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  • pinniped ( ) adj. Of or belonging to the Pinnipedia, a suborder of carnivorous aquatic mammals that includes the seals, walruses, and similar animals. — “pinniped: Definition from ”,
  • The smallest pinniped, the Baikal Seal, weighs about 70 kg (155 lb) on average when full For most pinniped species molting is an annual process of replacing. — “Wikipedia:Pinniped - Global Warming Art”,
  • Pinniped Printouts. Pinnipeds (Order Pinnipedia) are marine mammals who live mostly in the water but spend some time on land or ice (usually to reproduce or rest). — “Pinniped Printouts - ”,
  • It also houses the website of the Evolutionary Medicine Group at the It also houses the personal site for Mike Etnier. It also hosts the site of the Whatcom. — “: home page”,
  • NOAA's Office of Protected Resources works to conserve, protect, and recover species NMFS proposes to list the Hawaiian insular false killer whale as endangered under the. — “Welcome - Office of Protected Resources - NOAA Fisheries”,
  • Pinnipeds are found all over the world and are a diverse group of marine mammals. The pinnipeds are in the order Carnivora and suborder Pinnipedia, and includes all the seals, sea lions and the walrus. The word "pinniped" is Latin for wing- or fin-footed. — “Pinnipeds - What is a Pinniped - Seals, Sea Lions and Walruses”,
  • Pinniped means "fin-footed," and all of the creatures found here have fins or flippers to help them move in and out of the water. Many of these animals' traits reveal clues about their way of life—how they hunt, communicate, mate, and survive harsh conditions. — “Chicago Zoological Society - Pinniped Point”,
  • Index page for pinniped (seal, sea lion and walrus) information pages. Pinniped Species Information Pages. To access information on a particular species, click on that species' name or on its image. — “Seal Conservation Society: Species Index Page”,
  • [LOCATION] You are located in menu-tree (+1) for the word-cloud of "pinniped" [VIEW] The number below that words indicates the max. amount of logical connections to "pinniped", that are available. — “pinniped”, w9
  • The smallest pinniped, the Galapagos Fur Seal weighs about 30 kilos when full-grown and is 1.2 metres long; the largest, the male Southern Elephant Seal, is over 4 metres long and weighs up to 2.2 tonnes. All are carnivorous and live on fish, shellfish, squid, and other marine creatures. — “Pinniped - Wikinfo”,
  • Pinniped photo, Pinniped photos, Photos of Pinniped, Phillip Colla Natural History Photography. — “Pinniped Photo, Pinniped photos, Phillip Colla Natural”,
  • Pacific Marine Mammal Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of marine mammals stranded along the Orange County coastline and to increase public awareness of the marine environment through. — “Pacific Marine Mammal Center”,
  • Pinnipeds (from Latin pinna, wing or fin, and ped-, foot) or fin-footed mammals are a widely distributed and diverse group of semi-aquatic marine mammals comprising the families Odobenidae (the walrus), Otariidae (eared seals, including sea lions Is this a great photo to illustrate Pinniped?. — “Pinniped photos on Fotopedia - The Photo Encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of pinniped in the Medical Dictionary. pinniped explanation. Information about pinniped in Free online English dictionary. What is pinniped? Meaning of pinniped medical term. What does pinniped mean?. — “pinniped - definition of pinniped in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Pinniped definition, belonging to the Pinnipedia, a suborder of carnivores with limbs adapted to an aquatic life, including the seals and walruses. See more. — “Pinniped | Define Pinniped at ”,
  • Watch the latest videos of the Pinniped Lab in action. Learn more about our resident more © 2009 Pinniped Cognition & Sensory Systems Laboratory. All. — “Pinniped Cognition & Sensory Systems Laboratory”,
  • There are three Pinniped families: Odobenidae (walruses), Otariidae (eared seals, including sea lions and fur seals), and Phocidae (true seals) Unlike cetaceans, pinnipeds have their noses on their face, and each nostril of the nose closes when the pinniped goes under water. — “Pinniped - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The smallest pinniped, the Baikal Seal, weighs about 70 kg (155 lb) on average when full For most pinniped species molting is an annual process of replacing. — “Pinniped - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Pinniped Software is an independent software developer located in Manhattan Beach, California, offering contract programming services for game, internet, and scientific applications. Pinniped specializes in solving these problems and more. Check out the games on which we have recently worked. — “Pinniped Software Home”,
  • Definition of pinniped in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of pinniped. Pronunciation of pinniped. Translations of pinniped. pinniped synonyms, pinniped antonyms. Information about pinniped in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “pinniped - definition of pinniped by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of pinniped from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of pinniped. Pronunciation of pinniped. Definition of the word pinniped. Origin of the word pinniped. — “pinniped - Definition of pinniped at ”,
  • After giving birth, pinniped mothers suckle their young for a variable length of time. The earliest fossil pinniped that has been found is Enaliarctos, which lived 24–22 million years ago, at the boundary between the Oligocene and. — “Pinniped - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • pinniped (plural pinnipeds) Any of various large marine mammals belonging to the former suborder Pinnipedia comprising walruses, [edit] Adjective. pinniped. Pertaining to such a mammal. [edit] Derived. — “pinniped - Wiktionary”,


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