profile of a Doomed Elite: The Structure of English Landed Society in 1066' which is part of the "Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (PASE)" database, which is providing great insights into medieval history.