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  • Priceless definition, having a value beyond all price; invaluable: See more. pricily. priciness. pricinesses. pricing power. pricing system. prick. prick eared. prick ears. prick off. prick one ears. prick one's ears. prick ones ears. — “Priceless | Define Priceless at ”,
  • Definition of pricily in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of pricily. Pronunciation of pricily. Translations of pricily. pricily synonyms, pricily antonyms. Information about pricily in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “pricily - definition of pricily by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Kentucky's Berea College is enrolling more top-tier students than usual this year thanks in no small part to the fact that it doesn't charge tuition And this year, more students who may have been admitted to (pricily) prestigious schools are passing them up and opting to go to Berea instead. — “Decisions: How One College Is Snagging So Many Students - TIME”,
  • Aretha Franklin: At the Victoria Apollo. By Phil Sutcliffe, Sounds, 29 November 1980. Part of Rock's Backpages, The ultimate library of rock music writing and journalism. Perched pricily in the second row the sound was rotten because I was more or less stage-side of the PA, but I seemed to get some. — “Articles, reviews and interviews from Rock's Backpages”,
  • pricily (comparative more pricily, superlative most pricily) Retrieved from "http:///wiki/pricily" Categories: English words suffixed with -ly | English. — “pricily - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of Resay with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. authenticator, splodged, pricily, nevil_shute_norway, misdeveloping,. — “Resay: Definition with Resay Pictures and Photos”,
  • When did you first realize that embossed sentiments and bows were giving way to a cryptic statistic: "55 percent cacao" or, a little more pricily, "72 percent cacao"? For artisan chocoholics, jasmine, lemongrass, and ginger are perfectly rational choices to pair with chocolate. — “'Making Artisan Chocolates' provides luscious lessons - The”,
  • Photos by cynthia wood, Apr 11, 2009 White Pricily Poppy: Argemone albiflora subsp. texana, (Town Lake Trail, Austin, TX, 4/12/09), White Prickly Poppy2.JPG. Lyre Leaf Sage: Salvia lyrata, (Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Austin, TX, 4/11/09), Lyre Leaf Sage.JPG. — “Picasa Web Albums - cynthia wood - Lady Bird Joh”,
  • Words that start with PR : Words starting in PR pricily. pricing. pricked. pricker. pricket. prickle. prickly. pridian. priding. priefes. priests. prieved. prieves. prigged. prigger. prilled. primacy. primage. primary. primate. primely. primero. primers. primeur. primine. priming. — “Word pr meaning. Word pr definition. Free crossword dictionary”,
  • Do me my elegy now, or I'll scrawl the thing / I scrawl as you're going or screw in a ball when you're gone, / Or you and I write unaware in each other's tongue / That you or I ever set foot . . . Or do what our son Pricily grooved in marble by one skilled. — “Anything But the Case by Glyn Maxwell : Poetry Magazine [poem”,
  • entries, submitted under the pseudonym of "Matthew Bashore," only five of them a strict 5/7/5, the rest increasingly minimalist. ( My own entries and most of the others were, strictly speaking, more in the spirit of senryus than pricily. sold. Posted by Stevan Harnad in Whimsy at 13:35 | Comments (2). — “Winner of Open Access Week Haiku Competition - Open Access”,
  • I have a Nokia n95 right now. But I want to own an ipod Touch mobile phone. I am planning to buy a cell phone for my girl. i don't know which one The touch screen may be worth the novelty, but it comes quite pricily. — “myLot - Which cell phone model you are using right now?”,
  • Classical CD of the week: Dvorak, Complete Solo Piano Music The good news is that the enterprising label is Naxos, giving you more than five hours of nourishing music for little more than the price of one pricily packaged crossover concoction. — “Classical CD of the week | Music | The Observer”,
  • i like the idea but as usual rich greddy aholes cant unerstand that these cars cant possibly sell for so much money only 10 percent of people can afford such a pricily cars it is not enough to change automotive crisses around the globe just one rich guy helping there selfish selves. — “More Electric Supercars Planned - U.S. News Rankings and Reviews”,
  • pricey also pricy adj. Informal , -ier , -iest . Expensive: a pricey restaurant. priceyness pric ' eyness n pricily pric'i·ly adv. English. English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Tagalog. Search unanswered questions Browse: Unanswered questions | Most-recent questions | Reference library. — “pricey: Definition from ”,
  • Is it possible to get from Cambridge to Heathrow in time for an 11 a.m. flight? The National Express bus website is down at the moment, so I can't Or, if you get the Circle Line to Paddington from Kings Cross then the Heathrow Express or Connect, a bit earlier and a bit more pricily. — “Cambridge to Heathrow | Europe Forum | Fodor's Travel Talk Forums”,
  • Astronomy | The 134th Carnival of Space blog festival has been posted at Cumbrian Sky, and it's the Christmas edition! So expect lots of cool blog posts collected about spa that- a couple of years ago someone marketed (very pricily) in the UK a celestial globe using real compiled. — “Carnival of Space, the Xmas edition | Bad Astronomy”,
  • Definition of pricily in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is pricily? Meaning of pricily as a finance term. What does pricily mean in finance?. — “pricily financial definition of pricily. pricily finance term”, financial-
  • Everquest Item Information for Imbued Royal Velium Field Plate Having said that, it cost me pricily 750pp getting JC to 191, GMing brewing cost me next to nothing, and I actually ended in. — “Imbued Royal Velium Field Plate :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM”,
  • Results from the People directory for Maria Lazana - Robin Lazarek. Search Facebook for more People with names like Maria Lazana - Robin Lazarek. Pricily Jimenez Laza - Arthur Lazara. — “Maria Lazana | Robin Lazarek | People Directory | Facebook”,
  • I'm a 18th years-old girl with a short wavy black hair and cute smile (yiiha!). I like to make friends and share the love to the pricily. Gunawan. baNAnaZ. icha. radith. taLisa's Photo Gallery. View all Photos (74) taLisa's Treasure Chest. taLisa currently has 0 gifts in his Treasure Chest. Send a gift. — “Friendster - taLisa noor”,
  • The Sorokko Gallery was an apt space considering the chichi nature of the whole affair, but the usual crowd of pricily-coiffed society types trotting out the latest cotoure and spikiest heels left one rather pleased to be left out of that particular demi-monde. — “The Pocket Square”,
  • I pricily upgraded (Bento sure gouges for upgrades) and it's there! I pricily upgraded (Bento sure gouges for upgrades) and it's there! OP: I also have a program called Deep. — “Print Page - best way to archive digital images?”,