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  • In computing, plain text is the contents of an ordinary sequential file readable as textual material without much processing, usually opposed to formatted text. The encoding has traditionally been either ASCII, one of its many derivatives such as ISO/IEC 646 etc., or sometimes EBCDIC. — “Plain text - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • plain text or plaintext ( ) n. The unencrypted form of an encrypted message. — “plain text: Definition from ”,
  • Learn more, read reviews, and download PlainText - Dropbox text editing by Hog Bay Software on the iTunes App Store. — “PlainText - Dropbox text editing for iPhone, iPod touch, and”,
  • The definition of Plain Text defined and explained in simple language. — “Plain Text Definition”,
  • Plain text definition, the intelligible original message of a cryptogram, as opposed to the coded or enciphered version. See more. — “Plain text | Define Plain text at ”,
  • Plain text refers to any string (i.e., finite sequence of characters) that consists Plain text usually refers to text that consists entirely of the ASCII printable. — “What is plain text? -- introduction by The Linux Information”,
  • Online and mobile development, strategy, and skunkworks for government and private. Get updates via SMS by texting follow plaintext to 40404 in the United States. — “Jason Nolasco (plaintext) on Twitter”,
  • Access multiple internet search engines at once - No Advertisements, pictures or banners - FAST web search page. — “Break Reminder RSI Windows XP Clipboard Manager World Time”,
  • Plaintext. The search for simplicity. still hunting. January 30th, 2009. simplicity seems Plaintext: Here, I'll document the search for simplicity in:. — “Plaintext”,
  • In a computing era when beautiful GUI applications will perform innumerable activities to keep track of you and your data, why would anybody still poke at plain text files, especially on the utilitarian command line of all things? Why use a plain text file when there are dozens, if not hundreds, of ". — “Plain text - 43FoldersWiki”, wiki.43
  • "Plain Text" or "ASCII" as it is sometimes called. Is the most basic of formats for a document. Following the steps below you can convert a MS Word document to plain text. — “Plain Text!”,
  • What is plain text? Learn what makes it so plain and when and how to use plain or ASCII text files in desktop publishing. — “Plain Text Files | Using ASCII ANSI Plain Text for Desktop”,
  • Definition of plaintext in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of plaintext. Pronunciation of plaintext. Translations of plaintext. plaintext synonyms, plaintext antonyms. Information about plaintext in the free online English dictionary and. — “plaintext - definition of plaintext by the Free Online”,
  • Use a plain text field when you want the user to enter an unformatted, free text response. If a plain text field tries to perform a numerical calculation with a value that is blank or contains letters, NaN appears in the field. — “Plain Text”, butler-
  • Blog covering news, resources, training, conferences, jobs, patterns, and much more related to Ajax programming. PLAIN TEXT. JAVASCRIPT: var newElement = new Element('div#cow.moo.big[data-size=5]') Core Updates. The MooTools team also focused on enhancing the core API in preparation for MooTools 2.0 by. — “Ajaxian”,
  • This file illustrates the actual proper use of the element, or "tag," as it was used in the Instead of having to go through and convert the whole file, a small amount of HTML, ending with the tag, could be affixed to the beginning of the text file, giving it HTML capabilities. — “Working PLAINTEXT Tag Element Example”, the-
  • Plain Text eBookstore. Customer recommended, bestsellers, and bargain Plain Text eBooks. Visit the Plain Text eBookstore for Plain Text and Windows Computers, Tablet PC, Windows CE, Macintosh, Linux, Unix eBooks. — “eBookMall Plain Text eBookstore - Plain Text eBooks”,
  • E-list managers like Lyris ListManager expect commands (sent via email) to arrive in a plain text format. These pages describe how to get various email clients to send plain text messages without the formatting overhead. — “Plain Text Messages & E-lists”,
  • IMDb: The biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet. The plain text data files used to build the Internet Movie Database are available from our FTP sites as. — “Alternative Interfaces”,
  • This page describes the term plain text and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information. — “What is plain text? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia”,
  • In computing, plain text is textual material in a computer file which is unformatted and without very much processing readable by simple computer tools such as line printing text commands, in Windows'es DOS The purpose of using plain text is of course the freedom from being dependent on certain. — “Plain text - CryptoDox”,