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  • 0 Comments Terbaca 33 kali 16 Juni 2009 SEPEKAN MELAKUKAN TOUR 887 PASIEN TERLAYANI PONTIANAK Sudah sepekan lamanya Rumah Zakat Indonesia RZI Cabang Pontianak bersama Mobil Klinik Keliling Indosat menembus pelosok
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  • 2 Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 1 | 2 Puteri 1 | 2
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  • Juanda Street Photo By Jullian Bei Welcome To PontianakGuide com
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  • Satellite View of Pontianak Map of Pontianak
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  • Pertama tama yang dicari adalah letak Kota Pontianak Sayang di Wikipedia Indonesia tidak ada petanya Jadi harus melanglang buana ke Satelitnya Pakde Google Nih hasil skrinsutnya Klik pada gambar untuk gambar yang lebih besar Untuk informasi pesawat dan perjalanannya bisa tanya ke
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  • ROBY DIKHITAN DUA KALI 1 Mei 2009 Terbaca 14 kali PONTIANAK Ada ada saja cerita menarik dalam khitanan gratis perdana Rumah zakat Indonesia RZI Cabang Pontianak Kamis 30 4 Roby 14 siswa SMP di Siantan Hilir mengaku pernah dikhitan
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  • We lived in Pontianak for most of the time and only lived in Palu for about 2 years My dad was a pilot and would fly a small airplane out into the jungle to take stuff to the missionaries This is the city of Pontianak home to about 250 000 people It was always very hot and muggy 90 degrees and 90 humidity I went to the mission boarding school for 8th grade
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  • 03 April 2009 Workshop Apparatus Berperspektif Pers Region Pontianak Keterangan Workshop Apparatus Berperspektif Pers region Pontianak dilaksanakan di Hotel
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  • kunjungan dirut ke rri pontianak
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  • mana kita boleh takut pada hantu tu walhal kita tak pernah experience pun melihat hantu oke ini bagi orang yang tak ada kebolehan sixth sense ye Macamana kita boleh bayangkan hantu pontianak tu rambutnya panjang hitam mengurai Adakah sebab dia selalu bersyampu sunsilk hitam mengurai atau toyol tu warna hijau botak dan suka kira kacang hijau Adakah sebab masa dipuja
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  • Pontianak


  • Pontianak
  • Drum Solo Minus One Clinic @ Pontianak 05 by Sonny Prasetyo Sonny Prasetyo Drum Clinic @ Pontianak Drums Day '05, Drum Solo with Minus One. MORE INFO ABOUT ME AND THE BAND. CONTACT US : sonny_prasetyo@ CONTACT US or ADD ME : MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL, link :
  • pontianak ... jus turn on the vol. real loud, n u'll noe wat they r screaming abt
  • Beware the Pontianak! A spoof interview about the "natural wildlife reserve" with the "curator" (complete with fake accent). Look behind her!
  • Search for the Pontianak - Jurong Lake Park (Part 2) Please refrain from watching these videos and go to
  • momok the movie act 1 of 6 ;pontianak Pak Ajis, Adlin dan Kadir by start telling ghost stories that seem to be a trade mark in that staLL 1. story told by Kadir; pontianak Latib is a lorry driver driving alone on the highway when he see a lady walking alone on the highway he stops and gives her and the baby a lift to her home ... she gets in and the scent of a comon flower known as tube rose or here in asia "bunga sundal malam" and he tries to have a conversation with her but she remains silent ,after a while annoyed by his question and flirting she tells him to shut up and drive, as they reach the cemetery she leaves without her baby and walks into the cemetery with Latib following her ....and Latib finds out her true nature when she changes to a beautiful lady to a horrific one he runs back to the truck and drives off and she chases him for her baby and goes after him;flying across the night skies and trying to stop Latib sreaming out loaud for her child; so when he opens the baby's blanket he sees a tombstone instead of a baby, he throws it out and drives off leaving Maya the Pontianak continuing the search for her child......
  • Revenge of the Dim Sum Dollies: Parking Pontianak Dim Sum Dolly, Pam Oei, as the irrepressible Parking Pontianak in "Revenge of the Dim Sum Dollies". Catch the Dim Sum Dollies in The History of Singapore. 5 - 15 July 2007 at the Esplanade Theatre Get tickets from SISTIC now!
  • PROTON Malaysia - Pontianak (Unreleased Commercial) The unreleased commercial of PROTON Malaysia
  • Pontianak (Indonesian Malay Folklore Vampire) Apparently some Dukun managed to control this Pontianak (which is a malay folklore vampire whom supposedly had died while giving birth or something) anyhoo, she looks like Rob Zombie \m/. Oh yeah i see this VCD selling at Geylang so its probably from some fake documentary indonesian film. Who knows.
  • pontianak tension
  • Kuching To Pontianak and back on my scooter I was invited on an absolutely-not-solo ride with the Victoria Arms Big Bikers Club. I rode a total of 950km. Going and return was brutal with 440km one-way thru often potholed roads with sirens blazing from the Indo police escort vehicle. Moving time each way was 7 hours. From Kuching, Malaysia to Pontianak, Indonesia. Borneo Island. 12-15th Feb. 2009
  • pontianak harum sundai malam 2 (trailer) trailer....enjoy while screaming..!
  • Real Ghost Pontianak? Taken on a cell phone camera in Bukit Tinggi by a witness. Real or fake? You decide. Definition of Pontianak from wikipedia:- The Pontianak, Kuntilanak, Matianak or "Boentianak" (as known in Indonesia, sometimes shortened to just kunti) is a type of vampire in Malay folklore and Indonesian mythology, similar to the Langsuir. Pontianak are women who died during childbirth and became undead, seeking revenge and terrorizing villages. The name "pontianak" is reportedly a corruption of the Bahasa Indonesia "perempuan mati beranak", or "she who has died in childbirth"
  • Return to Pontianak (Film from Singapore) The haunted become the hunted. In this horror film from Malaysia, a Japanese-American woman's recurring nightmare drives her to Pontianak on the island of Borneo where she thinks her dead birth mother is calling to her. Charity and three friends, plus a local guide, head for the jungle river but their all-terrain vehicle breaks down on the way and they are forced to trek through the jungle to find the river. Eye, the local guide, fully aware there are ghosts in the jungle, proceeds cautiously, but Charity and her friends have yet to be convinced these things really exists. When a woman mysteriously appears near an abandoned hut, an old man appears as well, and the trekkers helplessly watch as he beats her inside the hut. It is after this that the horror turns on Charity and her party, and the killings begin. The link between Charity's nightmares that sent her to Borneo and the horrors that visit the group is an unsolved mystery but hinted at as part redemption and part revenge.
  • Cap Go Meh Festival at Pontianak, Indonesia 2010 (1/3)
  • Pontianak at Changi Look out for the car..
  • Pontianak vs Ah Lian Like it? Please vote for us! :) Wherever you go, please bring at least one packet of tissue. The reason is to use to cover your nose and mouth when cough or sneeze. Be considerate and stop the spread of germs that make you and others sick.
  • #Indon pontianak# This is really scary. Visit for more ghosts ghost ghost-hunters ghost-whisperer ghost-flames ghost-stories scary-ghost-videos ghost-rider ghost-caught-on-video real-ghosts ghost-videos norton-ghost ghost-in-the-shell ghost-pictures demons angels-and-demons demon scary...
  • Pontianak in CCK My frens place.. look carefully on the 18th sec on the top part of the footage and 49th sec at the window..
  • politeknik sabak bernam psis-pontianak expose1 pontianak show the eyes at psis in the dark night....find and disturb the person who will be the victims....
  • Pontianak, Kalimantan (Borneo Island), Indonesia Pontianak is situated near the Equator, in Kalimantan Indonesia, on the West Coast of Borneo Island. Travelling from Brunei by bus takes approximately 27 hours. The bus stop for breaks, on average, every 2 hours. In Pontianak, there are luxury hotels and malls, and if preferred, there are also budget hotels and eating outlets. Traveling within the city is convenient, by rickshaw, mini bus (known locally as ANGKOT or Angkutan Kota) or just take a walk. Siok Kali Ah...
  • Pontianak Rempit funny
  • Independance Day, Pontianak, Indonesia Indonesian tradition where youngsters try to climb up a greasy pole stuck i in a river (loose term - more like skanky ditch) to get prizes at the top. There's a technique to it apparently...
  • Scary Ghost Captured On Vid - Pontianak The Pontianak, Kuntilanak, Matianak or "Boentianak" (as known in Indonesia, sometimes shortened to just kunti) is a type of vampire in Malay similar to the Langsuir. Pontianak are women who died during childbirth and became undead,
  • DISCRIMINATION in my country, PONTIANAK, INDONESIA.flv watch the first 3 minutes, this is the discrimination in my hometown which is in PONTIANAK, INDONESIA. as a Chinese, I can't accept when saw our culture have been put low by other people! as in the video, we can see, we can KNOW, MUSLIM is the one who are not happy with our culture! as they couldn't have a culture like us, where all people like to see, like to hear. sucks for those people!
  • gajahmada pontianak or khuntien jalan gajahmada pontianak
  • PUSAKA PONTIANAK Old Legendary Malay Horror Comedy
  • Chinese New Year in Pontianak, Indonesia Fireworks on Gajahmada St, Pontianak Indonesia. Yearly fireworks display on New Years Eve.
  • Search for the Pontianak - Jurong Lake (Part 3) This end of the series is drawing near. Will the team of SGHC catch something on video? Let's watch it now!
  • PONTIANAK \ pän-té- -näk[pɒntı'ɑːnæk] The fanged Pontianak or Malayan Vampire Ghost at Gambas Ave came about during dinner with my nephews and it turned into a scary movie adventure. I cooked fish and chips for them and the dinner became props with a pair of torchlight, flower decoration, fries and ketchup... with dash of imagination. The kids were having so much fun during this weird dinner encounter with there uncle. But on a serious note, about Gambas Ave. It's a pretty long stretch of road, running from Woodlands Ave 9 to Sembawang Rd in a roughly East-West direction. Heading west from Sembawang Rd, there's a right-handed elbow-turn about 300m from the junction. Just before or at the turn, there's a small track on the left of the road, and this leads to the Sembawng Hot Springs, which should be accessible via Jalan Mata Ayer, a small road south of the hot springs. Had a 'ghostly' encounter there years ago while walking from a yishun mosque, back to Woodlands drive 72 during hungry ghost month. What is Pontianak (The Malay Female Vampire) There is a legend amongst the Malays of a female vampire or the pontianak that haunts lonely roads, cemeteries and jungles near villages. She is supposed to be the spirit of a woman who had died traumatically during childbirth. She seeks revenge by drinking the blood of and killing her wrong-doers. The pontianak is said to be dressed in a white gown, has a pale face, long flowing hair, blood-red eyes and fangs. She loves playing pranks on young men and hitch-hiking their ...
  • Pontianak Filem Melayu
  • Pontianak (edited version) Edited video from Pontianak source: what i do is...i adjust the brightness, contrast and also rotate the video nothing much
  • Pontianak Menjerit - Trailer More information please visit
  • pontianak harum sundal malam-pulangkan a fanmade vid of phsm, starring maya karin
  • ~~##Pontianak Rempit##~~ Malaysian funniest video, I don't know is it a movie or commercial but it's extremely hilarious and funny. At first, it was scary but after that..haha..LMAO..You should go to funny2 for more very funny videos,legend fart long,very funny japanese commercials,free funny videos,free funny,funniest commercials,outrageous videos,extremely crazy,hilarious,free pranks videos,free hot videos,***y videos,japanese group pranks,korean pranks,funny malaysian commercials
  • saodah pontianak sundal hui
  • Search for the Pontianak - Jurong Lake Park (Part 1) The team sets out into Jurong Lake Park at night, as the hunt for the Pontianak commences.
  • Dim Sum Dollies - Car Park Pontianak song Dim Sum Dollies' performance at Love Amplified , Singapore's first World AIDS Day 2008 Concert held at Fort Canning Park.
  • PONTIANAK (Ghost/Vampire) LEPAR HILIR 7 - PAHANG - MALAYSIA @ PONTIANAK (Ghost/Vampire) LEPAR HILIR 7 - PAHANG - MALAYSIA Accidently Captured In Video ! @
  • Parking Pontianak The Dim Sum Dollies in an MTV of the song "Parking Pontianak" from their wildly popular "Revenge of the Dim Sum Dollies" show. Catch the DSD in Little Shop of Horrors at the Victoria Theatre, 2 Nov to 18 Nov 2006. Sistic outlets.
  • STV Hantu Pontianak !!! ENTITI !! watch this until end!