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  • Bootcamp #6 - Preweighed Med Jars or Mason Jar Full of Nugs? Chubbs and Tang weigh the pros and cons of using pre-weighed meds versus having a big 'ole mason jar you just stick your snout in. Verdict: Mason jars are better for patients, pre-weighed is MUCH easier for collectives.
  • Bootcamp #9 - How to Review Medical Marijuana Chubbs & Tang discuss their procedure for reviewing high grade medical bud.
  • Bootcamp #1 - History of Medical Marijuana in Southern California Chubbs and Tang discuss their own history with marijuana and later medical marijuana. They also discus the evolution of cannabis from schwag to mids to chronic to finally medical marijuana.
  • orion glass presents sublime glass on glass nug jar infomercia sublime glass on glass nug jar infomercial by mongo. you can pick up these glass jars at
  • Bootcamp- Update Tang talks up updates to the website!
  • E-Chem Blog: The Movie University of San Diego students heat pre-weighed sediment samples in crucibles with Bunsen burners to determine the organic content mass percentage. Created by Jake Turley (non profit) Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • Bootcamp Q&A - What's the Most & Least You've Ever Paid for Chubbs and Tang discuss the most amount of money they've ever paid for a 1/8th amount of medical marijuana.
  • Fox Invitational 2010 match 1 Austin did great with this kid!...he weighed in at 45lbs the day of the match but pre-weighed at 47lbs (clothes on) he ended up in the 47-49lbs bracket and did GREAT!!..takes another win! 16-0